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Food Delivery
App Development

How can on-demand food delivery app development be accomplished quickly? With IT Craft’s robust, on-demand-delivery engine.

Scalable. Optimized. Fine-tuned to your needs.

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Safe, fast, affordable food delivery app development

Do you want to offer exceptional on-demand food delivery services?We have an engine for that. A reliable, robust engine.
We can help you. Our on-demand food ordering software engine helps:

  • Startups

    Launch your MVP product idea fast. Try new delivery models and formulas. Get instant user feedback. Gain followers.

  • Cafés and restaurants

    Enhance your digital presence. Provide contactless mobile experience. Manage customer orders with precision.

  • Food businesses

    Reach a larger user base by offering predictable, flexible, and reliable on-demand food delivery services.

What you save on food delivery app development:

You save up to 1,700 dev. hours when you choose on-demand food ordering mobile app development services:

on demand food delivery app development


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How you benefit with engine-based on-demand food delivery app development

No more headache-inducing choices to make regarding budget, project timeline, number of features, etc.
Your benefit in many ways when you choose using IT Craft’s robust, core engine:

  • Fast launch

    Decrease on-demand food ordering app development up to four times.

  • High performance

    Our engine has been thoroughly optimized and tested to work efficiently and effectively on all platforms.

  • Scalability

    App source code is scalable. This helps your business scale. It seamlessly handles orders as the number of users continues to grow.

on demand food delivery services
  • Third-party integrations

    The team can add specific services or payment options popular in your location.

  • Customization

    Source code can be extended when you want to integrate a great feature. Just tell us what you want.

  • Support

    Choose the type of support service you want after launch to ensure timely updates and fixes.

Food delivery app development functionality

We help you streamline food delivery via an on-demand app. You get all functionality required for different user roles.

Basic functionality includes:

App for customers on-demand food ordering app
food delivery app development solution

Ordering app for users

  • Sign up/Login/Registration using social media/Guest mode
  • Product/Dish search
  • Order management
  • Real-time delivery tracking
  • In-app payments
  • Profile management
  • Order placement
  • Delivery for now
  • Notifications
  • Order history
App for businesses an on-demand food delivery app
on demand delivery app development

Food delivery service app for delivery drivers

  • Login
  • Order management
  • Payment tracking
  • Profile management
  • Order details
  • Viewing order location
Administration panel management panel for app owner’s team
on demand food ordering app

Administration panel

  • Role management
  • Catalog management
  • Delivery scheduling
  • Addresses management
  • General info about the app management
  • Establishment management
  • Order management
  • User management
  • Products/Dishes management

Food delivery app development steps

IT Craft’s on-demand food delivery app development process includes:

  • step 01

    Drop us a message.

  • step 02

    Discuss features
    and requirements.

  • step 03

    Prepare a design
    for your app. /
    Apply your design.

  • step 04

    Make needed integrations.

  • step 05

    Test everything.

  • step 06

    Deploy on the server. /
    Launch in stores.

  • step 07


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Food delivery app development technologies

  • Android

    • Language: Kotlin
    • Architecture: Clean Architecture + MVVM
    • Logic: Databinding, DI, MVVM
    • UI: Native
    • DB: Room Persistence Library
    • Auth: FB SDK, Firebase signup
    • API: Rest, Socket IO
    • Location: Native
    • Maps: GoogleMap
    • Payment: Stripe
    • 3rd party: Retrofit2, SocketIO, Stripe, Facebook, RXJava3
  • IOS

    • Language: Swift
    • DependencyManager: SPM
    • Architecture: MVVM + FlowController
    • Logic: Combine
    • UI: UIKit, SwiftUI
    • DB: CoreData
    • Auth: FB SDK, SignInWithApple
    • API: Rest, Socket IO
    • Location: CoreLocation, MapKit
    • Maps: MapKit
    • Payment: Stripe
    • 3rd party: Kingfisher, SocketIO, Stripe, Facebook, SwiftLint
  • Backend

    • Language: Python 3.8
    • Frameworks: Django 3.1, Django REST Framework 3.12
    • WEB Server: Gunicorn
    • DependencyManager: PIP
    • DB: PostgreSQL
    • Auth: OAuth2
    • Payment: Stripe
    • 3rd party: Django MPTT, SocketIO, Celery[redis], Stripe, fcm-django,


  • top rated on upwork
  • clutch 2015
  • silver Microsoft Partner
  • Clutch 2017

Choose IT Craft for food delivery app development

Clients from many industries choose IT Craft as their trusted service provider. IT Craft is reliable. Trustworthy.
IT Craft keeps promises made—high-quality services, on-time delivery, within budget.

When you work with IT Craft, you always get high-level food ordering app development services, including:

  • Expertise

    IT Craft helps startups and established companies deliver on time, on budget.

  • Project head start

    The IT Craft team starts working on your app as soon as you clarify your goals, we determine scope of work needed to reach them, and you sign our agreement.

  • Full-cycle development

    IT Craft specialists work on all components of your solution simultaneously to get it done quickly. We provide all required specialists to deliver your high-quality app.

  • Transparency

    Stay in touch with your project manager as often as you need. Regular, detailed reports are a part of development process.

  • Post-launch guarantee

    The same development team helps with any post-launch issues and quickly fixes bugs found after launch.

  • Equal treatment

    IT Craft developers excel on all projects. No exceptions. We care for your success, not for the size of your project.

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FAQs about on-demand food delivery app development:

  • 1 How do you make a food delivery app?

    We can make a food delivery app solution from scratch or using our on-demand app engine. In both cases, on-demand food delivery app development includes the following activities:

    • Project management and business analysis
    • App design
    • Front-end and mobile development
    • Back-end development
    • QA and testing
    • DevOps (if needed)
  • 2 How much does it cost to create an online food ordering system?

    On-demand food ordering app development from scratch takes on average about 2,200 hours or $77,000. Still, numbers can vary depending on the length of the feature list and anticipated number of users. Development of a highly popular service can cost you $100,000+.

    Using our robust app engine, you can substantially save on costs. Only $17,500.

  • 3 How do I create an app like UberEats?

    Food delivery app development for a startup solution includes these steps:

    • Generate your app idea.
    • Study your competitors ensuring your idea is different, unique.
    • Start a marketing campaign to research user interest.
    • Refine your idea, keeping monetization in mind.
    • Make a list of requirements for your app.
    • Carefully choose a reliable, reputable development company.
    • Develop and launch an MVP.
    • Promote your app to your target audience.
    • Get feedback and make changes to your app.
    • Repeat #9 until you get sustainable growth.
  • 4 How do food delivery apps work?

    A customer launches an on-demand food delivery app. If this is a marketplace, e.g., Doordash, users search for a provider. If this is a restaurant app, the customer browses through the menu.

    The customer places an order then selects delivery and payment options. Restaurant receives a notification with order details and prepares the food. When the order is ready, a delivery service picks it up and delivers it, or the customer picks it up as take away.

  • 5 Are food delivery solutions profitable?

    Like many other startup projects in our on-demand economy, on-demand food delivery services are still in their infancy. They require time and energy to become sustainable, profitable businesses. Customers change their eating habits reluctantly and very slowly. But perhaps more quickly during these last many months.

    Big players, like Glovo and UberEats, adjust their expenses. Glovo generates more profit than it spends on costs from orders. The company expects net profits soon.

  • 6 How do on-demand delivery apps make money?

    Depending on the monetization model, on-demand food delivery services make money in several ways:

    • Display ads and promotions from different services.
    • Receive a commission for each transaction in the system.
    • Charge delivery fees.

    Restaurant delivery apps can take delivery commissions. Or they can monetize on-demand food delivery app development indirectly by increasing user satisfaction and engagement.