With our James mobile application, “James” encompasses any person who can help you right away or at a precise date and time in the future when you need it.
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Help with what? “James” could be a hairdresser, do a manicure, baby sit, walk your dog, train and teach you, help in the kitchen, in the garden… How can I find “my” James? With the James mobile application, you can find the right expert near you meeting your requirements, time and expected service level. Your geolocation will be taken into account!

How much does it cost? Check out a James profile for a price list. No hidden costs; everything is transparent. You can pay through your app with a secure MangoPay system. Done—simply and easily.

You can rate your James after the service is provided. Add good candidates to your favorites.

For experts – you can become “James” and find your clients through the James app easily! To do this, you need to register and to get approval from the system administrator. Your compensation will grow with your experience and employment history.

Right now, James mobile application is targeting France, specifically Paris (it takes the French tax system into account), but there are no limits for other locations in France. The IT Craft team implemented the whole system from the ground up, including native mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms, and also the server part according to client requirements. We also provide suggestions and recommendations on best practices and ways of technical implementation of features.


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