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Code Inspection & Review Services

Sometimes, businesses need a conclusion of a third party ensuring their providers do their best.
Code inspection and testing help businesses make an informed decision on the further development of their software solutions and choose the right business strategy.

What is a code inspection?

Code inspection is a type of formal review to evaluate the quality of written code. The aim of code inspections is to determine if the code meets the quality requirements or if it needs improvement.

The code can be examined for:

Quality – to check the general quality level of the given code.

Architecture and code design – to determine how well the app is built and how scalable it is.

Readability – anyone who maintains code is happy to deal with a clear code and understandable commentaries.

Performance – to determine if the code can be optimized to accelerate its execution (caching, etc.).

Security – to see how secure the code, data transmission, and data storage are.

Memory usage – to check how rationally the memory is utilized (data structures, data storage formats, processing algorithms, etc.).

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When is the code inspection needed?

We provide code review services for managers and product owners with little or no development experience who want to receive an unbiased conclusion on how skilled their (prospective) contractor is.

You can order code inspection for your ongoing project when you have one of the following issues but you do not wish to interrupt your vendor’s workflow:

Task execution takes much more time than before

Application functions are slower than they should be or are expected to be (in comparison with other similar functions in competitors’ applications)

The vendor gives feedback which is slow and/or not detailed

The vendor struggles to provide information on the work done or product backlog

There is no rough plan for the next iteration (phase, milestone)

Future steps can conflict with the functions which are already implemented

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we offer

Code quality & architecture review – we look to see if your software conforms to industry standards.

Code design inspection – we supervise how manageable the code is.

Reports – we provide the results of a code inspection as either an informal conversation, a formal report, or a presentation.

Adherence to industry best practices – we inspect how well the code is shaped.

Consulting – we answer your questions in any convenient way (via e-mail, Skype call, etc.).

Documentation review – we help trace requirements and check their software implementation, review the structure, and check to see if the documentation complies with the code.

Code inspection order

General impression from code

– Contains commentaries
– Utilizes libraries
– Has a clear structure

Architecture checking

– Use of patterns
– Adequacy of the implemented architectural decision

Security & performance checking

Documentation checking

code inspection report contains

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what has been done well
IT Craft Software Development Company
what can be improved
IT Craft Software Development Company
what has been done poorly
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in which way it can be improved

What should you do when you want
us to estimate a code review?

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  • Send us a link to the project you want to get reviewed.
  • Describe in a few words what you are concerned about.
  • Make a list of features you want to review.
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