Revolutionizing Field Service Automation

FieldOne Systems remodel field service automation by developing the innovative FieldOne Sky software, eventually acquired by Microsoft.

  • Duration 2011-2015
  • Team 44 Members
  • Type SaaS / CRM
  • Industry Field service
  • Platforms Web and mobile

Project idea

The client aimed to transform FieldOne Systems' desktop software into a cloud-based web solution catering to the field service industry. FieldOne Systems recognized the need to shift from a software-centric approach to developing valuable, recurring revenue services for field service automation.

Target Audience

The FieldOne Sky software caters to service companies of all sizes. It provides innovative and scalable service management solutions, empowering businesses to streamline processes and enhance communication between field technicians and office managers.


  • 5 years

    Cooperation time

  • 2015

    Acquired by Microsoft

IT Craft transformed FieldOne Systems' desktop software into the cloud-based FieldOne Sky, streamlining business processes for field service companies. Eventually, Microsoft obtained the tool and made its system based on it.

IT Craft transformed FieldOne Systems' desktop software into the cloud-based FieldOne Sky, streamlining business processes for field service companies. Eventually, Microsoft obtained the tool and made its system based on it.

Core Tech

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    Dynamics CRM

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Project challenges

  • Conducting the complex technology transition from desktop software created using Delphi to a cloud-based web solution.
    Establishing seamless integration with various existing systems, including Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Outlook, Office, Office 365.
    Ensuring the right experts were available on time and within the budget while maintaining a balance between thorough development and testing and timely delivery.
  • Providing a high degree of customization and easy scalability to meet the diverse needs of field service companies.
    Developing a mobile application that securely transmits sensitive data between the web system and mobile devices posed another challenge.



The client initially had:

  • The realization that current business model of selling software alone was not sustainable
  • Desktop software


Our team:

  • Gathered requirements and evaluated their technical capabilities
  • Prepared and completed a technical test task aligned with FieldOne Systems' needs


Our work resulted in:

  • Successful development of the FieldOne Sky software - a cloud-based web solution and a mobile app
  • Showcased FieldOne Sky solution at Microsoft Convergence 2014, the largest Microsoft Dynamics gathering of customers and partners
  • In 2015, Microsoft acquired FieldOne Systems

Business benefits

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

The extensive features empower field service companies to streamline their business processes.

Administration and Reporting

Centralized administration and reporting capabilities, enabling companies to have full control and visibility over their service operations.

Customization and Scalability

High customization enables tailored systems, ensuring scalability and flexibility to accommodate growth and changing business demands for field service organizations.

Streamlined Communication

Mobile devices facilitate seamless communication, task assignment, status updates, report sharing, email reception, and real-time collaboration for enhanced teamwork.

Main project features

Work order management

FieldOne Sky offers extensive work order management functionality and agreement creation and control. Users can create and manage work orders, track progress, assign resources, and ensure compliance with service agreements. This feature helps field service companies streamline processes, optimize resource allocation, and enhance customer satisfaction.


Resource and route optimization

The system automatically determines the best resource and route for any field call. By leveraging intelligent algorithms, FieldOne Sky optimizes resource allocation, ensuring that the most suitable technician is dispatched for each job. This feature improves efficiency, reduces travel time, and enhances service delivery.


Centralized administration and reporting

FieldOne Sky provides centralized administration and reporting capabilities. Administrators can easily manage user roles, permissions, and system settings from a single interface. On-demand reporting allows real-time visibility into key performance indicators, enabling data-driven decision-making and effective field service operations management.


Integration and customization

FieldOne Sky integrates with various systems, including websites customized with data collected from CRM, Microsoft Outlook, Office 365, and SharePoint. This integration enables data synchronization and enhances collaboration across different platforms. The system also supports customization, allowing users to personalize each role with different screen layouts, ensuring a tailored experience.


Enhanced communication

FieldOne Sky provides improved communication capabilities between field workers and office managers. Using mobile devices, workers can easily stay in touch, assign tasks, update statuses, send reports, receive emails, and more. This feature enables efficient coordination and real-time collaboration, allowing for streamlined communication and increased productivity.


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Project timeline

  • Project Timeline

    2011 - 2015

  • Development

    35,250 hrs

  • QA

    20,991 hrs

  • Management

    6,217 hrs


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