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Most web projects benefit from integration of third-party components. Developers integrate services to get a product to market as soon as possible. Reinventing the wheel is a waste of time and client’s money on both developing and maintaining “the wheel”.

Vue.JS development services

What is Vue?

A framework designed to build interfaces with the help of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

  • Adopted widely for web app development where it acts as the front end of a single-page application.
  • Easy to integrate with different frameworks and libraries: ensures flexible front-end development. You can use it to update your older but popular service.
  • Simple, lightweight, and straightforward: the development team needs just a short time to read Vue documentation to understand its basic concepts and start with web app development.
  • Fast: thanks to implementation of such concepts, such as virtual DOM and two-way data binding (like in Angular and React).
  • Flexible architecture: no restrictions on how developers structure an app.
  • Scalable: as your user base grows, your Vue-based interface copes with it easily.

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Benefits of using
Vue on the project

BENEFIT 1: Integration of TypeScript

Great when maintaining a clear, readable codebase.

What makes
Vue different?

Vue was released in 2014 after both Angular and React were already available. Its main creator, Evan You, who began working on a Master of Fine Arts at Parsons School of Design but then landed at Google Creative Lab, was quite familiar with Angular and React philosophy (especially, with Angular). While working on the front end, he had time to reconsider use cases of both frameworks. His goal was to launch a lightweight, easy-to-use solution.

Vue has a large community. Once started as a side project, Vue soon became popular. It became very popular with the Laravel community but also with many front-end developers. By 2016, it reached 2,000,000 downloads. In July 2018, the number reached 1,600,000 monthly downloads. By the end of 2018, Vue will have over 2,600 commits to the codebase, and almost 17k forks on GitHub.

While Evan You remains its most active contributor, the Vue ecosystem is very vibrant. He has formed an active core team helping him with the maintenance of the framework and its ecosystem.

Distributed under MIT license, Vue was funded through a Patreon campaign, making it possible for Evan You to work full-time on Vue. Noteworthy is that most of Vue donations come from small businesses, from those people who use Vue regularly and know where their donations are used. Also, its biggest Chinese marketplace, Alibaba, is Vue’s biggest enterprise supporter.

Apart from smaller apps, Vue is used on many large commercial projects at such enterprise giants as Adobe, Behance, Clemenger BBDO, Codeship, and GitLab.

How does IT Craft fit
in with your project?

Here is the crucial point: who and how are more important than what. How fast your app will work depends much on the scope of the project, its implementation, team’s expertise, and even the correct settings of the hosting server.

Hiring a reliable development and maintenance team will guarantee you get your project done within the scope and timeline. End users will be excited about the technical aspect of your app.

This is how IT Craft can help you,
apart from front-end development

Analysis of Requirements

Set up timeline and priorities, determine critical and nice-to-have features


Work on framework-based and custom features, use previous experience and best practices to boost up initial development stage.

Automated testing

Ensure all app modules are well integrated and nothing breaks when implementing improvements/upgrades.


Use to ensure fast, seamless delivery of improvements to end users.


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