As everybody knows that on July 6, the Japanese company Nintendo released Pokémon GO—the game with elements of augmented reality. Pokémon GO runs on both iOS and Android devices. The application offers searching and taming Pokémons hidden in the real world.

Augmented reality has been known for several years already, but Pokémon GO seems to make a revolution: the app has literally become a passion for players. They cannot stop searching for Pokémon even when on dates or at concerts of popular singers (Rihanna officially asked not to catch Pokémon at her concerts).

Despite the fact that the game will only be 1-month old on August 6, today rarely does a blog post, social network or video review not mention Pokémon Go and the accompanying augmented reality. Therefore it makes little sense to devote yet another article to Pokémon Go and all that fever and fervor around this game. It is better to focus on what augmented reality is and how it can improve not only the gaming experience, but also how it can be applied to business applications; for example, to improve a marketing campaign.

Let’s start with what exactly augmented reality is. Augmented, unlike virtual reality, combines the physical world and virtual layers, which overlay reality in the proper sense of the word. Devices of augmented reality make designing real-time systems possible using real-world space. For example, the purpose of devices, such as Google Glass, Facebook’s Oculus, Microsoft’s HoloLens, is to reflect augmented reality. Besides, solutions based on augmented reality can be designed to work on smartphones; for example, to display beacons and icons on the map when you move the viewfinder to its area.

With Pokémon Go, Nintendo very eloquently showed how the app works on mobile devices based on augmented reality. However, is it possible to apply augmented for more than just games? Yes. It seems possible. Moreover, some well-known companies have done that for several years already. Let’s see some really interesting examples:

1 Stella Artois

Mobile application Le Bar Guide from the Stella Artois brand allows users to not only discover the nearest bar with their favorite beer, but identify the location and look of the bars on the global map along with visitors’ reviews. Also, they offer an option to order a local taxi if somebody got too enthusiastic enjoying the beer.

2 Maybelline

The application of Maybelline offers ladies a fascinating way to choose nail polish from more than thirty options. The system scans the corresponding image and shows the colors on a smartphone or tablet screen. The most exciting thing with this application is showing not only a digital image, but making it possible to apply the nail polish onto nails and see the manicure completely set. All ladies would agree this is a very time-consuming way to select the most suitable nail polish before you even got into the mall.

3 Metro

During the holiday season, augmented reality can be received by people as magic, though it is more the art of programmers and designers. Campaign of the School of Christmas Magic together with Metro magazine showed the readers how they can decorate their celebratory dinner. A good example of a useful advertising that can bring joy to more than just the advertiser.

These examples show that augmented reality is actually a part of a mixed reality, the essence of which lies in the integration of virtual objects into the real world. Use it to improve perception of information in many industries. There are already known applications with augmented reality used in medicine, navigation, art, biology, architecture, for office work and other kinds of human activity.

? Where to start creating AR-applications?

To start, remember these three important things:

1 Awareness of your application’s purpose

Nothing is possible without a clear idea and a plan. Do you know responses to the questions like:

                     What problem will your AR application solve?”
                     Do you know what your target audience needs?” [and questions like that]

2 Search for a reliable development company

We have already described a step-by- step guide on how to find a good development partner in this article.

3 When you have found a development partner and successfully developed your application, it’s time to publish it at the Mobile Stores and introduce it to the world!

Are you that company ready to successfully use it for your own benefit?