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Indoor Positioning and Navigation Services

How comfortable do your visitors feel when inside your facility? Providing them with an exceptional way-finding tool, you give them confidence: any visitor can easily find where they want to go and back again just with two to three taps. For businesses, an indoor navigation system means getting to know visitors better: their activities and points of interest plus the amount of time they spend inside.

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Indoor Positioning and Navigation Systems Features Do you think GPS is cool? An indoor positioning and navigation system can make your organization more efficient, productive, and effective.
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BLE beacons hardware is low-cost, low-power consuming
so it does not require much
expenditure on installation and maintenance.
Exact location
When placed on the wall, BLE beacons’ designated position is displayed on the map. This makes it possible for visitors to quickly find their exact position in the venue.
The other possible mode is notifications. Visitors receive short push notifications on their smartphones that can be used for promotion and advertising.
One of two possible modes of a BLE beacon is signal transmission that, combined with a dedicated app, helps the visitors find their ways through the venue to the point of interest.
BLE beacons can be used instead of RFIDs as tags. Moreover, as BLE beacons are active transmitters, they can be used to track the location of an item in a warehouse.
Multiple app
BLE beacons-based solutions are well suited to all types of facilities. They can be used for any service that needs positioning, indoor navigation or user notifications. Also, they can be used to build solutions for augmented reality.


Smartphone that supports Bluetooth Low Energy technology


Pre-installed navigation app with a facility map onboard

BLE beacons

BLE beacons network tuned for your building


Venue that is equipped with Geomagnetic fingerprinting

For Businesses and Organizations we offer

Plain workflow
At the start of the project, we provide you with an iteration plan.
Instant communication
You can always be in contact with the managers responsible for your project.
Constant reports on project development
When the iteration is over, we provide you with the results which you can test, and you provide us with your feedback.
After-release support
When the whole project is released we support you for a pre-arranged period of time to make sure the solution is running as expected.

Featured Case Studies

Software Development Outsourcing Company
Android SDK Swift OpenGL Indoo.rs SDK Indoor Atlas SDK

The InNav app has been designed for shopping malls, airports, hospitals, university campuses—where visitors require a clear step-by-step assistance to their destination point. The app makes it possible for users to find the optimal route within the venue, find their friends, and locate where they parked their car “somewhere” in the parking lot. Also, for system administrators, the app provides a heatmap tool on user activity and an administration panel where they can manage BLE beacons to send users information and advertising notifications. In an emergency, venue administrators will alert visitors and display a route for them to the nearest emergency exit.

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Software Development Outsourcing Company
School Bus Tracking App
Android SDK Swift Beacon Laravel GoogleMaps

At times, waiting for the school bus can be draining. The School Bus Tracking app helps parents and school administrators monitor the location of children and buses on their way to/from school. For parents, the app makes it possible to track the location of their child’s school bus and avoid spending extra time outside in bad weather. For school bus drivers, the app provides a list of children they must pick up and helps them plan—or alter—their route accordingly. For administration, the app helps monitor the children’s whereabouts, manage drivers and oversee the bus fleet

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Why Choose Us?

Web and mobile development is what we have been doing every day for over 17 years.

All this time, we worked on projects of various sizes, from simple web-based time trackers to complex ERP systems and flight planners. Based on your needs, we can help you with any service, such as inspect code of your app, implement new features into an existing system, port your solution onto a new platform, update it, test or start development from scratch.

Technical implementation

You can focus on your key priorities while we focus on their technical implementation.

Collaborate with a dedicated team

You collaborate with a dedicated team of professionals so your source code will meet the latest standards.

YOU makes the final decision

It is YOU who makes the final decision on every single piece of work.

The best rates and terms

You can be sure your contract has the best rates and terms.


We treat our reputation as we treat our clients: with greate care and respect. If any functionality is impossible within the desired timeline or the price is unreasonably high for you, we will always tell you. Honesty is the best policy.

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