! New Smart School Bus features are available to enhance students’ experience and safety!

Last year, our team was pleased to announce the launch of Our School Bus application to the Google Play market. Now we are happy to share a great piece of news… iOS application has been launched, too! We have been working hard on our product improvement over the past months spending long hours getting it ready and had no time to share a few highlights.

We decided that it would be great to ask our client for an interview so that he, as Product Owner of the school bus tracking app, could share all the latest updates done significantly improve users experience for everyone: parents, students, drivers and school principals.

smart school bus features

A system based on real gathered input from users

smart school bus tracking app

Try Our School Bus application on Google Play or App Store and contact us if you have any feedback for our team, or if you are interested in our application and want to try it in your school!