National Park Express

Custom web portal for a national tour, travel agent and concierge service

  • React
  • Redux
  • .NET 5
  • Microsoft Azure

Company: CHD, Inc.
Country: USA
Category Travel, tourism
Release year: 2020

Desktop and notebook

Project background

National Park Express is a tour and travel concierge service company that caters to travelers interested in exploring Southwestern United States.

Envisaging this service, the client’s goals include:

  • Building a platform offering multiple products—products to help tourists easily plan and pay for their dream vacation from one, secure service.

  • Supporting multiple user roles and experiences (customer, agent, concierge, supplier, and staff) in a single codebase.

  • Licensing the platform as a white-label solution to ensure other companies can quickly and easily use the platform to promote offers and services under their own brands without requiring code changes and deployments.

  • Supporting devices such as kiosks with the option to transfer an itinerary to a personal device for security reasons to complete the transaction.

  • Easily extending to any travel destination (the client owns the brand Travel USA Express to support the whole USA outside of the Southwest).

  • Providing the best resources, prices, and commissions to travel industry professionals around the world, housed in a simple, attractive, and intuitive platform.

National Park Express: a traveler’s one-stop traveling shop for making a dream vacation come true.

Features and benefits

Tourists access a comprehensive online booking portal where they can plan their worry-free travel experience to the Southwestern United States. They can:

  • reserve any hotel/casino room in the area
  • get in touch directly with all major resorts
  • visit nearby National Parks
  • benefit from available sightseeing excursion packages
  • order transportation services in advance
  • make money (travel industry professionals)

The National Park Express platform offers

  • Suitcase icon
    Variety of products

    choose multiple offers for trip planning available through the categories, Hotels, Experiences, Entertainment, Dining, and Transportation.

  • discount icon
    Discounts and savings

    get discounts and price reductions when combining two and more products.

  • drag-and-drop icon
    Drag-and-drop approach

    interact with a simple, drag-and-drop website interface that makes it possible to compile an itinerary, even for complete novices.

  • map icon
    Recommended itinerary

    added template tour planned by industry experts to the itinerary. All tours are available for modification.

  • cards icon
    Multiple payment options

    Pay securely for the entire itinerary via the website with Stripe, PayPal,

  • suitcase icon
    Order cancellation

    Cancel the entire order in part or completely through the website. Refunds paid to the payment method used.

  • checklist icon
    Trip information

    Get the entire day-by-day itinerary schedule as a PDF file. The file contains a brief description, address, and planned time for all activities.

  • doc icon
    All documents at hand

    View/download all needed documents from user profile: vouchers, invoices, tickets, trip information, etc. Documents can also be emailed.

  • lock icon
    Product hold

    Give buyers sufficient time to reflect on order before purchasing.

  • suitcase icon
    Save itinerary

    Make a draft itinerary without choosing dates or making payments.

  • map icon
    Share itinerary

    Plan an itinerary together with friends and family members having profiles on the website.

  • rating icon

    Add products to a favorites board and use them later for the itinerary plan.

  • map icon
    Map view

    See exact locations of products and events on the map.

  • filter icon
    Filtering and sorting

    Refine selection through various sorting and filtering options.

  • phone icon
    User experience validation

    Get notified if an error occurs in the itinerary plan.

  • devices icon
    Adjusted to mobile experiences

    Plan an itinerary from any device.


  • Front End
    • icon react
    • icon Redux
    • icon Ant
    • icon Azure Search
  • Back End
    • icon .NET 5
    • icon ASP.NET
    • icon Swagger
    • icon JWT Tokens
    • icon Entity Framework Core
    • icon MS SQL Server
    • icon NUnit
    • icon Microsoft Azure
    • icon Node.js
    • icon Express.js
    • icon MongoDB

The team gave top priority to a flexible approach on their list. This makes it possible to easily extend app logic, add innovative solutions, and maintain existing functionality.

User Interface is based on React UI library Ant Design.

The project uses innovative technologies for maximum performance. For example, lazy loading is used to ensure the client downloads the only part of the app he/she needs at the exact moment.

Redux is used to process and store data.

Engineering Challenges and Wins

The team has faced and successfully solved several challenges:

  • Integration with third-party services to provide product information to users.
  • Integration of 10 databases to manage diverse types of products.
  • Delivering options to create a complex, customizable logic-based interface on site settings for each separate platform.
  • Setting up caching to reduce the number of API calls (and save system resources).
  • Using site settings, system administrators can change app logic, interface style, validation, etc.

Team and duration

Team included

  • 1 Project Manager / Business Analyst
  • 1 QA engineer
  • 1 back-end developer
  • 5 front-end developers

Average monthly workload

around 1,250 working hours