New Smart School Bus features are available to enhance students’ experience and safety!

Last year, our team was pleased to announce the launch of Our School Bus application to the Google Play market. Now we are happy to share a great piece of news… iOS application has been launched, too! We have been working hard on our product improvement over the past months spending long hours getting it ready and had no time to share a few highlights. We decided that it would be great to ask our client for an interview so that he, as Product Owner of the school bus tracking app, could share all the latest updates done significantly improve users experience for everyone: parents, students, drivers and school principals.

  1. Hi Mustafa.

    Thanks a lot for taking time to talk with me.

    Today I would like to start from the beginning and recall how the idea of a smart school bus tracking application began. What is the idea behind it?

  2. As a parent with children using the school bus, I had experienced difficulties with the then current school bus service, such as: bus not on time, students unnecessarily waiting alone outside their home, difficulty catching the bus once it has left, school bus driver not being notified if the student is absent, parents not knowing who is on the bus when there is an emergency, and school admin lacking a proper tool to optimize student collection areas. All of these needs for parents, school bus drivers and school administrators motivated me to develop this product—Our School Bus—that solves those problems

  3. How is Our School Bus application different from other school bus tracking applications?

  4. The difference is in the design. It is easy to use, solves real problems, works in high-quality performance and has innovative functions such as recognizing certain students in the bus and adding students’ location using the addressing Quick Response Code (QR Code)

  5. Could you elaborate on the Control panel for school principals? What does it look like?

  6. The control panel is accessed by the authorized school administrator to do the following functions: - Manage and control schools, buses, drivers, and set up routes. - Oversee parent and student information, verification and approvals. - Detection of specific students currently present on the bus.

  7. Mustafa, what are the biggest challenges you have faced during the development process?

  8. The biggest challenges faced were how to be able to design and implement a system to meet the real needs and to exceed users’ expectations. We have overcome these challenges by designing
    a system based on real gathered input from users. My wife, children and I are among the actual users. My sisters are teachers; they have given valuable input in setting up the system specification and design.

  9. How do you think Our School Bus application will be important for schools in the UAE and globally? Have you spoken with your local schools principals about it?

  10. The application will help schools and parents optimize the school bus service and improve students’ safety. It is now a foundation to develop more added functions based on user feedback. We have spoken with many school administrators. They have shown great interest in using the application. Because the application is in the stores and the solution is cloud based, these users can include any school in the world where internet service is available.

  11. What is your vision for this project in the coming month?

  12. We would like to have this application discovered and used as soon as possible. We aim to have this application used by as many schools in the world as possible as an added value from Smart Navigation Systems to humanity.

  13. How can school principals contact you to discuss the business opportunities?

  14. They can contact us through the following contact information: Email : [email protected] Mobile phone : +971506627541

  15. Thanks again for your time and answers, Mustafa! We hope you keep doing great things. All the very best with your valuable product!

Try Our School Bus application on Google Play or App Store and contact us if you have any feedback for our team, or if you are interested in our application and want to try it in your school!