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A SaaS point-of-sale, wine club and mobile commerce applications for vintners.

appstore-logo * Requires iOS 7.0 or higher
  • Company: Order Port
  • Country: USA
  • Category: POS
  • Release year: 2014

Project background

In 2013, the project owner came to IT Craft with a request for smart, fast, and intuitive software to help vintners interact with customers globally. The main challenge for the team was the client already had part of the code. Our tech leaders carried out an in-depth review of the code, decided not to rewrite it, but to analyze and fix all errors and bugs then start preparing a detailed specification document for new functionality.

Once that phase was done, IT Craft dedicated a team of five specialists to work on the Order Port POS (Point-of-Sale) system for a year until the first production.

OrderPort commerce solutions are deployed via a proven SaaS platform that supports consumer, wholesale and distributor sales, and enables the presentation of products and services to customers online, at the point of sale, and globally via mobile devices. With a simplified administration, compliant, single-system management of multiple sales channels, OrderPort is everywhere vintners do business.



  • Manage in-store sales
  • Manage wine club sales
  • Track sales by sales representatives
  • Integrate with online sales
  • Integrate with wine clubs
  • Update customer information
  • Track inventory
  • Integrate with customer lists
  • Generate daily sales reports
  • Available at multiple sales locations
  • Support Magnetic Stripe Reader
IT Craft Development Company
Payment Gateways

OrderPort POS system is constantly expanding with new supported payment gateways, amount of data (wine stock) to be processed in real time, number of customers. Therefore, during the development process, developers follow the latest optimization and security requirements. Also, the system must be flexible for future changes.

Work With Printers

OrderPort POS system uses a lot of external libraries to work with printers (thermal/wireless, etc.), scanners (barcode formats) and chart builders (PNChart/Google Chart). Therefore, during the development process, it is necessary to maintain version relevance to ensure stability of the application.

OrderPort Email

OrderPort Email tool, together with the OrderPort POS system, allows providing email marketing campaigns for customers and sending notifications about client's activities. Except for custom features, email tool development, interacts with Maigun/Mailchimp and uses their API’s for the sending process. Therefore, this integration involves all parts (internal API/ external API/POS system/Web Administration panel).

Web Administration Tool

OrderPort POS system interacts with the modules’ OrderPort Web Administration tool, API—which are developed by a separate team. Therefore, communication and synchronization between teams is a crucial part of development.

Future development stages

For more than 5 years of working together, the development team (IOS developers, PHP developers, QA, business analysts, project managers) have used an iterative approach. Each iteration has a major focus for development. As a result, users can receive an update with new features/improvements/UI changes based on users’ experience.

Current OrderPort POS supports only iPad devices. This might cause some limitation for users. New Swift version now under development supports all iOS devices. New DB structure allows operating with big data more effectively by optimizing offline mode and reducing the number of calls to the API.

OrderPort POS
Time spent:
11,000 hrs
OrderPort POS Swift
Time spent:
5,000 hrs
Web Part
Time spent:
2,000 hrs

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