iOS MVP app for RooQi

RooQi is a sports social network connecting athletes and coaches directly.

  • Duration 2021 – 2022
  • Team 7 members
  • Type Social Network
  • Industry Sports
  • Platforms iOS, Web

Project idea

The app aims at providing athletes with tools and opportunities to show their talents in front of professional coaches. Athletes can upload videos, photos, and academic records, and share them all on the platform.
Coaches can discover information and connect with athletes. Both athletes and coaches can follow each other and get in touch via a chat.

Target audience

Two principal target audiences are athletes and coaches/scouts.
Athletes demonstrate their skills. They follow coaches and get in touch with them directly.
Coaches/scouts search and recruit new athletes. Also, coaches promote their teams, motivating talents to join them.

Project challenges

  • Flexibility remains one of the top requirements of the project. Software architecture supports project expansion: developers can add new features swiftly.
  • Fixed-priced model. The team was very specific about its estimates ensuring the client received maximum value for the planned budget.



The client initially had:

  • Vision of the app and its target audience.
  • Idea of basic functionality.
  • Strict requirement on budget limit.


Our team:

  • Made a thorough project analysis.
  • Prepared a set of requirements.
  • Delivered app design.
  • Selected relevant tech stack.


Our work resulted in:

  • Timely launch of an MVP.
  • Adherence to budget limits.
  • Quality of delivered solution.

Business benefits


Basic functionality is available at no cost. Users can upgrade their plan to attain a higher visibility level.


The app team verifies information that users enter to increase credibility level.


Different sports disciplines are available, from soccer and football to swimming, skiing, and cricket.

Booster kit

Use of an internally built booster kit saved the client both development time and costs.

Main project

  • Athlete profile

    Athletes share the basic information such as country, sports, school and grade marks, etc. Then, the app team verifies essential information about the new users. This enhances smooth development of personal brands.

    Rooqi app
  • Sharing

    Users upload contents of different types, including videos, photos, and academic records ensuring their talent gets sought-after attention.

    Rooqi app
  • Connections

    The platform enables direct communication between coaches and players. Both parties can send requests and follow. This is especially crucial for the international players as the opportunities for direct discussion are often limited.

    Rooqi app
  • Messaging

    Athletes and coaches/scouts can exchange messages directly with each other using a live chat. Making contacts and discussions are faster and easier.

    Rooqi app

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Project timeline

  • Total development timeline

    remained within 1,200 – 1,500 working hours


IT Craft team has developed and launched an iOS app from scratch
implementing basic functionality that was required by the client.



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