The phrase ‘if you don’t like the weather in New England, just wait a few minutes’ is applied to numerous cities throughout the world. From rain to shine, wind to serenity, our skylines exist in ever-evolving conditions.

Likewise, if you don’t like current technology, well, just wait a few years–there is always innovation spurring greater speed, smaller batteries, and niftier software on the horizon. But when you are looking to upgrade your software, be wary of software developers that are reticent about what they plan on accomplishing and how much it will to cost you.

At IT CRAFT, we take the time to make sure our clients understand our plan to exceed expectations and minimize costs. We go through a detailed sprint with our clients, so that we are all on the same page. Then, we advise the best methods to reduce your costs, because we care about your bottom-line.

The overwhelmingly congratulatory client testimony published on Clutch, a premier B2B ratings and review agency, confirms our methods make our clients not only happy but ecstatic. One of many examples of our complimentary reviews, the founder of Telehealth Company listed a slew of praises about working with IT CRAFT.

Founder Telehealth Review

Continuing the trend of appreciative commentary, the head of digital business and product development at a translation company informed Clutch of the pervasive professionalism at IT Craft.

Head of translation company review

Clutch gains market insights through client reviews, in-depth quantitative metrics, and case studies. Based in Washington, D.C., the firm conducts interviews with clients of companies all over the world in order to establish a reliable baseline for quality and content.

Clutch recently listed IT CRAFT as a top Android development companies in Ukraine! Our attention to our customers differentiated us from other global software developers.

Additionally, Clutch’s sister site, The Manifest, declared IT CRAFT a top Ukrainian web developer! That Top 10 seals IT CRAFT in as one of the best web developers in Ukraine. From Asia to Europe and America, global brands are catching on to our prowess.

We have been through numerous changes in technology, trends in IT, and economic fluctuations. Founded in 2001, we have the experience to command web and software development. Our work on cutting-edge technologies never stops. And our attention to our customers is only bolstered by the reviews and ratings from Clutch and The Manifest.

Also we have been featured as Top Custom Software Development Company on Software Development Company .co.