Field One

Company: FieldOne Sky

Country: USA

Category: SaaS / field service / CRM

Release year: 2012 first release

FieldOne System provides innovative SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solutions for service companies of all sizes. It records, tracks, and manages technician activities, and all administrative tasks associated with those activities.

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Sencha
  • Resco MobileCRM
  • Xamarin
  • SSRS
  • MS SQL

Apart from a high degree of customization and easy scalability, the benefit of using FieldOne online service lies in improved communication. Using mobile devices, workers in the field can easily keep in touch with office managers. They can assign tasks, update statuses, send reports, receive email, and much more. Every effort can be tracked on the go!

  • appointment booking and automatic dispatch
  • interactive maps with dynamic scheduling
  • extensive work order accompanied by agreement creation and control
  • automatic determination of best resource and route for any field call
  • crew and resource management
  • centralized administration and reporting on demand
Software Development Outsourcing Company
  • mobile application for transmission of sensitive data between a Web system and mobile device
  • automatic and manual emails sent directly from the system
  • creation of dashboards and charts on the fly
  • personalization of each user role with different screen layouts
  • cloud and on-premise deployment available
  • full, detailed audit log
  • activity feeds and micro blogging continually updated
  • native interoperability with Microsoft Outlook, Office, Office 365, and SharePoint
  • integration with all websites created exclusively for every new system customized with data collected from CRM


Software Development Outsourcing Company

The collaboration started with several calls between the IT Craft ASP.NET Department Manager and decision makers at FieldOne Systems LLC. IT Craft prepared a technical test task, as per FieldOne Systems to verify the quality of its service. IT Craft successfully passed the given task and proved its ability to handle the entire project implementation.


IT Craft dedicated 44 specialists to this project in order to create the Web-based software and mobile apps.

The software developed by IT Craft was acknowledged as having met Microsoft’s highest standards. FieldOne Systems has subsequently become a leader in the field service industry, changed the game in customer service and expanded beyond the US border to Europe.

Engineering Challenges and Wins

  • A framework was developed to implement functionality of Resource Scheduler.
  • Client-Server business logic was developed so both Dynamics CRM and MS Outlook could support it.
  • A framework for CRM Plugins was developed to facilitate and standardize the codebase. This enabled logging of both system entities and background processes events.

Team and time

FieldOne Core (the system FieldOne Sky):

Development28,276 hrs.

QA 17,170 hrs

Management and analysis5,030 hrs.

Total50,476 hrs.


Development3,670 hrs.

QA 2,888 hrs

Management and analysis774 hrs.

Total6,732 hrs.

FieldOne Terra (support of the old Delphi-based app):

Development3,304 hrs.

QA 933 hrs

Management and analysis413 hrs.

Total4,650 hrs.


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