We are super excited to announce IT Craft’s participation in Tech Open Air (TOA) 2019 taking place in Berlin, Germany on July 2-5, 2019.

Why visit TOA?

TOA was the world’s first crowdsourced festival. It is now one of Europe’s leading startup events. TOA is open to everyone. And Berlin is a perfect place for TOA because of its strong startup community—home to a variety of startups.

TOA connects like-minded people from various industries including technologies, arts, and sciences. This intermingling of minds produces a powerful talent pool. This talent pool becomes industry disruptors who bring positive changes to every aspect of human life.

What does IT Craft offer?

IT Craft will scale up your startup. We are your Swiss Army knife IT department.

IT Craft designs innovative scalability for startups. Its remote tech team approach for startups of any size produces amazing results.

And this year at TOA, IT Craft’s CEO, Aleksey Andreychenko will be one of the presenters. He presents impressive results of IT Craft’s specially designed software for Virtuix Omni. Virtuix Omni is a Virtual Reality startup from Austin, Texas known for its special motion platform for active Virtual Reality sports and games. These games appeal to all players, from casual to hardcore fans.

Now it stands ready for tests—everyone is welcome!

Where can you find IT Craft and Virtuix Omni?

Visitors at TOA can test the Virtuix Omni platform at Booth E08. They play games and get in-depth technical details. They can also discuss their project ideas with IT Craft and Virtuix Omni specialists.

See you at Booth E08 in the Haus of Tech