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Ecommerce Development Services

IT Craft’s all-encompassing ecommerce development services bring your online presence to a new level.

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  • PeakFactor
  • Adorama
  • Nandos
  • Fielodne
  • flexwise
  • Diamonds
  • RocketRoute

Custom retail & ecommerce solutions help


increase customer loyalty

Provide innovative offerings
and personalized, tailored


enter distribution channels

Let customers check
availability, customize an order
and place it at any time.


understand customer needs

Increase conversion rate by
adjusting to customer habits.


optimize costs

Keep up with growth plans
while coping with staff

Our services

Online Stores
Trade Portals
CRM & ERP Systems
Loyalty Programs
Ecommerce Software Development
Retail Software Development

Online Stores

Every detail must convince visitors they are at the right time, in the right place. We help you provide users with a fast, secure path to purchases and an engaging UI.

  • instant purchasing
  • custom configurators
  • landing pages
  • PWA


A perfect marketplace helps its users pick up the best deal from many options. Do you have a vision? Our team launches required functionality for it. No vision? We help you formulate and then implement it.

  • B2B solutions
  • B2C marketplaces
  • white-label solutions
  • P2P marketplaces

Trade Portals

A great trade portal simplifies operations between users at scale. IT Craft developers provide you with development, enhancements and maintenance responding to desired requirements.

  • high security level
  • custom functionality
  • performance testing
  • scalability

CRM & ERP Systems

Business software helps keep up with growing demand. Register, respond to and process orders and inquiries swiftly. We build and tune a system based on your workflow.

  • scaling and optimization
  • third-party integration
  • migration
  • database management

Loyalty Programs

Customers may leave their discount card or coupons at home. No problem when they have them all in their smartphone. We ensure users can always access bonuses or loyalty programs from their devices.

  • loyalty functionality
  • virtual bonus cards
  • proximity-based coupons
  • gamification

Ecommerce Software Development

The most reliable ecommerce solutions are the ones that you control. Our team focuses on development from scratch, revamps or expansion of your ecommerce platform maximizing your ROI.

  • custom features
  • microservices
  • testing and security
  • UX/UI design

Retail Software Development

Align your online and physical stores. Decrease order-processing time. Encourage contactless services to retain safety of both customers and Specialists. We can help you enhance physical experience.

  • virtual showroom
  • AR catalogs
  • POS
  • omnichannel

Our clients' success stories.
We love to hear what they say about us.

Stories of people impressed by our service offerings


Chief Technology Officer at Adorama

“…I know that when they do promise something, they will be able to deliver.”


Charles Sakkal, Founder at eLaundry

“IT Craft excels in this industry, and I’m happy with them.”


Chris Scheid, Founder at MyCarrier

“Their diligence gives me more freedom to run my business.”

Our Portfolio

Diamonds International
Basement Books


An extensive ecommerce platform hides behind Adorama website requiring constant development, testing, updates and maintenance.

The team worked on the project tech side enhancing customer experience. Special focus was on sales seasons.


An iPad POS app for wine businesses replaces cumbersome cash registers. It also provides all required sales data at hand.

The app provides payment gateways, receipt printing and emailing, as well as analytics.

Diamonds International

A Magento-based solution, e-store is Diamonds International company’s main sales channel.

The team expanded website functionality to help website owners manage product catalogs easily.


LeisurePro platform provides customers with an extensive choice of diving equipment. Gift cards, discounts, and purchase on credit are available.

The team took over platform updates, maintenance and scaling to ensure uncompromised performance.

Basement Books

This website was rebuilt from scratch to enhance online sales through a responsive, mobile-friendly solution.

Several integrations, custom logic for search and shopping cart rules were implemented for best customer experience.

Helping retailers and ecommerce businesses with:

Supply management

Establish constant, precise communication flow with your partners. We help you refine the entire strategy, build a relevant product, and provide precise deliveries by keeping accurate track of all your orders.

Warehouse and inventory

Automate warehouse or distribution center with the help of cutting-edge asset tracking technologies, custom-built and third-party modules. We deliver software for monitoring constantly both positioning and storage conditions.

Client support 24/7

Meet client expectations on impeccable order processing. Increase transparency and precision. Our teams introduce solutions for omnichannel approach. Your clients reach system documentation and tech support 24/7/365.

Reports & forecasts

Analyze the entire amount of data collected from different sources daily. We launch a system for data processing and automated report generation that helps you make accurate forecasts optimizing stocks and inventory.

Automated route planning

Generate the best route within seconds. Change the route automatically as soon as new information is added. Send delivery information to driver smartphones seamlessly. Our team develops and integrates required functionality or delivers a special app.

Shipment & transportation

Automate tedious shipment operations. The result of transportation software development at IT Craft is a system that decreases costs of freight processing and provides real-time information on cargo movement.

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questions from our clients

What are the best platforms for custom ecommerce website development?
Here are to name the most popular ecommerce development platforms:

Shopify – one of the most popular platforms worldwide that lets you build an online store. It is easy to use and contains multiple innovative features, including AR.

Magento – an open-source platform, it is suited for medium to large online stores simplifying management and customization of large catalogs.

WordPress – thanks to WooCommerce plugin, it is possible to launch an ecommerce solution for small to medium stores fast. In some cases, owners can run a store just in 4 – 6 weeks.

Drupal – a secure, highly customizable yet free for use platform. Drupal works best for small businesses with constrained budgets.

OpenCart – this online store management system can be easily added to a website. It provides multiple extensions helping customize websites according to the owner's needs.

An important note. Large businesses having special needs should consider launching their own custom ecommerce platform

What are the benefits of custom retail software development?
  • availability to customers 24/7
  • increased quality of provided services
  • faster time to market
  • workload optimization (sales, inventory, accounting, and more)
  • support of business growth
What are the most common tech solutions for retail industry?
Most popular software systems for retail include:
  • Retail management software
  • Mobile points of sale (POSs)
  • Inventory management software
  • Customer relationship management (CRMs)
  • mCommerce and promotional apps
  • Accounting and employee management software
Why should I choose your ecommerce development company?
Here is what all IT Craft clients get:

Tech expertise – we have accumulated extensive experience of many ecommerce technologies for over 20 years in business.

Established processes – IT Craft teams have stable squads with all roles needed to build a quality product.

Transparency – clients stay in constant touch with a dedicated project manager who provides them with all project updates.

Post-launch guarantee – during 1- to 3-month period, the team stays in touch fixing all bugs and flaws in produced source code.

Flexibility – our teams work Agile focusing on delivering business value on a project adjusting to changing requirements. No exceptions.

How do you keep me updated on my ecommerce development project?

We can use any means of communication: emails, messengers or calls. Whatever works for you, works for us.

You can discuss regularity with your team to establish a convenient process.

How much does it cost to build an ecommerce website?

It all depends on complexity. Complex projects take more time needed to build and launch a website.

Here are some numbers for your reflection based on Eastern-European hourly rate ($50):

simple ecommerce store requires 160 – 300 h starting at $8,000 – $15,000.
medium complexity store requires 800 – 1,300 h starting at $40,000 – $65,000.
Large online store requires 1,500+ h starting at $75,000.

How do you charge for your ecommerce development services?

It depends on project complexity.

For small, fixed-price projects, we usually charge 50% of the project cost upfront. The rest is due after project launch. For big projects, we charge by milestones.

Do you build mobile-friendly ecommerce solutions?

Yes, this is what we always do. We can help you launch a mobile app, turn your website into a Progressive Web App or provide responsive design looking awesome on all screen sizes.

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