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Healthcare Software Development

Do you envision software to improve the healthcare industry?
Do you want to get it into the market faster than your competitors?
You can.
With IT Craft.
Provide tomorrow’s healthcare solutions to patients today.

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Healthcare Software Development Services

You can always depend on the following software development services:

  • Healthcare mobile app development from scratch

  • healthcare web app development for all devices and levels of complexity

  • Healthcare software reengineering

  • New functionality for an existing app

  • Technical consultation (including code inspection)

  • Reliable, up-to-date healthcare app support and maintenance


With almost 20 years in the software development business, IT Craft has helped clients worldwide with healthcare app development delivering high-quality, secure solutions for their ideas. On time. On budget.

web platform

Arctrieval is a HIPAA-compliant medical system for secure correspondence between healthcare providers and patients. The system makes it possible to securely release sensitive information. Arctrieval replaces the cumbersome, paper-based workflow.
The IT Craft development team helped with healthcare app development responding to all client requests in a reliable, timely manner. The team ensured the software was secure and met HIPAA’s stringent standards.
Arctrieval is easy to use and provides an effective way for communication between different users in the medical system.

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web platform

Flexwise is a secure platform assisting both hospital administrators and nursing professionals. Hospital administrators can efficiently hire and manage qualified temporary employees from Flexpool. Nursing professionals manage their schedule logging the beginning and end of their shifts via a smartphone app.
The IT Craft development team helped their Flexwise client launch an MVP app. They also introduced best practices on the project, including test automation, dockerization, and deployment automation.
The result? Increased source code quality and shorter deployment time.

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web platform

Partnering360 is a Web system built specifically for professionals in the life science and pharmaceutical industries. Partnering360 provides functionality for these professionals to stay in touch before, during, and after conferences: schedule conference meetings, plan business activities, and search for relevant opportunities.
The IT Craft team worked on Partnering360, closely liaising with the client’s in-house development team. IT Craft’s team focused on healthcare web development. Their work helped improve existing source code and enriched it with new features.

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Flexible healthcare software development
process to fit your needs

IT Craft: Your go-to outsourcing healthcare software development company.
We help you turn your ideas into software requirements: your dream becomes your reality—your own high-quality, secure healthcare app.


  • Web apps
  • Cloud sulutions
  • Native and cross-platform apps
  • Embedded healthcare IoT
  • Transition from old desktop software to a new platform


  • System analysis
  • Software architecture
  • Prototyping
  • Front-end / back-end development
  • Third-party services integration
  • Quality assurance
  • App deployment
  • Data migration
  • App performance optimization
  • Support and updates

Healthcare mobile apps keep end users in mind

Four large end-user groups in the healthcare services market benefit greatly from healthcare mobile apps.

  • doctors
  • patients
  • hospital administrations
  • insurance companies

IT Craft has extensive experience in developing apps for all four user groups.

Types of in-demand healthcare solutions IT Craft can develop for you:

  • Apps for doctors
    • Patient management apps
    • AI-based diagnostics apps
    • Reminder apps
    • Reference apps
  • Healthcare apps for patients
    • Telemedicine apps
    • Navigation apps
    • Electronic appointment systems
    • Health condition apps
    • Reminder apps
    • Apps for a healthy lifestyle
  • Medical apps for hospital administration
    • Clinical management apps
    • Software for data collection and processing
    • Apps for referencing
    • Apps for release of health records
    • Apps for emergency alerts
  • Apps for insurance companies
    • App solutions for secure data exchange
    • Reimbursement app

Send us your requirements. We will send you a project plan for your app.

Together we can simplify the lives of those afflicted and those who help the afflicted.

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Features of healthcare apps

It is important to determine the best feature list for your app. Features help you stand above your competition.
The list of basic features for healthcare app development:

For users
  • Registration
  • User profile management
  • Search
  • Select, preview, confirm
  • Chat
  • Video/audio calls
  • User calendar and appointments profile management
  • File sharing
  • Notifications and reminders
  • Encounters
  • Payment integration and/or insurance details
  • History
  • FAQs
  • Support chat
  • Collect and monitor health parameters (for tracking apps)
  • Level of privacy settings
For app administrators
  • Dashboard
  • User management
  • Password recovery
  • Analytics system
  • Log-monitoring system

Challenges of healthcare mobile app development

At every level, healthcare mobile app development is complicated.
Every product owner needs to consider the following points:

  • Meeting stakeholders’ needs

    The number of stakeholders is larger than the number of end-user groups. When designing a healthcare app, a product owner must keep in mind all possible stakeholders. They have different interests and interconnections.

  • Regulations

    Regulatory requirements are often deemed the biggest challenge. Healthcare apps must comply with HIPAA (USA) and/or GDPR (EU) regulations. Governments take an active part in creating legal framing for eHealth. Not meeting compliance standards results in massive fines.

  • Integrity

    Healthcare apps might need to work well with existing, locally developed solutions. They might also need to work on available infrastructure or need a small investment into hardware.

  • Security

    Healthcare apps impose high requirements of coding standards, data exchange, and storage. Mistakes are costly. Avoid costly errors by using code inspection for a healthcare app. For your peace of mind, choose thorough user-acceptance testing.

  • End-user centricity

    Patients need a healthcare app to get help at the right time, in the right place, using the right treatment methods—all at affordable costs. Mobile medicine apps make on-demand healthcare possible.

  • Quality and equality

    The end goal of healthcare mobile app development is granting the same high level of medical services to everyone. People get timely consultations and receive treatment from relevant specialists. Healthcare apps make the outpatient model possible.

How we work

IT Craft applies this five-step Agile processto healthcare mobile app development:

  • 1 Discovery and mapping

    The discovery step ensures clients get what they want/need.

    Development team discusses important aspects of app development with the product owner: system requirements, functionality, timeline, and budget.

    If there is already some source code, the team does code inspection.

  • 2 Design and development

    UI designers prepare visual elements of the future app.

    When needed, UX designers help establish the right user flow. Software developers produce source code for app functionality and ensure it corresponds to app requirements.

  • 3 Testing and software launch

    The testing step prepares the software for a successful launch.

    Healthcare app development requires thorough testing. For big projects, QA engineers introduce test automation. After source code is tested, the healthcare app is deployed to the server.

  • 4 User acceptance and adjustment

    The user acceptance and adjustment stage fine-tune app quality and readies it for the market.

    When the app goes live, stakeholders test it to ensure the new software corresponds to set goals, checking app elements, app usability, and so on.

  • 5 Maintenance and expansion

    The maintenance stage is ongoing throughout an app’s life.

    The team works on app updates. They introduce new features, monitor servers, and install security updates to eliminate breaches. The development team helps with migration and integration of third-party services.

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