Empowering Pre-Medical Students with Resume Enhancement Platform

JAK STAT empowers US pre-med students with a resume enhancement platform. Revolutionizing medical school preparation

  • Duration 1 year
  • Team 6 members
  • Type Web development
  • Industry Startup
  • Platforms Web

Project idea

Empower aspiring medical students with an online platform. Enhance resumes, track progress, and access valuable resources. Features include applicant profiles, school search, forum participation, and admin tools.

Target Audience

JAK STAT  targets pre-medical students in the USA. It is designed for individuals aspiring to enter medical school to enhance their resumes and increase their competitiveness.


  • 6

    Team members

  • 2019

    Release year

Collaborating with the client led to the implementation of key features, precise calculations, and seamless updates. JAK STAT revolutionized medical school preparation, benefiting thousands of aspiring students in the USA.

Collaborating with the client led to the implementation of key features, precise calculations, and seamless updates. JAK STAT revolutionized medical school preparation, benefiting thousands of aspiring students in the USA.

Core Tech

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Project challenges

  • CI/CD for AWS ECS: Establishing an automated process for delivering updates to the production environment using CI/CD techniques. The team successfully implemented automatic test execution, build, and deployment of updates, ensuring a seamless and efficient deployment process.
  • Precise calculations: Achieving high accuracy in the system's measures. IT Craft overcomes this challenge by implementing accurate calculations and ensuring their accuracy through automated tests. This resulted in a smooth and reliable functioning of the system.



The client initially had:

  • A vision to create an online platform, JAK STAT
  • The need for features such as applicant profile management, school search, forum participation, and contact with school administrators
  • Approval of the projects’ design


Our team:

  • Performed requirement gathering
  • Collaborated with the client to create wireframes and visual representations of the platform
  • Defined the project's scope, including the key features, functionalities, and deliverables
  • Developed a comprehensive project plan


Our work resulted in:

  • Created JAK STAT, an online platform for pre-medical students to enhance their resumes
  • Empowered students with tools to improve competitiveness
  • Implemented features: profile management, school search, and forums
  • Achieved seamless updates through CI/CD for AWS ECS
  • Completed project within a year with a skilled team

Business benefits

Enhanced Competitiveness

Empowering pre-med students to improve their resumes, increasing their competitiveness in the medical school application process.

Progress Tracking

Students can track their progress, set application statuses, and strategically select resources to maximize their chances of success.

Efficient Resource Management

JAK STAT enables students to search for schools, opportunities, and other applicants, streamlining the process of finding relevant information and managing their interests.

Seamless Updates

The CI/CD implementation ensures smooth and automated updates, enabling the platform to adapt to evolving needs and provide a reliable user experience.

Main project features

Applicant Profile Management

Users can create, edit, and delete their applicant profiles, showcasing their qualifications and experiences to enhance their resumes.


School Search and Opportunities

Students can search for schools, current opportunities, and other applicants, enabling them to explore potential options and stay informed about the competition.


Progress Tracking and Application Status

The platform allows users to set and update their application status, from primary application to acceptance or rejection, enabling them to monitor their progress and make informed decisions.


Forum Participation and Networking

Students can open or participate in forum threads, fostering collaboration, knowledge sharing, and networking opportunities within the pre-medical community.


Resource Management

Users can add or remove schools to their list of interests, ensuring efficient organization and management of schools they are considering for applications.


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Project timeline

  • PM & BA

    300 hours

  • Design

    175 hours

  • web development

    950 hours

  • QA and bug fixing

    240 hours


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