Since russia’s first attack on Ukraine, February 24, 2022, Ukrainians continue doing a stellar job delivering quality software solutions on time.

Companies focus on creating safe and comfortable environments to ensure developers can keep pace in relative peace and meet client expectations.

This includes IT Craft. Our company continues to invest in resilient and reliable processes since russia began deliberately targeting civil infrastructure.

We have focused specifically on:

  • safety of our employees
  • preparation for anticipated outages

While many of our team members have found refuge in safer locations across the world, it is critical our remaining people are safe and well.

it craft destination

Here is what we do to support our engineers currently residing in Ukraine:

1 Opening a new office in Kyiv

IT Craft expanded its presence in 2022 by establishing a new office in Kyiv—the capital is the most protected city.

The Ukrainian Army secures the sky above Kyiv, thanks to the weapons and training provided by our Western allies.

The new office is located in a safe area far from any potential targets.

Yet, we have prepared for a negative scenario by making the office as autonomous as possible. The key improvements include:

Additional power supply

The office is connected to several strategic grid lines. And we have installed power generators if the main and reserve lines are out of order.

power generator

Internet connection

The Internet provider has added extra power supply to his equipment, improving autonomous time.

Also, we have Starlink systems as a backup connection.

starlink system

Autonomous heating

The company operating the office building has installed the building’s own heating system.

autonomous heating

Secure and equipped shelter

Developers can work from a safe shelter in the cellar if a threat of attack is announced. Equipped workplaces, extra power supply, Internet connection, food, and water are available there.

The office has an alert system. Also, everyone has installed the app Air Alert. Developers are immediately informed when alerts start and end.

secure and equipped shelter

2 Reopening the company’s Kharkiv office

Our home city, Kharkiv, has not been on the frontline since October 2022, when the Ukrainian Army completed a successful counter-offensive. Our office has now reopened for employees who come for an extended stay or return to their homes.

They rely on a fully equipped workplace. Our Kharkiv office provides the same improvements as our Kyiv office:

  • Several sources of power supplies, including generators.
  • Using Internet connections from several Internet providers plus Starlink for a long-term outage.
  • A shelter in the building is equipped with all necessary supplies. Also, workers can hide in a metro station that is five minutes away if the alert finds them en route to/from work.
it craft office

3 Supporting distributed team

Apart from Kyiv, most of the company’s workers reside in Western Ukraine, close to the EU border.

For those teammates, who work remotely, the company helps increase their autonomy:

  • Update working equipment such as laptops, Wi-Fi hotspots, signal boosters, and more.
  • Share knowledge on how to organize an autonomous home, including heating and running water.
  • Share experience on where to best buy generators, power stations, and supplies.
it craft team

4 Managing individual requests

We await new deliveries of supplies such as Starlink systems, power banks and stations, generators, and hardware which we need to keep a sufficient reserve. A special team has already formed an effective chain that enables us to manage individual requests within a minimum timeline.

manage individual request

5 Wrapping Up

The autonomy of IT Craft workers has increased as a result of all the above. So has safety.

Our seasoned experts can continue working from a secure, comfortable environment. We can focus on uninterrupted deliveries.

IT Craft teams remain within reach for all clients.

We are ready for new challenges and bringing your new product to the next level.