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On-Demand App Development: Backing up the Tech Side of Your Dream

With IT Craft, you launch your on-demand app on time, on budget. Post-launch guarantee included.

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On-demand app development for different industries

Let your app be a disruptor, disturbing and displacing established industry competitors. Your on-demand app lets users choose the best option for them, get in touch with providers fast, and receive support they need.

  • Food delivery

    On-demand delivery app development ensures users order from restaurants, supermarkets, or local shops—orders delivered quickly.

  • Home services

    Organize repair, home cleaning, or laundry easily with an on-demand app. Schedule time, discuss details, pay, and provide feedback—all from the app.

  • Healthcare

    Book time with a healthcare professional for a personal consultation or hire a qualified professional for a part-time job.

  • Logistics

    On-demand app service companies decrease delivery costs. Help users decide on the best delivery terms and track delivery in real time.

on demand app development
  • Beauty

    Find a beauty professional to take care for everyday basics or for a special day.

  • Tutoring

    Contact tutors. In-app video calls, online learning schedule, and interactive exercises help both tutors and learners.

  • Repair and maintenance

    Every device needs maintenance. An on-demand app helps find a reliable repair shop, describe defects, and get a response on possible problems.

  • Taxi and transportation

    Get to desired destination point both locally and globally using an on-demand app. Buy tickets, rent a car or an airplane, ride-share, and more.

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on demand food delivery app development

Special offer for food delivery and taxi industry

Do you want to launch your on-demand app MVP faster?

You can. IT Craft has designed a special package containing core functionality of an on-demand food delivery/taxi app.

We tailor app source code to your needs. Develop, test it, deploy on a live server, and launch it in app stores.

You get a custom solution in less time and lower budget.


As an on-demand app service company, IT Craft always provides an exceptional quality-for-price ratio for its clients. We have helped startups develop, launch, and maintain your solution.

Below are three examples of the many on-demand applications IT Craft has delivered to its clients.

Web platform

Flexwise helps clinic administrators balance workload by hiring qualified part-time nurses. Its major feature is Flexpool—a pool of approved professional candidates. For medical professionals, Flexwise offers convenience managing their workload. Nurses plan their work hours, negotiate on jobs, apply, and even send timesheets for approval—all from mobile devices.
The IT Craft development team helped the product owners break a monolithic app into microservices architecture. This made constant app updates easy. And greatly decreased deployment time by introducing launch automation best practices.

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Mobile app

eLaundry service lets Manhattan residents schedule and pickup laundry online. Its great features include strict control and process automation.
Users calculate costs of laundry services using pre-defined costs and rates. 24/7 access to order status.
The service processes orders in the app’s back end and determines optimal route for pick-up/delivery drivers. Payment tracking tools, bookkeeping features, and reports are also included. Orders are tracked thoroughly on all steps.

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Mobile app

Trim helps users find professionals anywhere in the world. They can search and filter results based on professionals’ specialization, location, rating, etc. Trim is perfect for travelers. Trim users easily get in touch with a professional via the in-app chat or schedule an appointment using in-app calendar. The app automatically notifies the user of an upcoming appointment.
Professionals benefit from various promotional options: update portfolio, manage feedback, publish special offers, and expand visibility by using premium features.

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Types of on-demand app development services

Whatever your needs, IT Craft’s on-demand mobile services help you deliver uncompromised experience to your users. You can count on our help at any stage of project.

IT Craft’s on-demand app development services include:

  • On-demand app MVP
  • On-demand app updates and expansion
  • On-demand project rescue
  • On-demand app testing
  • Tech migration
  • Support and maintenance

On-demand app features

An on-demand software solution consists of apps for customers and providers, plus an administration panel. All seamlessly integrated into one system.

Customer app
  • Sign up/Login

  • Vendor overview

  • Search and matching

  • Order placement

  • Order management

  • Real-time delivery tracking

  • Notifications

  • In-app payments

  • Chat with provider

  • Promo codes and referrals

  • Ratings and reviews

Provider app
  • Sign up/Login

  • Request management

  • Order status

  • Order management

  • Order details

  • Catalog management

  • Delivery scheduling

  • History

  • In-app communication

  • Payment reports

  • Quick feedback on couriers

Provider app
  • Role management

  • Vendor management

  • User management

  • Reviews and ratings management

  • Order management

  • Analytics and reports

  • Promotions and recommendations

  • Subscriptions/Commission management


  • Front end
    • CSS
    • HTLM
    • JavaScript
    • Angular
    • React
    • Vue.js
  • Mobile
    • Swift
    • Java
    • Kotlin
    • React Native
    • Objective C
    • Ionic
  • Back end
    • PHP
    • Node.js
    • .NET
    • .NET Core
  • Database
    • MySQL
    • MongoDB
    • PostgreSQL
  • Search
    • Elasticsearch
  • Geolocation
    • Google Maps
    • OpenStreetMap
  • Deployment
    • Docker
    • AWS
  • Payments
    • PayPal
    • Stripe
    • Other with API
  • Indoor positioning
    • Indoor Atlas
    • Wi-Fi
  • Testing
    • SoapUI
    • Selenium
    • JMeter
    • Unit testing

On-demand app development process

Discovery and planning
Source code development

The team works on the on-demand app development Sprint after Sprint until completed:

Sprint 1 – Sprint X
(2 weeks)
Sprint 1 – Sprint X

When all software parts are ready, the team launches the app on live servers and publishes it in app stores.

Post-launch guarantee

The IT Craft development team eliminates bugs and flaws of produced source code at no cost to client. The guarantee period length depends on project scope and complexity.

Project expansion and maintenance

The same development team helps its client introduce new features in the project and ensures regular updates and constant availability for end users, if required.

How long does it take to build an on-demand app?

The following timelines apply to on-demand app development, depending on type and complexity of a planned solution:

App type and complexityDevelopment timeline
Simple on-demand app prototypeimg1 – 2 months
On-demand app MVP development img4 – 6 months
Complex, fully featured on-demand appimg8+ months

Why choose on-demand app development at IT Craft?

Over 20 years in software development business, 2250+ launched projects. IT Craft provides full-cycle software development services freeing its clients from any hassles on the technical part of their business.

When you choose IT Craft, you get:

  • Project head start

    The team starts working on your project as soon as we sign a contract. No delays.

  • Experience

    You get a team of experts in on-demand app development. They know possible pitfalls and help you eliminate them.

  • Flexibility

    Your plans might change as soon as you get users feedback. No problem, the team nimbly switches to features your audience needs.

  • Scalability

    The team builds the app keeping user growth in mind. The team designs and tests software so it can withstand user influx.

  • Transparency

    You participate in planning sessions, get regular reports and access to developed source code. You know what your team is working on and the cost.

  • Post-launch guarantee

    Post launch, the team stays in constant touch with you for the next 1 to 3 months fixing issues discovered in the produced source code.

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  • 1 Why does my business need an on-demand app?

    On-demand apps directly connect customers with service providers. As a business owner, you need an on-demand app to increase your availability and transparency for your customers.

    As a startup, you can introduce an on-demand app to improve user experience in a specific market niche or multiple niches (e.g., start on-demand delivery app development for eco food delivery).

  • 2 How much does it cost to develop an on-demand service app?

    Cost definitely depends on the size of your feature list. Based on a $40 hourly rate (average rate of on-demand app development in Eastern Europe), costs start at:

    $8,000 for a simple app

    $32,000 for medium complexity

    $60,000 for a complex solution

    Costs of on-demand app development can skyrocket to $100,000 and higher if rapid user growth is anticipated after the app launch and a robust backend is required.

  • 3 Why should I choose IT Craft?

    IT Craft can handle the entire technical part of your on-demand delivery app development project. You get an experienced team that goes beyond fulfilling requirements. They work out why you need those required features and how they can best deliver them. You get high-quality software on time and on budget.

  • 4 What is your pricing model for on-demand delivery app development?

    This depends on project requirements and complexity.

    For simple projects with clear requirements, a fixed-price model is possible.

    The clients pay 50% of the agreed total at the start of the project. The remaining 50% is due when the app is launched.

    For complex projects, the time-and-material model applies. Client pays after each Sprint based on the scope of work completed.