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Nandos is a big Company with extensive presence in the Web.
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In order to achieve their aims in the best way we’d helped them with various online tools creation. One of them was the back-end module for creating and managing printing and marketing materials online. The service allowed to upload and store various printing materials with ability to use them as templates and perform certain edits.

So, that Designer of the company was able to upload the default printing in PSD format, and local marketers in their departments were able to add department specific information (address, map, text edits etc.) and save as ready-to-be-printed material.

The tool united online image editing tool with storage and distribution features which simplified the work with marketing materials for Nandos employees. A couple of other projects were dedicated for creating online promotions with publishing unique information, setting up polls and providing users benefits of participating in them. Online promotions had front-end for restaurant Nandos consumers, where they were able to participate in them, and back-end, where Nandos employees are able to set promotions up and launch live.

Developed on time and materials basis


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