The best way to hire a custom mobile app development company is by asking for references. 

However, it only works if your friends or colleagues have contacts of a trusted vendor that can exceed your stellar expectations.

More often, finding a vendor becomes an extremely difficult activity. 

You must process an endless list in search of top mobile app development companies. Just an example: there are 30K+ companies in Clutch mobile catalog, 17K+ in Goodfirms, and 11K+ in Appfutura.  

To help you out here, we have prepared a list of the best 10 companies in 2024. 

Plus, we share practical tips on how to find vendors that help you remain competitive in the trillion-dollar app economytop mobile development companies can offer a practical path even for a limited budget.

Read below.

1 List of Top Mobile App Development Companies

Here is a list of 10 top mobile app development companies based on their profiles in trusted directories, websites, and verified reviews:

top app development company

IT Craft

For over 20 years, IT Craft has been helping clients launch custom solutions, support, and maintain them. Mobile apps have always been a core service.

The company works on projects of all sizes equally successfully, from small through mid-sized to large, full-fledged app systems.

Software teams are ready to step in at the required stage:

  • building from scratch
  • project rescue
  • expansion
  • maintenance
  • design
  • modernization

A wide technological stack makes IT Craft a top app development company, ensuring all customer needs are covered with the right services:

mobile app development tech stack

The company’s developers place a special emphasis on keeping up a client’s specific limitations. They provide extra analysis to find the best solution for each challenge.

top mobile app development companies

The company’s developers place a special emphasis on keeping up a client’s specific limitations. They provide extra analysis to find the best solution for each challenge.


With these qualities and more, IT Craft has established itself as a long-term client partner.

IT Craft's overview

Key benefits:

  • immediate project start
  • up to 30% faster development
  • saving up to 50% of the project’s budget
  • intensive tech expertise, including a wide range of native and cross-platform technologies

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With 20+ years of experience, our dedicated experts know how to handle any request for mobile apps.

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Droids On Roids

This Polish company excels at offering quality mobile app development services. Droids on Roids can handle projects of any complexity. The services include project discovery and UX design, native and cross-platform development, app maintenance, and Web development.

As part of its added value, the company offers a trial period, control throughout all stages, and maximum transparency by staying in direct touch with the team. 

The company offers mostly the dedicated team model. Still, the hired dedicated team strives to work at maximum pace and efficiency.  

Droids on Roids focuses on small and mid-sized solutions. The company’s portfolio includes mostly MVPs for startups. But it is also adept at delivering large apps.

Clients mention transparency, responsiveness, and code quality among the company’s strengths.

best app development company

Cheesecake Labs

Cheesecake Labs was founded in 2013 to help many startups deliver mobile solutions for real-world problems. The company’s 100+ engineering team has all the required expertise to provide support and guidance throughout the development cycle.

The team focuses on iOS and Android platforms and builds a strong back end. Developers use both cross-platform and native approaches to build mobile apps. Website development services are also among the listed services.

The company works with new technologies like NFT, IoT, voice assistants, etc. The team delivers mostly on small and mid-sized projects.

Cheesecake Labs developers often build apps from scratch. They also help update, expand, and maintain existing solutions. Clients benefit from flexibility and prompt communication with the assigned team.

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Pairroxz is an option for businesses that build an offshore development strategy. The range of technical services includes native and cross-platform app development services, cloud computing, web solutions, and more. The company offers help with a project’s UX/UI design, project management, and marketing activities.

It is possible to start a small, low-cost project with Pairroxz. The team helps with requirements and overall development strategies.

It designs wireframes and coordinates all project steps with the client, ensuring tight collaboration. Apart from small apps, mid-sized and large projects are also possible. 

The company enjoys a 5.0 rating on Clutch, which is rare for companies with 20+ reviews. Clients praise developers’ flexibility and communication skills.

top app development agency

hedgehog lab

hedgehog lab is a digital product consultancy, operating in the market for over 15 years. The company provides product discovery, design, development, and scaling services. It focuses on both crucial product development sides: UX/UI and source code.

To do this, the company invests heavily in the team, ensuring expertise in different areas, prompt communication, and straightforward workflow. 

The company’s technical expertise centers mostly on native iPhone and Android apps. Still, it can deliver Web apps and websites upon request.

Software developers are adopting AI and emerging mobile development trends to help clients optimize their processes. 

Mid-sized and large projects prevail in the company’s portfolio. There are many world-known brands among the clients.

However, hedgehog lab’s developers can also work on simple apps confined by a limited budget. The team can also help with market research and making sense of collected analytics on user behavior.

top mobile app development companies


Sonin offers its clients business consulting, product strategy, and custom mobile app development.

The company especially strongly focuses on the visual part and user study. The company’s specialists actively suggest improvements that ensure the delivery of comfortable, natural UX.

The team also works with the same efficiency on the technical side of projects. It uses the most recent tech stacks. It keeps a fast project pace but makes no sacrifices to software quality.

The company focuses mainly on small and mid-sized projects. Adaptability and understanding clients’ business goals are among the company’s strengths. It helps create a firm basis for an app’s success.

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CTRV can start product development at any lifecycle stage. In developing from scratch, a range of services can include software engineering, market research, and strategy.

It also improves existing products by increasing the quality level, adding missing features, and increasing the product’s overall value. 

In terms of technologies, the company works on native iOS/Android apps, cross-platform React Native, and progressive web apps. Special emphasis is on UX/UI and Data-Science-related services. 

CTRV always strives to provide the best quality and attains the highest expectations. The company buys into the hiring process to find and retain proactive engineers who can take ownership of their work. 

The company can handle all types of projects, from MVPs for startups to large enterprise-level solutions, with some big names in its portfolio. 

Clients point out that developers are great at meeting deadlines.

best mobile app development agencies


The company offers an established development workflow covering all stages of the development process.

Yet, the company’s input provides true value to its clients. TXI is one of the top mobile app companies serving clients for whom mobile app development is part of a bigger digital transformation strategy.

TXI focuses mostly on the bigger picture, helping clients improve their digital strategies, identify product opportunities, and implement relevant solutions.

Apart from the technical side of mobile apps, the company helps its clients create organizational culture, analysis, and marketing. 

With multiple enterprise-level solutions for world-known brands, TXI works mostly on mid-sized and large projects. However, the teams can also work on small projects that involve consulting, testing, or application support.

Result measuring, evaluation, and incremental improvements are also a part of the company’s approach.

top app development company


This Romania-based company positions itself as a product studio. It provides full-cycle development services to its clients throughout the entire software development cycle. For this, Tapptitude keeps all required expertise in-house.

As a general development company, it is flexible and offers different cooperation models and managerial approaches. The company maintains a high standard of the provided services.

Tapptitude focuses mainly on smaller and mid-sized projects. The company’s engineers have experience working on products in the early stages.

Still, they help startups with idea definition and prototyping, MVP development, and scaling. The company can also work on a larger solution. 

The company invests heavily in transparent communication and proactive workflow, striving to meet client expectations and help the app succeed instead of doing task-based work.

best mobile app development agencies


MindSea provides its clients with exceptional mobile app development services, making it worth including among the best application development companies

The company focuses on product design services, including product strategy and continuous improvement.

There is a special focus on the HealthTech industry, where the company’s teams have acquired extensive expertise.

MindSea engineers effectively handle critical healthcare development areas such as software security and user privacy. They comply with specific regional and global industry regulations. The company’s experience centers mostly on mid-sized and small projects, striving to bring clients the most value for their investment.

MindSea team tightly integrates with the client team. It works proactively, helping make relevant product decisions. The company always does its best to meet promises regarding timeline, budget, and value.

top app development company

2 Evaluation Criteria for Top Mobile App Development Companies 

To compose this mobile app development companies list, we went through several sources, including:

Plus, we searched through such sections on companies’ websites as:

  • services – ensure the company's focus
  • cases (portfolio/works/projects) – check industry expertise and project range
  • process (“how we work”) – analyze how the company meets client needs

We chose the following selection parameters for top mobile app development companies: 

  • ≥50% focus on mobile app development
  • 25+ reviews on Clutch with 3.0 and higher in all review ratings
  • Service range
  • Portfolio strength
  • Client feedback on communication and adaptability

Clutch is the top source of information due to the largest base of verified reviews and a detailed summary in the profile section. Sections on overall impressions and advice on improvement have much value. They help future clients ensure the company does its best to deliver promises.

This way, we target only companies that have collected extensive feedback from highly satisfied clients. 

Still, it is always wise to crosscheck provided information. Search through other directories and companies’ websites ensures information accuracy, granting provided reviews are relevant rather than outdated. They still reflect the company’s quality.

3 Making a List of Top App Development Companies: Proceed with Caution

What might be a problem with any list of top mobile app development companies?

You may need help finding the best choice for your particular case.

Clutch and other directories make no secret of their monetization model—ads and sponsorships.

The selected monetization model enables directories to provide valuable services at no cost to website visitors.

Still, problems with relevance emerge. Directories prioritize sponsored profiles even when prospects may have more suitable options.

While directories strive to show visitors the biggest possible number of profiles, they place recommended profiles in many spots, creating an unnecessary distraction. 

  • Icon
    A recognized app development company. 4.8 average review rating. 4.9 average referral rating. Check what clients think of the provided services in IT Craft’s profile on Clutch.

The choice remains at your discretion. The consequences of a wrong choice are on you.

Here is advice on what to keep in mind when looking for app developers:

  • Use filters

As already mentioned, the Clutch directory for top mobile app development companies contains over 30,000 firms. You might never see some of them unless you use the filter options. Fortunately, Clutch provides a variety of filtering criteria to help make a solid, informed decision:

  • services
  • budget
  • hourly rate
  • industry
  • number of reviews

Select different sorting by switching to Clutch rank for the most reliable providers.  

Not sure you like what you see? Try a related category, e.g., custom software development.

  • Look through project complexity, industry focus, and budget

Go to the company’s profile. Check its specialization and client reviews. 

Examine the company’s minimum and average budgets and the hourly rate. Ensure the vendor works with your project type and can price the job within your budget range. 

Look at the reviews. Check the types of services, timelines, and performance from a project management point of view. Make sure the team can efficiently handle the kind of work you need.

For instance, when a mobile development agency works on healthcare solutions, it might not be interesting to make a social media app.

  • Go through the reviews again. Check the lowest rating

The trickiest thing with reviews: sort by relevance is on by default. When the company has many reviews, disaster stories can be hidden in the middle of a pile. Switch sorting from Relevance to Rating: low to high.

However, a positive rank does not guarantee that your project will go smoothly. Evaluations depend on perceived value. A company charging $150+ hourly rate might get three stars, whereas a company with $25 will get five stars. Although clients get more, they are pickier because they expect more for their money. 

Analyze reasoning for evaluation. Carefully read improvement areas and advice to future clients. Low ratings might be irrelevant for you and vice versa. 

Blackmail can also be possible. Check the provider’s response to negative reviews to draw your conclusion.

  • Reevaluate your needs and expectations

Revise your expectations by reading what other clients find impressive about the company.

Put yourself into the client’s position and go along the entire journey in your mind. Check where possible pitfalls can be.

Reconsider the points you should cover in the contract. Check answers on what the company could improve to ensure you have enough capacity and experience to handle the relationship.

For instance, when you have minimum experience in software development, you need a proactive team that guides you through all development steps.

Hence, when you find a cost-effective team, read the advice section. If its clients stress the importance of clear instructions and requirements, you might need a different type of team.

  • Check Glassdoor rating

Glassdoor reviews can be an indirect sign of a company’s state. 

Go through Glassdoor reviews to see if the atmosphere inside the company is fine. 

This way, you will be sure the key specialists are focused. They will be working on your project, not spending company time (perhaps even on your dime) looking for a better place. Replacement takes time, resulting in decreased project quality and/or overall timeline. 

Glassdoor reviews may also shed light on negative Clutch reviews. They will help you decide if the negative feedback is blackmail, a coincidence, or the company fails to provide the quality it promises.

! In conclusion

Finding the top mobile app development company to meet your needs takes time if you want to get the best value for your money. 

The good news: the choice is wide-ranging. Life does not end on the first page of a ranking service. 

Use filters to refine search criteria to meet your requirements. Check the feedback to see if the company is worth considering. 

Go through client impressions and advice to determine a company’s limits. Choose the best team for you and enjoy a successful launch. 


What are the top five mobile application development companies?

There are plenty of top-ranked app-building companies. The best for you depends on your goals.

Still, when you want a short list:

  • IT Craft
  • Droids On Roids
  • hedgehog lab
  • STRV
  • TX
Who are the top mobile app developers?

According to Clutch Leaders Matrix, top mobile app developers include: 

  • EB Pearls
  • You are launched
  • Netguru
  • Atomic Object
  • Suffescom Solutions Inc
  • Brainvire Infotech Inc
  • The NineHertz
  • TekRevol
  • BlueLabel
  • Hyperlink InfoSystem
How can I find the best app development company?

To make this happen, define “the best app development company.” Make a list of expectations from your future team regarding:

  • price
  • technological focus
  • source code quality
  • adherence to deadlines
  • client’s involvement in the process
  • ability to react to unforeseen challenges

Use Clutch, Goodfirms, Techreviewer, or Appfutura to select 5 – 10 companies. Show them your project requirements. See if they have questions. Get estimates and negotiate on contract terms.

Choose the company that shows the most interest in your project and provides you with the best terms. Do not accept unjustified estimates.

How much does app development cost?

Check these indicative numbers needed to develop and launch projects of different complexity (average CE European hourly rate $50):

  • Basic (1 – 2 features): 200 – 300 hours $10,000 – $15,000
  • Average (3 – 5 features): 800 – 1,300 hours $40,000 – $65,000
  • Complex (7+ features): 1,500 – 2,000 hours $75,000 – $100,000

For more information, please check the post “How Much Does It Cost to Make an App in 2023?

What do app developers do?

A good question. Usually, mobile app development agencies provide full-cycle development services, which include: 

  • requirements management
  • mobile app development
  • back-end development
  • web development for admin panel
  • QA and testing
  • app launch and publishing
  • DevOps
  • app support and maintenance
  • feature expansion

A reliable team can start from scratch or take over a project.
Additionally, app makers can help with market research and user personas. They can also provide app search optimization services.

Which is best for mobile app development?

This depends on the project’s complexity.

A hybrid approach is the best for simple apps, helping save budget and time.
Cross-platform is the best for projects based on certain technologies by reusing source code.
For complex apps with the use of native features, the native approach gets the best results.

Check more on tech stack selection in the post Five Reasons to Choose Cross-Platform Development.

What is a mobile app developer? 

This person creates software for mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, etc. The work on apps for either Android or iOS devices, or both—it depends on their favorite tech stack and acquired competencies.

Usually, app creation is complex, requiring several engineers with different specializations. An app development agency will provide you with a team comprising a project manager, designer, app developer, QA, and DevOps, needed to launch on time.

Is mobile app development still profitable?

Yes, it is. Mobile apps are set to save costs of business operations and, more importantly, generate revenue streams. Apps revenue is poised to grow from $474.8M in 2022 to $542.3M in 2023 in all segments, according to Statista.