In a startup’s life, the crucial challenge is finding the right location for outsourcing software development. Limited budget; tight timeline. Which to choose? Onshore development is expensive and overwhelmed with orders; distant offshore locations are overfilled with shaky firms unable to deliver their promises.

This is where Eastern Europe and Ukraine, in particular, provides an almost perfect balance between development costs and quality of source code.

With a cultivated engineering mindset and Western-thinking orientation towards US/EU markets, Ukraine’s IT industry has grown to be the country’s third-largest exporter, following steel production and agriculture.

Little wonder Ukrainian IT companies have managed to deliver world-class programming code to help entrepreneurs transform their industries.

Choosing a specific provider can be a challenging task. (Check out our short guide for finding developers for a startup). Below are five top reasons why your startup would benefit by choosing a Ukrainian service provider for your digital solution:

1 Experienced software development for startups

An experienced software development team is crucial. Payoneer blog mentions Ukraine as a go-to destination for time-to-market, budget, and management reasons.

Startups should always get a roadmap for an MVP based on specific requirements they provide. The roadmap reflects the scope of work divided into milestones to align requested output and provided budget. This ensures the startup gets a working solution with desired functionality.

Software companies using an Agile approach have an edge with quick delivery and software updates. This is crucial to keep pace with market demands and similar startups.

2 Wide range of technical services

Ukrainian software development companies offer a wide range of services covering every stage of software development for startups:

IT Craft

These companies can cater to a wide range of technological needs from template-based rapid prototyping for an emerging startup to custom calculation algorithms for a rising star—and from consulting on technologies and analysis of competitors to post-launch support and server maintenance to support the full technological cycle.

These companies can quickly and easily add missing competencies on a project or expand the team if the scope of work grows.

3 Engineering mindset

Ukraine possesses a wide pool of engineering talents with strong educational background and natural curiosity.

Developers focus on the high-quality source code they produce and problems their code aims to solve. This means a proactive position to provide the best possible code maintainability and the architecture to make it possible to reuse an existing project rather than starting from scratch.

Also, most Ukrainian IT companies invest in access to domain knowledge for their employees. To leverage from continuous education, they help their employees attend conferences, get certifications, organize, or participate in hackathons, etc.

4 Flexibility

There are two key features in team flexibility. First, a good development team allocates time to give professional technological consulting, suggesting a relevant technological stack to kick start the development process quickly when given the green light and flexibility to pivot the project when the market decides what it needs.

Second, the development team strives to help each startup survive and thrive: responds fast to market challenges by adding new features, removing unused ones, automating workflow, introducing new techniques aimed at saving resources, etc.

A flexible team is one step ahead of its less-flexible competitors providing changes in a faster, more efficient way.

5 Realistic approach

We believe that reputation is the most valuable asset—and we adhere firmly to our promises.

This is why we take time to study requirements then promise only that which we can deliver and make a list of recommended technologies we selected as the best-suited tools for the given timeline and desired outcome. Also, when something is technically not possible or will exceed your budget, making the whole endeavor economically unsound, we will tell you honestly.
We ensure our clients’ expectations are met.

What steps must startups take to benefit from outsourcing software development to Ukraine?

To turn an outsourcing team to a finely tuned secret weapon for market conquest, startups need to follow the five do’s listed below.

The five crucial do’s are listed in Boston Consulting Group’s recent report, “When Agile Meets Outsourcing.” The report states that blending in-house and outsourcing teams into a cohesive unit in which all members interact as equals sharing skills, knowledge, and culture adds the most value to a project.

IT Craft

Below are the points to consider how to make team blending most efficiently:

What to consider Why is it
Choose slowly. Ensure you get a motivated and experienced team. Make calls to PMs or technical leads to discuss the roadmap.
Ask sales managers for references or similar experiences.
Read about relevant use cases on dedicated websites.
Search conscientiously for a team. Save time on hiring, onboarding, and coordination between single members. Search for information on company websites about teams.
Ask sales managers about previous project records, technological interests, and workload of the teams.
Discuss with PM both team composition and roles on the project.
Maintain regular communication. Encourage development speed.

Ensure timely decisions on the project.

Schedule a calendar for regular skype calls.
Track tasks through management software.
Make reviews after every iteration and provide the team with your feedback.
Encourage transparency. Ensure relevance of developed software Discuss your plans and possible changes with both PM and team.
Meet team personally. Save time on getting inline. Take time to visit the office where your team resides.
Schedule a session where you discuss strategic questions with your team.
Talk in person to every team member to get to know him or her better.

The right ukraine it outsourcing development boosts startups by building relevant software ready to scale.

Although Ukraine might look like a distant destination point, it has a wide pool of talented engineers and managers who take well-considered action and strive to deliver source code that solves each client’s business needs.