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Every successful project has the right balance of built-from-scratch and pre-made modules. This is what IT Craft developers do for you: analyze your goals, see what fits in best with your desired budget / timeline, and suggest the best technological implementation.

Enter React: it empowers a more structured approach to front-end development on a project. While supporting creation of custom components, React makes it possible to facilitate maintenance of once-created source code and achieve a perfect combination of productive workflow with a lightweight-size app.

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What is React?
How can I use React for my project?

React is an open-source library for building high-performing, reusable user interface components for SPAs (single page applications).

Being responsible for the “View” part in the MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture, React makes it possible to display any changes to users without having them refresh their website each time those changes appear.

React was designed by web developers for web developers. React is easy to learn as it uses HTML and JSX—an XML-like extension of JavaScript syntax combining the best features of both languages. React makes it possible for the whole team (mark-up engineers, front-end developers, automation QAs) to quickly take on a project.

React is equally well-suited for both simple and complex web apps. When your company starts small and expands over time, your app can keep pace with you—source code does not become redundant and can withstand increased workloads.

There’s more: React Native. With the help of React Native, you can get your web app converted into a mobile app. This is far more efficient than starting native mobile app development from scratch.

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What benefits do app owners enjoy
from implementing React?


Clear and maintainable code

React is organized, so developers can easily produce a readable app code. Even more, React-based code has only minimal side effects by using only downward data flow, so that child structures do not affect parent structures.


Big apps

For the above reasons, React supports both large and basic apps. It also supports app growth ensuring fast scalability. No need to redesign app architecture each time your app gets more traction.


Improved SEO

React deals with the inability of Google’s engines to read JavaScript code by returning the virtual DOM as a regular webpage, thus ensuring the Web app gets visible for web searches.


Minimal side effect

React is tailored to the Agile approach and is responsible for one thing only: user interface. It does not destroy the app logic when any changes occur. It is easy to maintain and update apps.


Easy mobile apps

With React Native, you can transfer your app to mobile platforms by using only JavaScript and React; i.e., with help from the same web development team. React Native makes it possible to re-use most of the existing code for both iOS and Android platforms. Using React Native-based development, the app features will have the look and feel of a native app and the performance when compared to native platform.


Support by big players

Originally made by Facebook engineers for internal use, React has been made public and has since been supported by both Facebook and Instagram engineers and also by the Stack Overflow community and 1,000+ GitHub contributors. You will never have to worry it will ever reach end of life and you’re left scrambling for an alternative.


Easy app code testing

React comes together with debugging and testing tools. There are already utilities for unit, functional, and integration testing making it possible for faster QA and delivery through the continuous integration approach.

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