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App Modernization

When your software does not satisfy users’ highest expectations, you might consider introducing a new, improved system. This could put your entire business on the slippery ground of increased costs.

You don’t need it. What you do need is gradual, step-by-step app modernization—a proven, cost-effective, and secure way to improvement.

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app modernization

Your system was tried, tested, and met your needs perfectly 5 – 7 years ago. But, like most apps, it has not stood the test of time.

Why does your business need application modernization now?

In our rapidly changing technological world, software becomes obsolete within a mere 5 – 7 years. The main source of your revenue today might become the primary source of losses too soon without app modernization.

We help solve these app modernization problems

  • Skyrocketing maintenance costs

    Your updates and fixes gradually decrease your ROI. It seems less expensive to replace software and hardware than trying to fix it.

  • Outdated technologies

    You invested in technology no longer the best in the market. Newer technologies do the job better.

  • Lack of available expertise

    You see a growing shortage of experts available for hire. You cannot replace engineers because no one is interested in working with your tech stack.

  • Performance issues

    Software keeps crashing on user devices. It is slow and buggy. Your once-loyal audience starts leaving because your competitors’ offers are better, faster, bug free.

  • Increasing security threats

    Lack of understanding how a system works might expose your vulnerabilities making your software an easy target for cyber-attacks.

  • Web and mobile compatibility

    Your software does not work correctly on users’ new devices. Your features are no longer available because they are out of date.

Don’t wait! The best time to get back on track is now.

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App modernization services

The following app modernization services decrease your dependence on an outdated system:

  • Reverse engineering

    Determine how source code works when no documentation is available.

  • Rearchitecting

    Restructure and rebuild software to easily get consistent updates of your feature list.

  • Source code refactoring

    Unravel spaghetti code left after decades of regular updates.

  • Cloud migration

    Break down a clumsy monolith into microservices.

    Transfer software to the cloud.

  • Technological updates

    Update project technologies to the newest versions ensuring software response and security.

  • Legacy software maintenance

    Developers look after your software system while working on app modernization. Why? No downtime.

Why us

Application modernization is a critical step when it generates revenue. An unreliable team can throw you out of business soon. You need trusted, capable, reliable hands at the helm. Below are our guarantees to you:

  • Established company

    IT Craft has been operating on the international market for 20+ years. We have built strong expertise and a highly regarded reputation of helping various businesses get back on track.

  • Extensive expertise

    We cover critical current development technologies plus crucial old technologies for the best application modernization offering. This ensures we transfer your software to a modern tech stack with minimum hassles.

  • Experience

    One-fifth of our IT Craft engineers have been in the industry 15 – 20 years. We know old and modern technologies from first-hand project experience backed by years of study.

  • Tried-and-tested workflow

    IT Craft engineers have designed and polished special workflows and incorporated best practices into application modernization services to ensure your project success.