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  • We usually provide our clients with the detailed sprint plan which proves we understand our customer’s project requirements quite well and you can feel absolutely confident that we deliver nothing else than what you look for and expect to get.


  • We care about the budget and timeline – if any issues, discuss them with us. There are no dead-locks, we can suggest a way to minimize the costs and reduce timeline, yet keeping high quality. Recommendations, best pieces of expert advice and tips will be available from us along the way as well.


  • It is known that communication plays an important role in the process of website development, therefore our communication strategy includes interviews, e-mails, online chats, Q&A sessions, telephone conversations and any other possible ways of communication to achieve the development goals. We will be always available for you, responding to any requests, needs or questions, so that you feel very comfortable cooperating with us.


  • We pride ourselves on the quality of our post-launch support. After your website goes live, we won’t leave you alone, but stick around for a while to make sure your system is working as planned. During warranty period some issues can be discovered only by a wider audience, then immediately and for free resolved by us.


  • An additional benefit is that we build easily upgradable applications that can be quickly and cheaply adapted to your changing business needs. The code we produce is well-documented and simple to read, allowing both our programmers and outside ones to make any necessary changes and updates.