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software development for startups

  • Value-focused startup software development.
  • Flexible development. Tangible results every two weeks.
  • Post-launch guarantee.
  • 20+ years

    startup development

  • 300+ professionals

    number of tech

  • 4–6 months

    average app
    development time

  • 28 industries

    and counting

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Startup software development: everything you need to launch faster

Top-level software developers for startups to fit your specific business needs. Software development services for startups cover all technical requirements. IT Craft’s versatility ensures you reach desired goals:

  • MVP development
  • Prototype development
  • Full-cycle software development
  • Rearchitecting and reengineering
  • Software development consulting
  • Project rescue
  • Software modernization
  • Ongoing support and maintenance

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Turning software development for startups into reality

Startup software development company transforms dreams into reality. Entrepreneurs get their dream software solutions up and running.

Clients from all over the world have put their trust in us with their ideas. And, as they say, the rest is history.

MVP development
product expansion

Web service for clinic administrators and temporary nursing professionals.
The team produced a practical Web system introducing multiple improvements. To increase scalability and simplify updates, the team divided monolithic source code into microservices. Deployment automation increased quality while decreasing deployment time.

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MVP from scratch
feature expansion
transition to microservices

A Web-based portal for managing truck loads.

The system enabled direct communication between customers and carriers.

MyCarrier MVP was developed from scratch and delivered on time. It quickly became popular with clients and received several funding cycles on Crunchbase. The startup focused on project expansion.

The team rearchitectured software into a cloud app after two years of development aiming at greater scalability.

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Project completion
support and maintenance

CRM to optimize laundry services.
IT Craft developers finished, launched, and expanded a comprehensive system. Client’s CRM automates handling and managing processes.
IT Craft also developed a special Android app for managing deliveries.

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Are you tired of endless searching? It’s time to take action.

Tell us your startup idea. We’ll give you a roadmap to a successful launch.

How software development for startups works

IT Craft developers professionally and conscientiously ensure you get the greatest value for your investment:

  • Initial call

    We sign an NDA to ensure you can discuss your ideas freely. We then discuss your goals, challenges, and expectations on a call.

  • Project discovery

    The team analyzes your answers and materials for all significant project details. When advantageous to you, we study your customers and competitors.

  • Project plan

    We clarify project requirements, prioritize scope of work, and estimate budget and timeline. We discuss the numbers with you to align with your expectations.

  • Kick off

    Once details are settled, we sign an agreement. Software development starts without delay.

How IT Craft supports your innovative idea

We meet your expectations on timely, quality delivery.

  • Fast-paced approach

    We know your success depends on time to market. We offer you the shortest path for software development for startups and start working immediately.

  • Transformation roadmap

    We go the extra mile during the discovery stage to ensure all your expectations regarding software development for startups are met.

  • Adaptability

    We’re Agile. We adapt our skills and workflow to your requirements. If your project needs change, we adjust our workflow and focus on your priority.

We build a tech basis for your business growth

Your software product is ready for:

  • 1 maintenance

    Well-written documentation and code commentaries help the maintenance team get right to work.

  • 2 scaling

    Hundreds of app copies can start in the cloud ensuring your software is available to all end users.

  • 3 modification

    Modular system makes it possible to expand functionality with minimum hassles.

  • 4 continuous delivery

    Incremental, regular software updates do not affect code base integrity.

graph of the our work


IT Craft has always provided top-level software development services for startups. Here is what our clients think about the quality of delivered software.

The whole team is much dedicated to the work which is something you can’t get at a lot of other software companies. There is a 100% transparency in the company which I love because I like to always know what’s going on.

Charles Sakkal

Websters Laundry, USA

All in all, I have to say the Agile approach of IT Craft to develop the app is just meeting our needs perfectly to scale the product in just the best possible way.

Martin Berg

Co-founder 99COACHES

Startup development technologies

  • Front end
    • icon css 3 CSS
    • icon html 5 HTLM
    • icon js JavaScript
    • icon angular Angular
    • icon react React
    • icon vue Vue.js
  • Mobile
    • icon Swift Swift
    • icon Kotlin Kotlin
    • icon react React Native
    • icon flutter Flutter
    • icon Ionic Ionic
  • Programming languages
    • icon C# C#
    • icon TypeScript TypeScript
    • icon JavaScript JavaScript
    • icon PHP PHP
    • icon php Python
  • Server-side programming
    • icon Node.js Node.js
    • icon Laravel Laravel
    • icon Django Django
    • icon .NET .NET
  • Testing
    • icon SoapUI SoapUI
    • icon Selenium Selenium
    • icon JMeter JMeter
    • icon BrowserStack BrowserStack
  • Cloud
    • icon Amazon Amazon
    • icon Microsoft Azure Microsoft Azure
    • icon Google Cloud Google Cloud

Frequently asked questions from our clients

  • 1 How much does it cost me to build a project with you?

    The price of startup development depends on specified scope of work.

    Below is a range for the minimum functionality:

    A simple prototype starts at $20,000 – $30,000

    An MVP starts at $70,000 – $126,000.

    A custom system starts at $100,000.

    However, if you have a limited budget, no problem. Tell us both your requirements and your budget, and we will do our best to provide you with the best match.

  • 2 What happens after the first contact?

    Here is our routine:

    • Sign an NDA
    • Determine needs and goals
    • Prepare proposal for development
    • Finalize details
    • Sign a contract
    • Develop software
    • Launch
    • Start post-launch guarantee support
    • Add new functionality upon user feedback
  • 3 Do you work with a third-party codebase?

    Yes, we do. We can update or add new features to the codebase produced by third-party developers. To ensure we can adhere to both deadlines and quality standards, we do a code inspection prior to starting the project.

  • 4 Do you accept fixed-price projects?

    Yes, this is possible for projects with clear scope details. Please send your requirements and we will provide you with the best development path for you.

  • 5 What are your payment terms?

    For large projects, payments are due by milestones. After a sprint, you get a report with the hours team members have spent on the project and access to the new functionality. After you do acceptance testing, the payment is due.

    For fixed-price projects, half of the project price is due after project kick-off, the rest of the price is due after its successful acceptance.

  • 6 I don’t have a tech background. Can we establish cooperation?

    Yes, of course. Many of our partners focus on business rather than technologies. You approach us seeking a solution for your business needs and you get it whether you have technical experience or not. Just like you with a dentist. You get quality service even if you have no medical background.

    Also, please check success stories in our Clutch profile to see how this worked for our clients.

  • 7 What details should I provide in a project specification?

    There is nothing set in stone on what you should mention in your project specification description. Just describe your idea in all substantial details.

    Or schedule a meeting with our specialists. We will write down your notes and start our journey from idea to a successful launch.

  • 8 Another company has quoted a much lower price for the same feature list. Why shouldn’t I go with them?

    The choice of a software development company is solely yours to make.

    However, you should always evaluate what is included in the proposal.

    For instance, IT Craft proposals for software development for startups include custom MVP implementation involving all necessary specialists. We go through all software development stages, including documentation, design, development, testing, and launch. Post-launch guarantee is included.

    Our team consists of experienced engineers who have successfully launched multiple commercial projects. We approach every project contemplatively, serving our clients as a tech partner who provides valuable recommendations when needed.

    Also, for farshore companies, rates are low but cultural misunderstandings are high. Check with others who have used these companies about the quality delivered and whether or not deadlines were met.

  • 9 How do I know you deliver quality?

    A good developer delivers code with minimum bugs. We say “minimum” because it is impossible to get rid of ALL bugs.

    Hence, it is important how developers handle and control them. This is why our developers:

    • write code based on coding standards
    • do regular code reviews
    • use code analyzers
    • refactor legacy code

    and more.

    Also, testing is an integral part of every project. QAs check code quality using both manual and automated testing. This all makes it possible to ensure product quality on a regular basis in both respects: development and testing.

  • 10 Which is the best software development company?

    For you, the best company is the one that manages to meet your expectations on custom software development for startups. Think in advance about your priorities: development price, source-code quality, timely delivery, sharing similar views and values, and more.

    Use the following criteria to select the best company for your project:

    • types of services – what skills and knowledge they provide in a specific area
    • project complexity – what types of projects they have handled successfully
    • testimonies – what other clients write about quality of their services
    • availability – how fast they can start working on your software
  • 11 How long does startup software development take?

    It depends on project scope. Usually, project timeline is the following, depending on complexity:

    • Prototype – 1 to 2 months
    • MVP – 4 to 6 months
    • Fully-featured software – 6 to 9 months (sometimes up to 15 months)
  • 12 How do you communicate with your client?

    To communicate, we use whatever works best for you: Zoom, Skype, Slack or WhatsApp.

    You get access to your project in a management system. We use Jira, Trello, and Asana to monitor the development process.

  • 13 Can you scale the project team?

    Yes, we can. We monitor how your project is progressing and add people if extra help is needed. Occasionally, when it’s a rare specialty, it takes time to find the right professional.

  • 14 Do you offer support and maintenance?

    Yes, we do. The same team can continue working on the app. We can also assign a team of superheroes to support your servers.