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Scale fast. Add new features on schedule. Maintain high performance. Node.js development services support your growing digital needs.

Node.js development services at IT Craft

Node.js development company IT Craft helps you move your business forward to rapidly opening new opportunities: Build and optimize, expand with new features, or return software system back on track.

  • Custom Node.js development

    Build software that is ready for frequent customer validation and changes.

  • Microservices development

    Implement functionality as independent components to improve performance and decrease maintenance/update efforts.

  • Node.js migration and upgrades

    Transmit software to Node.js platform to increase performance and introduce zero downtime.

  • Node.js API development
    and integration

    Improve scalability by reorganizing app back end. Create an API to optimize connection between parts of a service or make it available for other businesses.

  • Node.js consulting and maintenance

    Receive an extensive audit of the source code with recommendations and get it improved.

  • Enterprise app development

    Eliminate bottlenecks by offering end users Node.js applications, optimizing performance across all devices.

Why choose Node.js?

Node.js is an event-driven runtime system for creating server-side applications. It is suited for building industry systems with varying complexity at lightning speed—and, in real time.

Here is what makes Node.js the top choice for so many companies:

  • Microservices
  • JavaScript everywhere
  • Real-time
  • Scalability
  • Extensive support
  • Large community

Not sure about the best path for your project?

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Node.js development company IT Craft helps clients reach success with top-notch-quality source code. Here are three of many client stories:

Web platform
National Park Express

This client operates a travel portal for tourists to plan vacations across the Southwestern United States. Travel industry professionals can use the portal to place their offers and make money. Businesses can even use the platform as a white-label solution for their own needs. The team implemented the client’s vision as a Web app. It built custom, flexible app logic, integrated various database types, and implemented multiple features to ensure the best app performance and UX.

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Web platform

This startup connects nursing professionals and clinic administration, decreasing the time needed for both parties to find and manage the right job/professional.
The development team handled source code the client already had available, breaking monolithic app into microservices. It also extended functionality and applied multiple improvements.

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Web platform

This app helps travelers find the best professionals, book their time, and manage communication from the app.
The team implemented multiple features, such as custom search by categories, geolocation, rating, etc. The app clusters results on the map. Both manual and automated scheduling is possible accompanied by reminder notifications.

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Node.js solutions

Node.js powers up of your needs for high-load Web applications:

  • eCommerce solutions
  • Web apps
  • eLearning platforms
  • Social networking platforms
  • Travel and concierge platforms
  • Healthcare solutions
  • FinTech software
  • Business management software
  • On-demand delivery apps
  • Video consultation and streaming services

How it works

At IT Craft, we follow these five steps to meet client needs and expectations for world-class Node.js development services:

  • Tell us your needs and
  • Discuss your goals and
    expectations on a call with
  • Get an estimate
  • Discuss the estimate
    and decide on details.
  • Kick off the project.

Engagement models

We do not adhere to a particular cooperation scheme. We are flexible. We provide you with an engagement model that helps you launch faster.

  • Dedicated team

    Hire a team that works exclusively on your project before, during, and after its launch.

  • Team augmentation

    Complement your in-house team with top-level Node.js developers.

  • Product development

    The team launches a specific solution for clients’ requirements.

Why us?

This is what makes Node.js development company IT Craft a valuable partner, in addition to its well-known tech excellence:

  • Wide expertise

    Software developers master different Web and mobile technologies, coupling Node.js with those that work best in your situations.

  • Agile approach

    IT Craft developers focus on client goals, delivering source code that brings business value.

  • Immediate start

    With 300+ engineers and counting, IT Craft finds and assigns the team that fits in best with each client’s requirements.


Our clients’ thoughts about IT Craft’s Node.js development company’s services:


The team makes good suggestions that not only make their life easier as a developer but also make the product better in the long run as well.

VP, Hospital staff company, USA

IT CRAFT is accepting of feedback and strives to continuously improve. This adaptable nature has made them a valuable ongoing partner.

COO, Leisure and hospitality, USA