React Native Application Development Services:
From Idea to Launch for Less

You save up to 30% of total development costs with React Native mobile app development services.
With React Native, you can reuse app source code when building iOS and Android apps.
Launch faster with native look and feel.

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React Native app development with IT Craft: opt for uncompromised app delivery

Choose React Native application development services to reach your goals on time, on budget.

Choose App development with React Native to:

  • Ensure native look and feel for your app.

  • Decrease timeline by developing code base for two platforms simultaneously.

  • Provide fast, native-like app performance.

With IT Craft, you get high-quality source code to fit your plan and budget.

Get a head start with an experienced React Native development company

MVP costs using React Native app development are lower when you work with a team of professionals.

IT Craft developers can take over React Native apps of varying degrees of complexity and readiness.
We excel at helping you meet your project’s deadline.

You can count on the following services:

  • MVP development
  • Full-cycle development
  • Upgrades and maintenance
  • Code inspection
  • Project rescue
  • Project expansion

Six-step React Native app development process

React Native application development services incorporate the following six-step process needed to design and launch a React Native app:

  • Discovery and planning
  • UX/UI design
  • Code development
  • Testing
  • Launch
  • Post-guarantee period

React Native developers use the Agile approach. The entire project is divided into Sprints.

react native app development service

At the beginning of a Sprint, React Native developers plan the scope of work to be completed during a Sprint. The client gets a Sprint plan at the beginning of a Sprint.

Each Sprint ends with a release of working functionality and Sprint retrospective. The client gets a report on the work done and access to the developed functionality that can be tested at the end of a Sprint.

Why should you choose React Native app development?

Short answer: you need React Native app development when you already have Web app source code and want to make a mobile app based on that.

Here are the main reasons why React Native app development is so popular:

  • Cross platform

    React Native developers reuse the same source code for both iOS and Android platforms.

  • Quick compilation

    Developers save time on source code compilation; they can reload the app fast to see changes.

  • JavaScript as the foundation

    The same JavaScript developers can work on your project as React Native developers; you retain the needed expertise.

  • Third-party modules

    React Native makes it possible to integrate any third-party modules and APIs.

Technical stack on a React Native development project

Here is the possible technical stack for React Native app development:

  • Framework
    •  React Native logo
  • Languages
    • JS logo
    • TS logo
  • Native Languages
    • Swift logo
    • Objective-C logo
    • Java logo
    • Kotlinlogo
  • Navigation
    • React-navigation logo
  • Networking
    • Axios logo
    • Fetch logo
  • Testing
    • Jest logo
    • Detox logo
  • App State
    • Redux logo
    • Mobx logo
    • GraphQL App state logo
  • Middlewares
    • Thunk logo
    • Saga logo
  • Push Notifications
    • OneSignal logo
    • Firebase logo
  • Analytics
    • Firebase Analytics logo
    • Segment logo
    • Mixpanel logo
    • Facebook Analytics logo
    • Flurry logo
    • Branch logo
  • Utilities
    • Lodash logo
    • Date-fns logo
    • Moment logo
  • Version control
    • GitLab logo
    • GitHub logo
    • BitBucket logo
  • Server-side development
  • Platform
    • Node.js logo
  • Database
    • MongoDB logo
    • PostgreSQL logo

Apart from React Native app development, IT Craft helps you develop custom components for your React-based system.

React Native app development can be extended through the following services:

  • Front-end development

    deliver the same app experience to desktop users.

  • Back-end development

    provide server development and API development services for React Native app ensuring effective data processing and storage.


  • 1 What is React Native used for?

    React Native is used to deliver cross-platform apps to mobile devices (Android, iOS) without compromising app quality. Development team can reuse the same JavaScript code base for all platforms.

  • 2 Does it save money to build apps with React Native?

    Yes, you can save up to 35% when starting React Native app development. Developers use the same code base for both Android and iOS apps. Also, the source code can be partially used to launch a Web app.

  • 3 How much does it cost to develop a React Native mobile app?

    Cost depends on detailed scope of work needed to launch an app:

    $10,000 – $16,500 for a prototype.

    $40,000 – $71,500 for a simple MVP app.

    $75,000 – $220,000 for a fully functional app.

    Costs can skyrocket if the app requires heavy custom back-end development.

  • 4 What are some key benefits of developing apps using React Native?

    The key benefits from using React Native for app development include:

    • Native-like performance
    • Fast app development
    • Easy integration of third-party modules
    • Improved UI
    • Fast after-launch updates
  • 5 Do you provide maintenance and support after developing a React Native app?

    Yes, we do. After the app has been launched, you enjoy a post-launch guarantee period. It lasts 1 – 3 months, depending on the project size. The same team helps you maintain and update the app. The costs of app maintenance depend on the number of hours developers spend on the project. Usually, it takes 10 – 15 % from initial development costs per year.