Smart 5D

IT Craft Development Company Company: Smart Navigation Systems

IT Craft Development Company Country: UAE

IT Craft Development Company Category: Mobile development / Startups

IT Craft Development Company Release year: 2017

Smart 5D by Smart Navigation Systems (SNS) is an innovative product designed for property owners, real estate agents and, most importantly, for all users looking to buy or rent property.

  • Android SDK
  • Swift
  • OnlineMaps
  • Unity 5.6
  • ClipperLib
IT Craft Development Company

This is IT Craft’s 3rd product developed for its Abu Dhabi client Smart Navigation Systems. This Unity-powered mobile application provides users with a 3D reconstruction of apartment buildings. It includes a general floor plan of the model and every apartment layout and furniture arrangement. With IT Craft’s expertise, SNS strives to deliver an ambitious product: a cross-platform application that works both on iOS and Android platforms and is managed from a web-based control panel.

smart 5d app
Software Development Outsourcing Company

The Smart 5D control panel’s basic functionality enables property owners to set up and edit building models in a dedicated editor. The editor is designed to enable the owner to load one or more floor plans in DXF format, view, and modify interiors in 2D and 3D.

Users can get a better feel of the apartment interior by virtually arranging furniture in the rooms and switching to 3D mode. After saving the model, all modifications become available to mobile application users.


Users can also tailor their search by property Title, Address, or Parcel ID, take a closer look at the floor layout and furniture settings, and even explore the apartment by taking a 3D tour.

Using Smart 5D solution, real estate owners will have a comprehensive idea of the property layout, and their clients can envision the look and feel of their future apartment even without hiring an interior designer.

Engineering Challenges and Wins

Challenges to overcome:

  • parsing of server side DWG files
  • implementation of server side 3D maps
  • transmission and rendering of big maps to mobile devices


smart 5d web part

Team and time

smart 5d

DurationApril 2016 – ongoing

Mobile development1,700 hrs.

Web development1,300 hrs.

QA and testing750 hrs.

Project analysis400 hrs.

Total4,150 hrs.

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