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Positioning Systems for Indoor Location Tracking and Navigation

An indoor location system makes life easier in many ways: map a root, locate equipment, and optimize facility usage. Let's discuss your goals!

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Indoor positioning development services

Accurate positioning, identification, and location of people, items, etc., improve your business in many ways, from enhancing customer experience to identifying cost drivers and reducing idle time.

IT Craft develops and delivers these types of indoor location tracking systems:

  • Navigation and wayfinding

    Help users easily find their way inside buildings.

  • Inventory and asset tracking

    Monitor location and movement of inventory and assets inside a warehouse.

  • Analytics

    Collect detailed activity data and make sense of it.

  • Security

    Ensure contactless authorization to restricted areas. Sound alert of unauthorized access.

  • Facility management

    Understand and optimize use of facility. Improve routing.

  • Staff management

    Track employees’ location in operating areas. Immediately alert in an emergency situation and/or detect location fast.

Having identifying the best type of indoor location tracking app you need? Contact us, we can help!

Featured case studies

Below are examples of indoor location tracking solutions IT Craft launched based on client’s requirements:

Mobile app

The InNav indoor location tracking app was designed for large venues e.g., shopping malls, airports, hospitals, university campuses—places where visitors require clear, step-by-step directions to their destination point. The app helps users find the optimal route within a venue, find their friends, and locate their car parked “somewhere” in the parking lot.
For system administrators, the app provides a heat map tool on user activity and an administration panel where they can manage BLE beacons.
In an emergency, system administrators can quickly alert visitors and immediately display a clear route to the nearest emergency exit. Businesses can send users information and advertising notifications based on their proximity to the store.

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tracking platform
Our School Bus

Waiting for the school bus can be draining. Our School Bus tracking app helps parents and school administrators monitor the exact location of children and buses on their way to/from school.
The app also automatically scans students when they get on the bus and sends information to the server.
For parents, the app makes it possible to track the location of their child’s school bus and avoid spending extra time outside in inclement weather or worrying if the bus seems late.
For school bus drivers, the app provides a list of children they must pick up and helps them plan—or alter—their route accordingly.
For administration, the app helps monitor the children’s whereabouts, manage drivers, and oversee the bus fleet.

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Indoor location tracking technologies

Best indoor location tracking is possible with a hybrid positioning system. For the best position tracking and navigation results, a geomagnetic map, BLE beacons and motion sensors are combined. Collected data is merged for navigation accuracy of approx. 2 ft. – 6 ft. (0.5 m to 2 m) possible.

For users
  • User device

    smartphones or wearables that support Bluetooth Low Energy technology.

  • Indoor location tracking app

    a pre-installed app with map of facility.

  • BLE beacons

    BLE beacons help identify user location or trigger an event in an app.

  • Indoor mapping

    a map that is prepared with geomagnetic fingerprinting.

indoor map
For app administrators
  • Beacon tag

    an active transmitter which is installed on an asset or inventory for location tracking.

  • Gateway

    device designed to detect and track beacon tags.

  • Tracking app

    an app that displays equipment location and movement in real time.

  • Indoor mapping

    a map that is prepared with geomagnetic fingerprinting.

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With an Indoor location tracking system, the following becomes possible:

  • Real-time indoor positioning

    When placed on walls, all BLE beacons’ designated positions are displayed on the map. This makes it possible to quickly find a user’s exact position.

  • Navigation

    BLE beacons transmit signals. Smartphone or wearable detects signals and processes them via dedicated software helping visitors find their way to the chosen point of interest.

  • Notification

    Another possible mode is notifications. Smartphones or wearables detect signals. The app interprets signals and displays notifications, depending on program logic.

  • Tags

    BLE beacons can be mounted on items. Beacon gateways are placed on walls to track beacon signals. They track location and movement of an item indoors.

  • Multiple use cases

    BLE beacons-based solutions are well suited for all types of facilities. They can be used for any service that needs positioning, indoor navigation, or user notifications. Also, they can be used outdoors for location-based AR apps.

  • Deployment costs

    BLE beacons hardware is low-cost and low-power consuming, so requires little expenditure to install and maintain.


Do you think GPS is cool? An indoor location tracking system can make your organization more efficient, effective, and productive.

  • 1 Logistics
    • monitor inventory location for fast access
    • audit internal processes
    • guide site visitors
    • map and test new flows
    • detect equipment to eliminate idle time
  • 2 Airports and railway stations
    • help passengers find correct gates
    • guide in parking lot or to transportation
    • manage access to restricted area
    • map busiest areas
    • create and execute promotional campaigns
  • 3 Hospitals
    • navigate patients to appointment rooms
    • monitor portable equipment
    • send emergency alerts to doctors
    • send update notifications to patients
    • provide access to restricted area
  • 4 Shopping malls
    • provide visitors with guided directions to destination point
    • plan routes for people with special needs
    • locate friends and cars in parking garage
    • collect analytics on visitor behavior to plan new services and campaigns
    • send promotional and alert notifications
  • 5 Museums
    • guide visitors through an exhibition
    • offer extra content about events and services
    • activate guided information when approaching an object
    • activate quizzes and AR mini-games
    • collect user data to evaluate promotional campaigns
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Why choose IT Craft?

Web and mobile development are what we do and have done for over 20 years.

When choosing software development at IT Craft, you get a reliable tech partner ready to go the extra mile to deliver software based on your business needs. You get:

  • Turnkey solution

    You get indoor location tracking apps for iPhone and Android, back-end servers, and all required integrations. Our development team helps you install beacons, create maps, and adjust your system for the most precise positioning.

  • Expertise

    Collaboration with a dedicated team of professionals. You benefit from an established workflow. Because our developers spend a lot of time mastering new technologies, your source code always meets the latest and highest standards, optimized for moderate consumption of both server and smart device resources.

  • Project control

    Constant updates on project progress. You can always be in touch with your project manager during business hours. As a product owner, you participate in Sprint planning, receive a report at the end of a Sprint, and test produced source code on the sandbox server.

  • Technical consultations

    Advice on the best implementation path for your requirements. Our development team helps you choose the most relevant technologies for your project based on parameters of your building(s). You get advice on how to best implement different indoor location tracking technologies on your project.

  • Flexible integration

    Depending on software you already have, your proposed requirements, and your business goals, our development team can deliver a standalone app for you. Or the team can prepare an indoor positioning module and integrate it to existing app.

  • Post-launch guarantee

    1- to 3-month guarantee starts after the project is launched. The same development team stays in touch with you eliminating flaws discovered by users in the produced source code. This costs nothing to you.


  • 1 What is indoor mapping?

    Indoor mapping is the process of creating digital representations for indoor spaces. Indoor mapping is crucial for indoor location tracking. A precise digital map of a floor makes it possible to locate users and objects, create routes, and navigate users through buildings.

  • 2 How do you build an indoor navigation system?

    An indoor navigation system is complex software that requires integration of several technologies and fine-tuning to different user devices.

    Indoor navigation development includes several steps:

    • analysis of facility and choice of technological stack (beacons, geofencing)
    • purchase of beacons and/or subscriptions for navigation engines
    • development of indoor location tracking app for Android
    • development of indoor location tracking app for iPhone
    • development of a location tracking app for wearables
    • development of Web admin panel
    • venue mapping
    • installation of beacons
    • tuning and adjustment
    • beta-testing
    • launch for wide audience
  • 3 What are indoor positioning analytics?

    Indoor positioning apps collect data on user movement inside the facility. This data is then displayed via heat maps or diagrams. They determine user behavior inside buildings thus helping optimize facility management.

    Indoor positioning systems can be also used for object tracking, e.g., inside warehouses or hospitals, helping optimize flow, monitoring costly equipment, and preventing theft.

  • 4 How much does an indoor navigation system cost?

    This all depends on the required feature list. A basic feature list costs between $10,000 and $50,000—plus regular subscriptions for indoor navigation engines and costs of BLE beacons.

  • 5 How does indoor positioning system work?

    Briefly, a smartphone detects signals from three beacons. It uses the strength of beacon signals to determine position. Geofencing helps create facility maps and specify location. Smartphone motion sensors help track user movements.

    For asset tracking, beacon tags actively transmit signals that gateways detect. Gateways detect signal strength and send the data to the server. The server calculates position and sends it to the user app. Geofencing helps precise location and determine the area from which assets cannot leave.

Do you want implementation for your requirements?

Drop us a message. We can help!


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