FAQs on iOS app development services

  • How much will an iPhone app cost me?

    Cost of an iPhone app (or any app) depends on what you want and when you want it.

    To give a sound estimate on costs, we need a list of app requirements and timeline.

    Based on the list of app requirements, timeline, and desired budget range, we present a detailed roadmap divided into milestones and costs of each.

    You can read how companies calculate the price for outsourcing software development services in a special article, “How much does a mobile app cost in 2020?

    Or to get an estimate, just drop us a line via our contact form to schedule a call with one of our managers. (Yes, it’s free with no commitment from you whatsoever.)

  • I want to add a feature to an existing app. How much will iOS development services cost me?

    Details determine costs. Provide us with the specific details of the feature; we will provide you with an answer.

    1] If we developed your app, determining the cost of an added feature takes little time—just send us the details and we will send you an estimate.

    2] If your app was done by another dev team, we must start code inspection first to ensure existing codebase meets industry standards. We then estimate the scope of work needed to design and integrate new features.

    Please note, we might need up for 40 hours for code inspection depending on size and complexity of code.

  • How soon can you start development of an iOS app?

    We prepare an estimate, determine scope of work and deadlines within 3-5 working days. When you approve it, we start app development process immediately.

    You get time of all specialists you need for your project to be a great success: iOS developer(s), designer, QA(s), and project manager who oversees and supervises the progress of your project.

  • Do you help publish to the App store?

    Yes, absolutely. This is included into iOS app development services.

    Apple’s App store has strict rules for app publishing. It might provide challenges for those who do not adhere to these rules: apps might remain longer in review; in some cases, apps might not pass. To avoid any hassle for you, we send all required materials for app review. This helps our clients pass the review fast.

    If you prefer doing it on your own, we provide you with the entire package of materials.

  • Do you provide any post-launch support?

    Yes, we do. Some bugs can only be discovered after the app is live. Because of this well-known fact, we give every client a guarantee period. During this time, we fix bugs [if any] in our source code at no additional cost. This way, we ensure you get what we promised you.