• PHP
  • Laravel
  • MySQL
  • HTML5
  • jQuery
  • Twitter Bootstrap v3.3.7
  • Google Charts
Country: Sweden
Release year – 2017

Project background

Amesto Translations has 35 years of experience helping companies worldwide within both the private and public sectors to improve their translation flow. Amesto offices are in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and the UK. Over 2,000 companies work with Amesto daily through a cloud translation portal supported by IT Craft. Thanks to IT Craft’s well-structured operations, Amesto Translations’ customers get perfect translations and multilingual content meticulously researched, written and validated by translators. In turn, translators enjoy a system that quickly handles small projects, yet powerful and flexible enough to handle a complicated setup with several workflow steps opening more opportunities for using machine translation and improving of all their automated processes.


What the end users think about the project

The customers of Amesto are very satisfied with the translations they receive and especially enjoy a simple 6-step process allowing them to send translation projects directly to the Amesto Translations portal. Most translators have reported that it is fast and easy to get started translating within the Amesto system. They also like the autocomplete feature and preview feature. Another plus is how easy it is to share projects.

Fast, easy and 100% professional

Engineering Challenges and Wins

As often happens, the main challenge centered on working with inherited code. But we were lucky: we were asked to create one project from scratch and to move another one to a new platform. The other interesting task was working with machine translation services. It presented us with a new experience.

What our customer thinks about the project

IT Craft delivers on time and on budget. We are really happy with their whole team—they’re professional and transparent, giving us access to everyone on the team. They provide feedback and make suggestions, acting more like a colleague than a hired agency.


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