In our previous blog posts, we discussed the most crucial points: when choosing a reliable software development partner(more..), how a company differs from individual developers (more..)why recommendations, reputation and expertise matter (more..).

However, it seems too many companies still remain on the list of those meeting all the criteria mentioned in our previous blog posts.


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What is the deciding factor to help you find an app development team?

In this blog post, we discuss the one essential aspect rarely taken into account when searching for software developers, but it makes the difference between a given team and their competitors.

What is this one essential quality rarely found in any service description but crucial for every successful long-term project?

Here is the point.

Technologies evolve constantly. Smart machines get smarter, current technologies improve rapidly; new devices, apps, services and trends appear daily. For example, until recently only a few people knew about NodeJS, but now it is one of the leading runtime environments (RTE). It gets constant improvements to stay in high market demand.

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Throughout the 15 years IT Craft has been in the IT business, we have experienced many of these transformations.

Remember Flash technology introduced by Adobe?

In 2000s, Flash was mainstream. All games were developed in it, and Flash Player was extremely popular and growing very quickly. The most famous user of Flash Player was YouTube, launched in February 2005.  

Back then, IT Craft had a separate department devoted solely to development of Flash games, animations, and rich Internet applications. There was no better solution for cross-browser multimedia support.

Fast forward to 2010, it became clear Flash apps were not intended for a touch interface and Apple refused to support any Flash content. It was a revolution. In 2011, Adobe followed suit and announced it made no sense to support any mobile browsers. Adobe Flash still works for multimedia animations and rich Internet applications. But HTML5 pretty much rules the internet’s space right now.

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Another example is the rise and fall of Delphi. There was time when Delphi was a very powerful language. But is Delphi a real Windows development tool now? I think everybody would agree: Delphi is almost history. Today it is a tool covering just a small part of Windows-based development, a limited number of client desktop applications. 

When IT Craft started working with, the previous version of the product was developed on Delphi. We were tasked to work and support the version. When it later proved to be ineffective, IT Craft re-developed into C#.

We are proud that FieldOne—the source code we developed—was eventually bought by Microsoft. This verifies we produce quality, highly valued products.

Back to technologies. The listed examples are significant. They show perfectly how IT Craft adapts to constant changes the technology industry demands. We are 100% sure a company that provides programming services should not only do the qualitative development, but also keep track of IT trends, analyze possible scenarios, act proactively and suggest winning strategies to the clients.

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