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How we can transform your finance function

Decrease processing

Transaction processing is long and boring. FinTech software makes it fast for users. They get the result immediately while software processes it automatically and reliably in the back-end workflow.

Comply with security standards

The use of industry best practices makes it possible to close vulnerabilities and block cyber attacks. Integration of Machine Learning and Data Analysis helps identify fraudulent operations automatically and send them to extra verification.

Build an

IT Craft’s FinTech software development services ensure software is used across any envisaged channels be it POSs, Е-commerce websites, or virtual card emitters.

Enable lower payment

Innovative, digital marketplaces decrease dramatically operational costs. These include transaction costs, middlemen fees or exchange operation costs, both domestic and international payments.

Simplify customer experiences

Customer needs remain the biggest driver. By launching a customer-facing product with specific payment options possible, you win a big audience and stay ahead of competition.


Your users generate an immense data amount when using your software. Collect the data and make sense of it, all impersonalized. Improve the level of services or start a new direction.

End-to-End FinTech Competencies

Digital banking

A digital banking account is the center of gravity for 21-st century FinTech services. Our team helps you launch flexible architecture ensuring not only fast delivery of your product but its extension with new features.

  • AI-based security
  • two-factor authentication
  • compliance with regulations
  • middleware systems

Cards and Payments

Forward-thinking payment players disrupt the industry. You become one of them with the help of FinTech software development company IT Craft. We deliver top digital-first card experiences and keep them in synch with user expectations.

  • operation scaling
  • instant alerts
  • regular infrastructure updates
  • multifunction instruments

Wealth & Trading Management Platforms

Deliver an innovative trade platform disrupting your underserved industry. Increase transparency. Boost operational effectiveness. IT Craft builds a solution for you and adapts it based on user feedback.

  • instant synchronization
  • AI-powered trade bots
  • real-time transactions
  • detailed charts

Digital Wallets

Users are happy to leave their leather wallets at home having digital wallets always at hand. Make multiple cards available on smart devices. Our team knows how to build wallet apps. Jar feature is included when required.

  • security through biometrics
  • smartwatch apps
  • decentralized finances
  • API development

Lending Systems

An online system decreases decision time to minutes or even seconds. Factor discovery and custom scoring algorithms let clients determine all costs upfront. We implement a complete system-everything needed to attract and evaluate lenders.

  • custom calculator
  • enhanced privacy protection
  • automated data transfer
  • forecast models

Investment Management Software

Mobile apps make handling investments easier. This can be an integrated set of products or a specific, niche-focused app-IT Craft team helps you address customer needs with a robust product.

  • offer generation
  • real-time collaboration
  • charts and analysis
  • trade automation

Payment Processing

Any digital solution meets customer expectations only when providing safe purchases. We integrate relevant middleware and gateways, design and enhance infrastructure, add biometrics security, and more to make it happen.

  • advanced encryption
  • defraud algorithms
  • invoice schedule
  • instant payment

Our clients' success stories.
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Stories of people impressed by our service offerings


Chief Technology Officer

“We have never been satisfied with our technology team as we are today.”


Founder, Transportation management system

“They make development easy for clients with more business expertise than technical savvy.”


Founder, financial startup

“Their professionalism and availability are impressive. They always try to find solutions for any problem that comes up, whether it’s an additional workload or having to come up with a creative fix to a technical or organizational issue.”

Limpid Markets


This crypto trading platform provides unique functionality which simplifies trading and increases user engagement. Automation tools are available.

Our team focuses on front-end and mobile development helping launch high-performing yet lightweight apps. DevOps engineers optimize infrastructure.

Limpid Markets

This complex platform helps participants of London and Zurich OTC interbank markets exchange pre-trade information thus boosting trading processes.

IT Craft team ensures secure real-time operation and platform availability across all time zones.


This time tracking app synchronizes with accounting and rollout software harmonizing workflow of remote teams.

Based on an already-existing UI design, IT Craft team launched an iOS app. It also introduced enhancements to the client’s existing Android app.

eBillity image

Technologies our Fintech software developers use

  • PayPal


  • Stipe


  • Braintree


  • MasterCard


  • Visa


  • Apple Pay

    Apple Pay

  • Google Pay

    Google Pay

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questions from our clients

What is considered FinTech?

FinTech describes technologies and innovations that are used to deliver financial services to customers. These include cryptocurrencies and digital cash, digital wallets, payment processing systems, lending solutions, and more.

FinTech challenges the traditional financing industry by offering the same or similar services faster and for less.

What are different types of FinTech software?

A list of financial software worth development includes:

  • Digital banking
  • B2B and P2P payment services
  • Payment processing software and gateways
  • Tax management
  • Crypto- and fiat trading platforms
  • Mobile wallets
  • Lending solutions
  • Accounting software
  • Risk management software
What technical skills are required for FinTech development?

Software developers are required programming skills in Web or mobile development. Apart from it, they need to master ML/AI, data science, and security to produce quality source code.

Financial software developers must also understand specific rules and regulations to ensure software passes regulatory compliance.

What technologies are used in FinTech?

This depends on the specifics of a certain project. We use:

  • HTML/CSS/JS, TypeScript, React, Angular, Vue for front end
  • .NET Core, Node.js, LAMP, for back end
  • Java, Kotlin, Swift, Objective C, React Native, Flutter for mobile development
  • Elixir (Erlang), Phoenix for proxy layers
  • MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Redis, MySQL for databases
  • Docker, AWS, MS Azure, Jenkins, Terraform for infrastructure
What types of advanced technologies do you use on your projects?

Depending on your needs, we can customize and integrate AI-based algorithms, blockchain, or specific third-party modules (charts, payment gateways, antispam, etc.)

Do you provide a guarantee?

Yes, we do. Our FinTech application development services include 1-3 month post-launch guarantee on source code our developers produce.

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