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Time and distance do not matter.
We are where our customers need us.

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The Web presents the most demanding and the most challenging platform because both desktop and mobile
use it.
However, a Web app is the best starting point for every service.

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Most of our clients use their smartphones for almost everything.
A native or a cross-platform app is a benefit by delivering the best possible experience.



Clutch is an independent research company based in Washington D.C. that makes ratings of development companies using real reviews from customers who previously ordered services.

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What other qualities puts Ukrainian IT companies at the top of the list to help you?


The top outsourcing market in Eastern Europe

There are over 2,600 companies and about 90,000 developers in Ukraine. Here you can here find any price, any technological stack, any industry expertise to meet your preferences.


Same cultural background

The time and cultural differences between Ukraine and Western Europe is minimal. With visa-free travel, the ties between the Europe community and Ukraine strengthen.


Over 80% speak English

For project managers, leading developers, and client support, this number is 100%. Also, Ukrainian software development companies mostly turn to the USA, European Union and Australia for business, and usually have either management or representatives there ready to discuss any questions.

What makes IT Craft your competitive advantage?


This is crucial for any long-term project to remain competitive. IT Craft Ukraine developers follow technological trends ensuring the technologies best suited for your needs are applied.

Clear roadmap

Creating a working solution is not only about coding. This is why we always listen to you and offer you a plan based on available budget and resources to instill confidence that you get what expected, when expected.


IT Craft Outsourcing Ukrainian teams have developed expertise in various diverse industries such as retail, e-commerce, health, insurance, logistics, flight planning, and many others. We focus on the technical part of implementation helping businesses concentrate on core needs.


Our developers do not say “Yes” just because a client wants to hear it. We believe our experience gives us the confidence and integrity to say “No” when needed which is far more valuable than the many empty promises.

Investing in professionals

People are IT Craft’s core. IT Craft provides a comfortable environment and ensure professional growth for every team member. The IT Craft team members respond with the best they have when facing every task.

Constant education

IT Craft encourages every team member to put time and effort in continuing (self)-education, and to keep tabs on emerging trends. Our developers get time to experiment with new technologies, and our teams practice internal hackathons. Also, programmers learn new things during developer conferences, talks and meetups.

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What do I get?

Our services include but are not limited to: