Cross-platform app development for 99coaches

99coaches simplifies the planning of training sessions and team management

  • Duration 2018-2022
  • Team 4 members
  • Type Training planner and manager
  • Industry Sports
  • Platforms Mobile development

Project idea

99coaches is a Germany-based startup established by sports fans. They wanted to improve training workflow by digitizing planning and management. It decreases the time trainers spend on paperwork and team management. Training plans are always at hand.

Target audience

Basketball and football coaches benefit from the reduced workload. They select the right exercises or create their own. The app enables tracking athletes' presence and performance during training sessions. Transparency of individual and team progress increases.


  • 6,000+

    Active Users

  • 5+ years

    In The Market

IT Craft team developed a mobile solution from scratch using a cross-platform approach. Our engineers ensured excellent app performance on as many devices as possible, including relatively old smartphones.

IT Craft team developed a mobile solution from scratch using a cross-platform approach. Our engineers ensured excellent app performance on as many devices as possible, including relatively old smartphones.

Core Tech

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Project challenges

  • The IT Craft team migrated the entire app environment from Modulus, which was shutting down, preceded by weeklong planning. A tight coordination of everyone concerned—development team, project manager, and Modulus support—enabled a successful transfer of all information without losses or extended downtime.
    Old Android devices did not properly support SVG animations. As a solution, it was decided to abandon the native Android WebView. Crosswalk WebView was implemented as a 100%-guaranteed working solution. The team achieved smooth app performance on old Android devices.
  • Offline work was problematic on old devices, requiring considerable memory. The development team implemented a no-server-connection mode. It sets priorities for downloads. The app downloaded "favorite" exercises in the first tier and exercises-in-use in the second tier, starting upon connection to a Wi-Fi network.
    System performance became unstable. The team conducted research, comparing app versions and different system environments. As it turned out, a later server setup had a defect. Memory leaks occurred under load. The team contacted Modulus support, which found the problem on their side and solved it.



The client initially had:

  • An initial prototype of their app idea
  • Feedback from the target audience
  • Need to launch an early version as quickly as possible


Our team:

  • Made a project audit
  • Redeveloped most of the product from scratch: database structure, server logic, app layouts, and executable code
  • Maintained two app versions, testing and production, for both fast feature development and problem solution


Our work resulted in:

  • Improved app architecture and logic
  • Simultaneous feature delivery to all major platforms
  • App expansion to football

Business benefits

Cross-platform app

Excellent, valid HTML/CSS code looks great on all devices. Also, the team could update the app without a tedious review on PlayMarket and AppStore.

Instant synchronization

The app synchronized the coach's training notes on the server when access to the network was restored, ensuring coaches worked with updated information.

Exercise library

Trainers search with a few clicks through a large library of ca. 300 animated exercises for the most relevant ones and manage training workflow and timeline.

Offline mode

All features and coach plans remain available a session away from the training center, even when small venues and outdoor facilities do not provide a stable Internet connection.

Main project features

Basketball team management

The 99coaches app provides tools for effective team training management:

  • list of all team members
  • training planner
  • overview of all training activities
  • exercises based on animations and detailed descriptions
  • thorough training plan

Archive all past training sessions together with team performance.


Team and activities management

Coaches can plan the whole session at once: order of exercises, length, set per exercise, and much more. 99coaches app enables:

  • search on categories
  • create and manage their own exercises
  • manage several teams
  • export plans
  • record training participation
  • collect and manage statistics
  • retrieve training activities through a training archive

Coaches can make short notes about an exercise or an athlete to track team progress during each session.



Coaches can log on, manage training data from mobile devices and later use it for analytics and recommendation system.


Football app

The first app in the series was designed for basketball. After it proved successful, it was followed by a football app. The latter received many specific football-related features: team squad, types of training activities, different characteristics for athletes, and more.


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Project timeline (Total – 3,000 hrs)

  • 2018-2022

    Project Timeline

  • 2,000 hrs.

    Software Development

  • 630 hrs.

    QA & Testing

  • 370 hrs.

    PM & BA


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    Modulus-based app

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our clients say


Martin Berg, Co-founder at 99coaches

“ The Agile approach of IT Craft to develop the app is just meeting our needs perfectly to scale the product in the best possible way. ”