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Expert-Level iOS Development Services

Full-fledged iOS development services to help you keep up-front and long-term costs down.

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What types of iOS App Development Services do you get?

Hire an IT Craft team of expert-level iOS app developers. Be amazed as your ideas transform into a finely tuned iOS app.
Just tell us what you want. We can do it for you.

  • Native iOS development
  • iOS project rescue
  • iOS testing
  • Cross-platform iOS development
  • iOS app updates
  • iOS app optimization and redevelopment
  • App Clips development
  • App expansion across Apple ecosystem
  • Support and maintenance

Three iPhone app success stories

Check out three case studies where IT Craft teams were responsible for the entire iOS development project:

Mobile Project

An IT Craft development team provided this Australia-based startup with iOS development services for a fully customized eCommerce iPad app from an available prototype.
iCafe app provides cafés with a user-friendly sales management system, including customizable menus, mobile payments, and wireless receipt printing to help serve customers faster. Café visitors benefit from electronic coupons and reward points sent directly to their smartphones. Paper points cards are so 20th century.

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Mobile Project
Order Port

Designed for wineries and wine-tasting rooms, the Order Port app turns an iPad into a fully operational point of sale (POS). This app provides functionality needed for direct to consumer, wholesale, and distribution sales.
When IT Craft began working with Order Port, the owner already had some initial source code. After the IT Craft development team carried out a thorough inspection, it was deemed good enough to use. Over a series of iOS development iterations, the team introduced new features to support the entire sales process including inventory tracking, credit card reader, online sales, customer information management, sales tracking, reports, and more.

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Mobile Project
Picking Duck

Picking Duck provides its users with a safe ‘playground’ to help people gain insight on how betting works and teach them basic betting skills. Picking Duck offers weekly contests in several sports with transparent risks and gains.
Initially the founders of Picking Duck made some progress with their previous iOS development services provider but decided to switch to a custom-developed Fantasy Sports engine made by IT Craft’s Fantasy Sports development team. Their goals:
Save clients’ time and money.
Attract attention from a top-gaming operator.

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What iOS development services do you need for your app idea?
Ask us! Let’s talk.

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iPhone app development services

IT Craft iPhone app development services deliver everything you need for your successful app launch.

  • Custom iPad app development

    IT Craft helps you design an app that works best on the larger iPad screens.

  • App Clips

    Use App Clips to increase user engagement. No need to download it from the store to launch it.

  • Apple Watch app development

    Ensure users enjoy all those many features they have enjoyed on their iPhones like notifications, music streaming, and mobile payments.

  • Enterprise-level iOS development services

    Mobile devices optimize business processes.
    Quality, security, and deep-dive testing―IT Craft can help you.

  • Apple TV app development

    Let users stream your content via Apple TV box.
    Receive detailed analytics on user engagement and habits.

  • iPhone m-commerce applications

    An iOS app streamlines buying things.
    Give users the ease of hassle-free payments on all Apple devices.

  • iPhone/iPad AR games

    Introduce an AR gaming app to engage attention and open doors to gaming fun.
    Yes, multiplayer AR apps are possible.

We build iOS apps

  • Custom

  • scalable

  • solid

  • secure

  • maintainable

  • flexible

Benefits of iPhone app development

  • loyal audience

  • effective design

  • impeccable security standards

  • optimized battery consumption

  • regular updates and new features

  • App Clips - try now, launch later


Custom iOS app development helps increase visibility across many industries.

  • On-demand economy

    Let users place orders from the best providers, when and where they need them.

  • Healthcare

    Provide workflow optimization — eliminate paperwork and automate management.

  • eCommerce

    Increase brand visibility and ensure access to the online store 24/7.

  • eLearning

    Offer interactive exercises and ability to start learning right here, right now.

  • Sports and fitness

    Ensure users have everything they need to keep their body in shape and their diet healthy.

  • Indoor navigation

    Help with both precise user location tracking and real-time data asset tracking.


Yes, we provided iOS development services to those industries listed above.

No, this is not a complete list. Contact us for more information!

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What technologies does IT Craft’s teams of developers use to deliver its services?

Check out the most common technologies IT Craft developers use to provide custom iOS app development services.

  • Development languages
    • Objective-C/C++
    • Swift
    • C#
    • JavaScript
  • Tools & solutions
    • ASIHTTPRequest
    • ShareKit
    • Social Networking APIs
    • Urban Airship
    • Testflight
    • Payment Systems (PayPal, Stripe)
    • Universal Analytics
    • Xamarin
  • Frameworks & Components
    • Apple Xcode IDE
    • ARKit
    • Cocoa Touch
    • Titanium
    • Unity 3D
    • Native SDK
    • Apache Cordova
    • Phonegap
    • Apple UIKit Framework
    • CoreData
    • Realm
    • Firebase
    • FMDB
    • SQLite
    • SQLite.NET

How do you benefit from working with IT Craft?

IT Craft always addresses and meets every demand for expert-level iOS development services. Here are a few of the benefits you get when working with IT Craft, iOS app development company:

  • iOS development expertise

    Expertise. Experience. IT Craft has provided iOS application development services for over 11 years. As professional iOS app developers, we continue to overcome every challenge the growing demand for iOS app creation presents.
    We have helped many clients achieve their dreams.
    We can help you. We know the way. We designed and built the roadmap.

  • Full-cycle development

    IT Craft iOS app developers’ all-inclusive iOS development process attends to the technical side of your project’s success. The team advises you on the relevant stack and implements features you need. All completed within stated timeline and budget.

  • Adherence to Agile

    Requirements can change when business demands a pivot. No problem. Our team can pivot. Here is another benefit from Agile: iOS app developers help you throughout the entire CI/CD pipeline to ensure accelerated software delivery.

  • Unique approach to each project

    Whether custom iPhone application development, app code redevelopment, or app testing, the team clarifies all project requirements and provides relevant iOS development services for the best implementation path.

  • Cultural competence

    Staying on the same cultural page is crucial for success. IT Craft shares the same or similar values to Europeans and Americans. We put our effort towards providing high-quality iOS development services, keeping up with promises, and meeting clients’ expectations.

  • Transparency

    Every Sprint starts with a Sprint plan and ends up with a Sprint report.
    Keep in touch daily with your project manager. Track scope of iOS development services anytime you wish.

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What is IT Craft’s custom iOS application development process?

From custom iPhone application development to expanding to different Apple devices, IT Craft process covers all iOS app development services needed to ensure high-quality app source code.

  • Project discovery
  • Project plan and estimate
  • App development
  • Launch and publishing
  • Post-launch guarantee
  • Support and maintenance

IT Craft iOS app development services give you:

Before and during app development

  • software requirements specification based on your business requirements
  • preliminary app architecture
  • app wireframes with user path
  • detailed roadmap with team squad, cost, and timeline

After development project

  • project documentation
  • publishing in app store
  • free post-launch guarantee

Your iOS development services questions are answered within 24 hours.

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FAQs on iOS app development services

  • 1 How much does custom iPhone app development cost?

    Here are some approximate costs for iPhone app development services based on Eastern European hourly rate $40:

    Basic app costs range from $8,000 – $12,000

    Average app costs range from  $32,000 – $52,000

    Complex app costs range from  $60,000 – $80,000+

    iPhone app development services costs vary greatly. Costs depend on what you want and when you want it.

    This is true for any app.

    If you want an estimate, contact us to schedule a call with one of our managers. (Yes, it’s free. No commitment from you whatsoever.)

  • 2 I want to add a feature to an existing app. How much will iOS development services cost me?

    Details determine costs. So, an upfront answer on costs of iOS development services is not possible. Provide our iOS app developers with the specific details of the feature; we will provide you with an answer.

    1) If we have developed your app, determining the cost of an added feature takes little time—just send us the details and we will send you an estimate.

    2) If your app was developed by another company, our iOS development services include code inspection to ensure the existing codebase meets industry standards. We estimate the scope of work needed to design and integrate new features.

    Please note, for the sake of ensuring you get a high-quality app, code inspection takes time. Depending on size and complexity of code, it could take up to 40 hours.

  • 3 How long does it take you to develop an iOS app?

    Time taken to develop and iOS app depends on the app feature list. Scope of iPhone application development services provided varies greatly from app to app.

    A minimum timeline might look something like this:

    • Simple proof-of-concept requires  160+ working hours.
    • MVP takes  450+ working hours.
    • Fully functional app requires  1,000 working hours.

    If you want more precise numbers, request a free quote. No obligation.

    I want a free quote
  • 4 Will you help launch my app and publish it in the App store?

    Yes, absolutely. It is included in our iOS development services.

    Apple’s App store has strict rules for app publishing. These rules are challenging. The app review process is stringent and time consuming. The app review process might end up in a ‘fail’. To avoid any hassle for you, we send all required materials for app review. This helps our clients pass the review fast.

    If you prefer doing it on your own, we provide you with the entire package of materials

  • 5 How often will we be in contact during the entire app development process?

    We check in with you at least once a week. More often, if you wish.

    It depends on the nature of a project. Some projects require only one short weekly call. Other projects require daily updates between the project manager and product owner to discuss deliverables and plan for the next day.

    This is why IT Craft assigns a project manager who maintains communication best suited for you as an integral part of iOS app development services.

    You have access to the project in management software (Jira, Asana, Trello, etc.). You can see what has been done, what is being done, and what is planned to be done. You always know what is happening on your project.

  • 6 Do you provide any post-launch support?

    Yes, we do. This is also a part of our iOS app development services.

    Some bugs can only be uncovered after the app goes live because users love to find bugs! Because of this well-known fact, we give every client a guarantee period. The guarantee period lasts from one to three months, depending on project complexity and amount of iOS development services provided. During this time, we fix bugs (if any) in our source code at no additional cost.

    We keep our promises to you.