Jak Stat online platform

An online platform to improve prospective medical students’ resumeses

  • LAMP
  • AWS
  • Docker
  • CI/CD

Company: Jak Stat
Country: USA
Category: Startups, Education
Release year – 2019

custom medical software
IT Craft Development Company

Project background

Web app Jak Stat

By students, for students—as stated by the founders of JAK STAT. Their goal is to help pre-medical students be better informed about their competition, and to help them take steps towards improving their resume.

Every year, more than 53,000 students apply to medical schools with only one-third of them getting accepted. With the increasingly competitive environment, applicants are constantly on the search for opportunities to maximize their chance of success. With JAK STAT, they are able to track their progress and select resources that would increase their competitiveness.

Cooperation with IT Craft kicked off with the business analyst and team of UX/UI designers gathering requirements needed to prepare wireframes for the future system. Once everything was approved, the designers implemented the graphical representation of the project, and development started using Agile methodology.


Main User/Student features:

  1. Create / edit / delete applicant profile
  2. Search for schools, current opportunities, and other applicants
  3. Follow / unfollow organizations and applicants
  4. Add / remove school to / from the list of schools of interest
  5. Set application status (attending, primary application, secondary application, interview, waitlisted, accepted, rejected)
  6. Open / participate in a forum thread
  7. Contact relevant school administrator to report about incorrect school details
App Features
Administrator Features

Main Administrator features:

  1. Manage user records (delete, block, resend confirmation email, see user profile)
  2. Create / edit / delete / publish blog posts
  3. Create applicant profile for testing purposes
  4. Access data from previous application cycle


  • PHP 7 for Jak Stat

    PHP 7

  • Symfony for Jak Stat

    Symfony 4

  • MySQL for medical app


  • React for Jak Stat


  • Docker for medical app


  • AWS ECS for Jak Stat


  • GitLab for medical app


Engineering Challenges and Wins

customizing medical software
automatic test for medical app

CI/CD for AWS ECS: IT Craft team established an automated process of update deliveries to the production environment. This includes automatic test execution plus automated build and deployment of updates.

Calculations for Jak Stat

Precise calculations: IT Craft achieved high accuracy of calculations in the system.

Calculations for medical students

Calculations covered by auto tests ensuring smooth work of the system.

IT Craft Development Company

Team and duration

1 year. Team included: 1 BA, 1 PM, 1 QA, 2 Web developers, 1 HTML/CSS developer.

Web development
Time spent:
950 hours
QA and bug fixing
Time spent:
240 hours
Design (custom by
IT Craft)
Time spent:
175 hours
Project management and business analysis
Time spent:
300 hours
IT Craft Development Company
IT Craft Development Company

Together with our clients, IT Craft developers participated in projects for companies such as Intel and Pepsi. Here are just a few of our projects: