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Software Development for Startups

Smart people have great ideas. Ideas that keep you up at night. Ideas that give you hope. Ideas that could create a different future than where you are headed now. Project yourself into the future, a future in which your ideas become a development strategy.

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But how to get
there from here?

You need a company specialized in software development for startups you can trust—trust with your idea, your dream, your hard-earned money. It’s not easy, but not impossible. Avoiding a decision isn’t the solution—you cannot get to your “new and improved future” by being indecisive now.

Consider a company whose clients sleep well at night knowing they chose a company who cares and can competently complete the work. IT Craft has everything you need to fulfill your dream: essential experience and technical expertise, well-established trust with clients, no-fail approach to clients’ projects.

A perfect match. IT Craft: We help entrepreneurs get their dream companies up and running.

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Every app must have a well-planned and agile core for ease of maintenance and future changes.
Here is what we do to make it happen:

Business analysis

Every successful startup project begins with a development strategy. Before development starts, we check out your both target audience and your competitors to help you determine the perfect feature list.

MVP development

To get your product into the market as soon as possible, we initially streamline the product to core features only. Getting your core product into the market quickly to test response saves you money and wastes neither time nor resources.

Product pivot

We design flexible software architecture for sustainability. This ensures we can seamlessly pivot software development for startups when user feedback suggests a different path to successful market acceptance.

Technology migration

To ensure a fast and efficient development process, startups often rely on third-party services. At IT Craft, we design mobile app architecture to ensure fast migration when a service shuts down or a startup decides later to replace any third-party utility with its own custom code.

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What do you get?

Result after every iteration

Our teams use the Agile approach to development for startups: continuous improvement, scope flexibility, input from client and team, delivering essential quality products. Continuous flow and improvement—and your input after each iteration. You are never left in the dark: you know at which stage your product is and can test it after each iteration.

Agile approach for startups
plans and activities for startup

Plans before a sprint and detailed reports after a sprint

Working Agile also means transparency. You monitor your IT Craft teams’ plans and activities. You always know where your money is going.

Clients’ visits always welcome

Face-to-face communication boosts startup software development process. Come visit our Kharkiv (Ukraine) office to meet your future development team. Our office is spacious—plenty of room to share your vision and discuss development strategy in quiet. Or, visit our headquarters in Berlin, Germany and meet our top management to discuss your project.

Face-to-face communication
NDA for startup software


We are happy to sign an NDA to ensure all your secret ingredients are safe. Have you introduced any specific management policies for your onsite team for security reasons? We are happy to apply for your outsourcing team either. Post-release support – We do not abandon you right after your project has launched. We stay with to celebrate your success and make sure everything runs smoothly.

Dedicated team

We select developers based on the scope of the project. If you prefer your team works exclusively on your project, we can ensure this will happen. You can interview everyone in your team before the project starts.

Dedicated developers team
Stable team squads

Stable team squads

To ensure workflow stability, our senior team members have over 7 years of successful projects under their belt while working at IT Craft.

Team augmentation

IT Craft has six departments. Each department has its own specialization. When expertise is needed, we have the resources to quickly add them to the project.

Team Augmentation
Convenient communication

Convenient communication

For your convenience, we use many means of communication (email, Skype, Slack, Jira, Redmine, etc.). You choose the one that best fits your need.


Do you want your audience to start testing your service sooner and save on app development?
IT Craft has speeded up software development for startups by designing a set of reusable components that any app contains. By applying for app development using Project Booster Toolkit you still get a custom app but speed up the initial stage of development process

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We know that your success is our success. Clients from all over the world trusted us with their ideas. And the rest, they say, is history. Check out what other people think about the quality of our services.

Very happy with the work by the team. You get out what you put in, and if you don’t put in the effort to communicate well, you’ll run into problems, regardless of who you work with. The team is very ...


Jeff SoukottaAdaptise,Canada

I’ve been working with IT Craft since 2008 and have been consistently impressed by the work that they have delivered. Their attitude is great, they deliver on time, and the quality is superb.


Matt BeswickHidden Pixel,UK

IT Craft are simply the best when it comes to graphic design and Internet applications. I love their work, their attitude, and their wonderful communication skills. Highly recommended!


Tal Valante

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