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iBeacon App Development: No One Gets Lost


How does iBeacon app
development help?

Opt for iBeacon app development. Improve customer interaction. Make personal offers. Provide clients with special notifications. Reach higher loyalty level.

With help of our expertise, you can drive the development of location-based mobile applications to enhance customer engagement.

Collect customer information on time and location for further analyze


Improve customer loyalty with special offers created with the use of background information

Send proximity-based notifications to customers at a certain time point and at a certain location

Accept payments in order to make billing
easy and on the go

grow up your business with beacon

iBeacons has benefits for everyone


Provide detailed in-building navigation and auto check when a customer arrives. Reduce queues by accepting payments. Send offers and promo notifications based on customers’ location.


Allow checking and reservations of free tables. Help making orders and payments as well as send special offers based on customers’ preferences.

Shopping malls

Engage customers by sending notifications with offers and deals. Improve customer experience by personalization based on purchase history, time and location proximity.


Track employees’ presence by their location in the office. Make staff members’ verification, check attendance and work time logging.


Create a personalized tour recommendation in any world’s language. Offer tour plans with marked items as well as approximate length and time.


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  • What are beacons and how do they work?

    Beacons are small, inexpensive and low-powered devices equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

    Beacons broadcast signals. Smartphones with relevant apps pick up these signals when they are near: this is where the fun begins and why mobile users get beacon apps.


    • Beacons offer navigation services. Beacon signals contain unique ID numbers a smartphone app can recognize and use for navigation.
    • Beacons help trigger events and send proximity-based notifications to users’ devices with relevant content. For instance, when people pass by a restaurant, they receive a notification about daily specials.
    • Beacons benefit business owners by promoting their products and sending useful information to users.
  • What is iBeacon and what is the difference between iBeacon and beacons?

    In a nutshell, iBeacon is a specific protocol created by Apple to make sense of BLE transmitters. Beacons are the physical products.

  • How are beacons different from GPS?

    Currently, the main difference between beacons and GPS is location: beacon signals function indoors (thanks to Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)); GPS signals function extremely well outdoors.

    For very best results, use GPS outdoors and beacons indoors. Simple

  • There are so many beacons on the market. What are the differences? Which one should I buy?

    Estimote and Kontakt provide the most popular beacons of the many manufacturers. Beacons usually have a BLE module, CPU, and a battery onboard. They can also have extras based on requirements.

    The following list covers some of the main differences. Buyers need to decide what is best for their needs.
    Form: USB dongles (for POSs), stickers (for moving objects), and more
    Power supply: alkaline batteries, li-ion cells, USB powered
    Extra sensors for temperature, humidity, acceleration
    Design: form, size, branded beacons are also possible
    Support: SDK, supported transmission protocols, infrastructure, updates

    You can find more information in our article: A Short Comparison of BLE Hardware for Commercial Use Need help? Contact us. We can help you select the most relevant model and manufacturer for you.

  • What are some businesses I can start with iBeacon?

    iBeacon technology can visualize a customer's location within its range in real time. Any system can be designed in such a way to be easily adjustable in the future besides being able to enhance your current or future business significantly. Beacons can be used for targeted location-based marketing solutions. They can also be used to navigate through commercial real estate and indoor public places, create guided tours, find people and products, and much more.

    As iBeacon evolves, it could be used more frequently outdoors for public spaces and events, markets, outdoor exhibitions and city tours. BLE Beacons could be used outdoors for promotion triggering start of an activity when a user approaches a point of interest.

  • What does the future look like for iBeacon?

    Beacon technology keeps evolving to create a consistent indoor experience. For example, Estimote has announced its next generation, GDPR-compliant proximity beacons equipped with a new special OS for the physical world.

    We believe an increase in commercial deployments of iBeacon is coming within the next few years. There will also be an uptick of beacons being used for both indoor navigation and promotional push notifications.

  • What is the alternative to iBeacon?

    Eddystone, a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacon protocol released by Google in July 2015, is an alternative to iBeacon.

  • Where is iBeacon app development the most needed?

    Indoor positioning and step-by-step navigation inside large facilities like shopping malls, airports and train stations, stadiums, hospitals, museums, galleries, etc.

    Tracking solutions to monitor warehouse inventory and storage conditions and to replace passive tags with active ones.

    For promotion, inviting visitors to come by, sending them special offers or product of the day.

    Improve in-store experience by sending personalized push notifications based on a visitor’s location inside the store.

    Automation solutions programmed to initiate small, secure actions, such as automatically opening doors or paying bus fare via a card.



InNav application is an Indoor and Outdoor solution that helps people navigate easily in large facilities, such as shopping malls, museums, hospitals, universities, airports, etc., using voice guidance and 2D/3D map. iBeacon app development has made it possible for facility owners to collect and analyze data of customer behavior (via a heat map).

School Bus Tracking App

Our School Bus Application is a tracking system designed and developed for parents and school administrations. Parents get a distance-based SMS notification with the specific time a school bus will arrive at a bus stop. Parents can track in real time where a school bus is currently located and be assured their children are safe.


SOS Pro is an advanced alarm system for the enterprise market used as an assault alarm by professional security companies. This application uses triangulation over Wi-Fi, GSM and GPS for outdoor localization and Wi-Fi fingerprinting for indoor localization.

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