iBeacon App Development Services

Enhance your indoor capabilities with a next-gen solution. IT Craft provides full-cycle iBeacon app development services to enhance your operations. 

Asset tracking, security alerts, or instant payments—our engineers deliver a top-quality solution for your goal.

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How Does iBeacons App Development Help?

iBeacon app development services can help your business in many ways: 

Improve visitor

Improve visitor experience

Deliver notifications or start playing audio descriptions when a visitor reaches a point of interest at a designated time.

Create an extra promotional channel

Trigger context-based events such as best deals and discounts. Display product description on the widescreen when a customer takes an item from the shelf.

Receive feedback
and analytics

Receive feedback and analytics

Collect analytics on customer interactions with your advertised items. Use background information to improve customer loyalty.

inventory maintenance

Automate inventory maintenance

Provide control over equipment or products inside large spaces. Ensure workers know the exact location of items in the store.

Ensure product

Use advanced iBeacon models to measure an item's real-time parameters, such as temperature and humidity, to eliminate spoilage.

Our iBeacons app development services

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Indoor Positioning And Navigation Systems

An indoor navigation system combines several technologies within one complex system. Our engineers provide all required integrations, calculate the best route, and give precise instructions.

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Alert IBeacon

An alert app simplifies two-way communication. Ensure that employees can immediately activate emergency alerts. Send notifications to responsible persons. Guide users to a safe route. IT Craft builds a system for prompt response.

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Custom IBeacon Apps For Asset Tracking

iBeacons can be mounted on moving objects to better track processes in a facility. Sensors are used to monitor the location of valuable assets and their conditions. We use cutting-edge technologies to maximize the business value of tracking software.

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Marketing Solutions

iBeacons trigger personalized messages based on user proximity to the store. This can be unique offers, deals, notifications on upcoming events, and more. IT Craft iBeacon app developers build software for superior customer experience.

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Provide the lowest-possible entry barriers to museums, exhibitions, and tourist attractions. Make descriptions and instructions available in visitors’ local languages. Provide extra in-app content. We integrate it all in your app.

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IBeacons Apps For Mpayments

Be considerate of your customers. Add an alternative contactless payment method. Tie a beacon-carrying item to a specific device or account from which users want to make a purchase. Our team ensures seamless integrations of all modules.

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Proximity-Based Social Networking

Add an extra option to your proximity app. iBeacons can help friends find each other in a crowded or an unfamiliar location by sharing precise positions. IT Craft has experience in delivering this type of functionality.

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Product Identification Software

When attached to items, iBeacons can detect user interactions with products. They activate information when an event is triggered. We help you build and set up an identification system and then keep it up and running.

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Our Cases

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Our Process

IT Craft’s five-step path to efficient iBeacon app development services:

  1. Project discovery

    The team receives your request, which it studies thoroughly. It prepares a list of questions and discusses them on a call to remove uncertainties.

  2. Planning

    Our experts prepare a plan that includes a preliminary estimate on scope, timeline, budget, and team composition, which they amend until we reach an agreement.

  3. Development

    The team develops your system in two-week Sprints, each starting with a plan and ending with deliverables that lets you keep track of project progress.

  4. Launch

    The system is deployed on production servers. The software goes live, becoming available for its end users.

  5. Maintenance

    IT Craft’s iBeacon app developers help you add new features, introduce security updates, reach 99.8+ uptime, and more.

Our Technologies

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  • Swift


Key Features of an iBeacon app

Our iBeacon app development company can help you with a wide range of use cases: 

Location tracking

You can monitor valuable equipment, goods, or even people—this could be beneficial for dementia patients—in real-time. By using Beacon tags, responsible managers can immediately find an item’s or person’s exact location.

Indoor navigation

iBeacons are a key part of indoor navigation solutions. While combined with other tracking technologies, they can build an optimum route and guide a user to the destination point.

Marketing campaigns

Personalized marketing is possible while iBeacons activate notifications and special offers based on user preferences and behavior inside a store. They activate dynamic content depending on user action, e.g., picking an item.

Products on shelves

iBeacon app developers can use special devices that are equipped with extra sensors to monitor specific environmental parameters, such as temperature or humidity, and alert when those deviate from optimum, preventing spoiling.

Secure payments

iBeacon technology can be used for self-checkout, removing friction, and reducing purchase time. The iBeacon app identifies a specific item and activates payment from a user’s device.

Why IT Craft?

Here is how IT Craft enhances your business when you outsource iBeacon app development services to our engineering team:


IT Craft’s iBeacon app developers have accumulated extensive experience making stand-alone smart solutions and integrating indoor location technologies into client apps. 

Full-cycle development

Our experts select and implement the best technologies for software solutions. They assist you with all required iBeacon app development services you might need to plan, build, launch, and upgrade your software. 

Immediate start

With 330+ highly skilled engineers working at our iBeacon app development company, we can find and assign a team capable of taking over software development without delay.

Value-based approach

We help you efficiently handle changing requirements to help you keep pace with your business needs. Our engineers focus on functionality that creates the highest value and prioritizes it on their to-do list.

Our Recognitions

Choose a recognized, reliable partner providing high-end iBeacon app development services, IT Craft.


iBeacons benefit everyone. Check out how iBeacon app development helps your industry:

  • Hospitals

    Provide detailed, in-building navigation and patient auto check-in. Reduce queues by accepting contactless payments. Send alerts to doctors in emergency cases.

  • Shopping malls

    Engage customers by sending notifications with offers and deals. Improve customer experience by personalization. Eliminate queues via NFC payments.

  • Museums

    Create a personalized tour recommendation in any language. Offer tour plans with marked items. Start playing audio information when a visitor approaches an artifact.

  • Logistics and warehousing

    Track the exact location of any tangible assets (equipment, property, valuable objects) using moving BLE beacons. Use BLE beacons with sensors onboard to monitor storage conditions. Receive immediate notifications when conditions deviate from set parameters.

  • Banks

    Provide personal greetings to clients. Manage queues, collect analytics on waiting time, and gather feedback on client satisfaction. Let clients carry out contactless, yet safe, ATM operations using smartphones.

  • Offices

    Let employees track their time automatically. Automate authorization to certain restricted areas. Send alert notifications when an employee is needed.

Questions from our clients

What is iBeacon used for?

iBeacon is a special protocol designed by Apple Inc. It is used on small transmitting devices called BLE beacons.
iBeacon helps with the following:

  • Indoor positioning and step-by-step navigation
  • Tracking solutions
  • Promoting products and services
  • Improving in-store experience
  • Automation solutions
Can iBeacon work without an app?

Yes and no.

Yes, an iBeacon is just a small device that periodically transmits signals into an environment.

No, such signal transmission makes little sense. A smartphone can neither recognize nor use it. End users need to install and launch a native app. Plus, to start action after receiving a signal, they must have Bluetooth turned on.

Both Android and iOS support iBeacon detection.
If you are concerned that users might ignore your app, try iOS 14 App Clips to demonstrate the core functionality of your app at a glance.

What is iBeacon device?

Beacons are small, inexpensive, low-powered devices equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

Beacons broadcast signals. Beacon signals contain unique ID numbers which a smartphone app can recognize and use for navigation. Smartphones with relevant apps and Bluetooth are turned on to pick up these signals when they are near.

Beacons can also trigger events and send proximity-based notifications with relevant content to user devices. For instance, when people pass by a restaurant, they receive a notification about daily specials.

How much does an iBeacon cost?

iBeacons are relatively cheap devices.
Kontakt Anchor Beacons 2 cost $117 for the pack of three.
Estimote sells its Proximity Beacon at €140 ($150) for four units in a kit.
Beaconic offers 4 iBeacons Retail Kit for €89 ($95).
Heavy-duty beacons or beacons with various sensors onboard cost more.
Three is the minimum number of a pack due to the triangulation effect. All manufacturers offer large-order discounts.

What is the main problem faced while developing the iBeacon app?

The biggest challenge of iBeacon app development is making measuring as precise as possible.
iBeacon signals might:

  • Have issues with Wi-Fi interference because both use the same frequencies.
  • Incorrectly display when beacons toggle.
  • Lose contact with the user's smartphone due to unexpected, moving obstacles.
  • Lack of precision in open spaces and large places without walls (e.g., parking garage).

The following actions help increase signal precision:

  • Switch to a channel with different frequencies.
  • Ensure optimal hanging height and density of iBeacons.
  • Tune signal strength and range.
  • Develop a hybrid positioning system that uses geofencing and iBeacons.

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