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Custom eLearning Solutions

Convert your idea into a custom elearning solution. Start custom elearning software development with IT Craft and deliver your app to your target audience worldwide. IT Craft: custom elearning solutions always on time, always on budget.

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eLearning development services keeping in mind current hottest trends

With IT Craft’s in-depth elearning solutions development experience, we know firsthand how dynamic elearning can be. Innovation is crucial for startups to succeed. Our custom elearning solutions company’s experience includes but is not limited to:

  • Learning Management System (LMS)

    This software is essential for elearning course development. Teachers benefit from tools for effective assessment, course scheduling, updates on personal advancement, and more.

  • Corporate learning portals

    This software meets the needs of mature businesses in custom elearning course development making continuous employee training possible. Learning portals make it possible to add modules, create and simplify management of learning activities, and track employees’ performance.

  • mLearning solutions

    IT Craft uses cutting-edge mobile elearning development tools to deliver the same look and feel with custom mobile applications and Web solutions. Consumption of resources is optimized, too.

  • eLearning reporting

    Every elearning course development company especially needs this type of software. Reporting systems make progress tracking simple. With a customizable analytics system, teachers quickly work out a student’s weak points and help them by assigning specific activities.

  • Custom testware

    Educators need flexible, customized, elearning content development software to evaluate and control progress of their students studying remotely, as so many are these days. They can create, manage, and randomize their tests in a hassle-free manner.

  • Knowledge bases and wikis

    These solutions suit elearning content development best. Use this type of software as a part of an LMS, so teachers can organize knowledge in a structured manner and students can easily refer to a particular topic.

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IT Craft has provided elearning development services for many years. At IT Craft, you get all the technical help you need to launch successfully. With your IT Craft team, you keep pace with elearning content development trends. You respond timely to many other demands from savvy learners.

Benefit from the extensive experience our elearning developers have already acquired. Read about two of many successful elearning solutions IT Craft developed and launched.

  • notebook


    XPERTyme is a web-based platform for billable video calls with industry experts. It was designed as a high-load system making stable, quality performance possible for both individual and group calls.

    IT Craft developed XPERTyme’s core functionality within a short timeline using the MVP approach. Getting quick, insightful feedback from industry experts ensures development is heading in the right direction.

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  • Venture Lab

    Venture Lab was established in 2013 to teach children about having an entrepreneurial mindset. It offers different programs for different ages, grades 1–12.

    By the time the project started, it offered a set of different classes. Parents were able to enroll their children in the program and monitor progress using Venture Lab’s website.

    IT Craft’s development team worked on Venture Lab’s early versions ensuring smooth integrations of various third-party services to the startup’s WordPress-based portal.

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  • 1 What is custom elearning?

    Custom elearning means a course developed tailoring the needs of a certain audience to specific useful content. Custom elearning makes it possible to fit in best with the aims and learning habits of a narrow, target audience and help them progress faster than taking a “general” learning course.

  • 2 What is elearning development?

    eLearning means using digital technologies to produce learning content from anywhere around the world taking into account core principles and limitations of digital platforms.

  • 3 Do you make custom elearning software?

    Yes, we do. As a custom software development company, IT Craft has developed source code for several custom elearning solutions for our clients and helped them launch successfully, on time and on budget.

  • 4 Do you develop elearning applications?

    Yes, we do. We develop elearning apps, both web and mobile. The choice depends on features, target platform, and habits of your audience.

  • 5 Which elearning development software is best?

    Unfortunately, no elearning development software is considered the best. The software depends on tailored needs of a specific audience, your level of computer proficiency, and the type of content you want to produce. If you want to produce your own custom elearning course, we suggest you to try Thinkific as your first step in elearning development.


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