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Your app’s success greatly depends on its back-end quality. At IT Craft, you get engineers with expertise in PHP frameworks specifically based on your goals and challenges:

  • ensure secure app core
  • optimize performance
  • expand functionality

The tech assistance you need to meet your end users’ highest expectations.

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  • PeakFactory
  • Adorama
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  • flexwise
  • Diamonds
  • RocketRoute

PHP Development Advantages

PHP remains the backbone of the modern Web. 77.7% of websites and solutions choose PHP for its server side.   

Back-end reliability

PHP supports major database technologies and runs on most servers. PHP source code is portable to every kind of OS making it problem free to receive data from a user device, process it, and save it to the right database type. Operations are secure.

Front-end flexibility

PHP efficiently couples with front-end technologies. Software developers select the most suitable front-end tool for each client’s needs and create a UI with the right degree of complexity. Communication between software parts is seamless.

Variety of frameworks

Open-source frameworks and libraries are abundant, decreasing overall development time and increasing the quality of provided services. PHP frameworks have already been tested and improved. They receive support from various foundations and developer communities.

Our services

Custom PHP Development
Ecommerce Development
Dedicated PHP Developers
PHP Consulting
PHP Migration
PHP Back-End Development
PHP Support and Maintenance

Custom PHP Development

Businesses are one step ahead of competitors by adjusting their software to each client’s unique demands. Using PHP for tailor-made solutions continues to be one of IT Craft’s key competencies since the company was founded over two decades ago.

  • project discovery
  • implementation plan
  • Agile approach
  • post-launch guarantee

Ecommerce Development

PHP is an excellent option for high-load solutions. It serves as the basis for busy marketplaces, trade portals, branded stores, and more. IT Craft engineers build your store and add the capacity to handle visitor influx.

  • p2p marketplaces
  • white-label solutions
  • performance testing
  • security enhancements

Dedicated PHP Developers

Complexity is never a problem. The team has all the knowledge necessary to enhance the project. IT Craft’s dedicated developers provide the narrow expertise needed to unlock the potential of your idea.

  • business analysis
  • established workflow
  • can-do approach
  • flexibility

PHP Consulting

Avoiding common pitfalls keeps your project on track and within budget. Our leading engineers apply acquired domain expertise to help you expand, upgrade, or scale your solution for a reasonable cost.

  • software audit
  • architecture assessment
  • security check
  • improvement plan

PHP Migration

Migration to the newest PHP version is critical for project safety and high performance. Our developers help you migrate seamlessly. No blocks to your business processes.

  • source code refactoring
  • technology update
  • performance increase
  • comprehensive testing

PHP Back-End Development

The performance of your website or app depends critically on its back end. The IT Craft engineers builds, updates, and optimizes the back end to help you balance costs and effectiveness.

  • high performance
  • cloud-native solutions
  • constant optimization
  • load balancing

PHP Support and Maintenance

Your software needs constant attention to ensure it is safe, scalable, and efficient—no problem. We provide 24/7/365 services. IT Craft’s proactive attitude lets detect and eliminate problems as soon as they emerge.

  • perimeter monitoring
  • improved caching
  • infrastructure optimization
  • CD / CI

PHP Web Application Development Technologies

PHP frameworks are a part of the open-source LAMP stack. They lower software development costs, supporting the needs of different project types:



This framework was released with long-term reliability in mind. It works great on large projects. Like Laravel, Symfony rests on a component-based structure. Software developers need only use only the components they require. Perfect flexibility.


Simple and easy to learn, Yii fits in with a tight project timeline. It uses an intuitively clear MVC approach and supports a modular project structure, thus simplifying testing Yii-based software. Developers enjoy a robust environment.



One of the most popular PHP tools, Laravel is a framework for rapid software development. Its component-based structure and flat learning curve enable it to launch a top-performing solution fast—and maintain it with fewer efforts.


The Zend framework is a popular instrument with a large community of contributors. It ensures the scalability and stability of created solutions.
Software developers decrease launch time by integrating ready-for-use modules and libraries.


CodeIgniter is a less popular yet extremely lightweight framework for building fully featured Web apps. It also applies to dynamic websites.
CodeIgniter has a loose architectural structure, providing more flexibility. It supports relational databases.


CakePHP framework suits best project prototyping and idea testing. It provides remarkable performance on small SPAs and websites. CakePHP is based on the HMVC pattern and does not support data binding. In return, this simplifies routing.

Quick Transfer
Smart Navigation Systems


RocketRoute is an all-encompassing, complex system which pilots use to auto-generate a briefing pack within seconds.

After generating a briefing pack, the pilot sends the pack to flight authorities for approval. All data is synchronized in the pilot’s account.


This built-from-scratch, Web-based logistics management software connects shippers and transportation companies.

A startup found its niche. Shipment orders rapidly increased. Software was transformed to ensure greater scalability.

Quick Transfer

Large logistics automation software system for a US-based freight broker.

To ensure all client calls are handled promptly, the Quick Transfer system redirects calls to a dispatcher system or sends contact information via service email.


This custom CRM significantly automates laundry order processing, including order pickup scheduling, price calculation, payments, and more.

A stand-alone app for drivers provides them with the most efficient routes and time-saving schedules.

Smart Navigation Systems

Smart Navigation Systems software uses several indoor navigation technologies to calculate and provide the best routes through venues, large or small.

For businesses, administration and analytics tools are available.

Let’s discuss your requirements.

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industries where we excel

  • HealthTech

    Apps for doctors, CRM systems for clinics administration, patient data management solutions.

  • Logistics

    Warehouse management, asset tracking systems, route planning, and optimization software.

  • Fantasy Sports & Gaming

    White label fantasy sports software, flexible approach, any degree of customization.

  • FinTech

    Financial marketplaces, cryptocurrency trading solutions, payroll solutions.

  • Ecommerce

    Online stores, catalogs, POSs, retail shops.

  • Education

    Let users progress at a pace using your app for learning and practicing when they have a free minute.

Our clients' success stories.
We love to hear what they say about us.

Stories of people impressed by our service offerings


Founder, Indoor navigation solution

“They’re a fairly skilled team, and they’ve removed my need to jump into the implementation aspect of the project.”


Founder, Laundry management software

“IT Craft is honest and straightforward. They’re a good partner to work with.”


Founder, Transportation management system

“That initiative kept the project on track with minimal disruptions on my end.”

questions from our clients

Does PHP have a future?

Yes, PHP remains an in-demand technology despite a decline in popularity.

As a part of the open-source LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) stack, it is widely used for web solutions by startups, SMBs, and enterprises.  PHP frameworks have large, vibrant, supportive communities. There are regular tech updates.

What are the benefits of using PHP?

The key benefits of using PHP on a project include:

  • high performance and flexibility
  • wide pool of development experts
  • availability of frameworks that simplify development
  • readiness for use in the cloud
How much time will it take to complete my PHP project?

As with any project, it depends on the project scope:

A small prototype or a simple website is possible within 1 – 2 months.
A middle-complexity web-based MVP or an online store requires 4 – 6 months.
A large Web solution or a marketplace takes 7+ months.

Why does my app need PHP maintenance?

Every app needs maintenance. PHP-based software is no exception.

The maintenance team monitors app health. It optimizes the consumption of resources and scales the app when there is a user influx. It delivers security updates and technology updates.

Software degrades rapidly without the above activities. It also might be hacked. Both result in losses for a business.

Does PHP suit ecommerce projects?

Yes, PHP frameworks are a good option for ecommerce solutions.

They are flexible and scalable, coping with several types of user loads.

Does PHP work on large projects?

Yes, it does.

For instance, IT Craft has used PHP on high-load projects such as video conferencing platform, professional social network, online car trading marketplace, translator portal, and many more.

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