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Why Unity?

Unity is a powerful 3D engine that uses everything needed for intensive development workflow:
  • Powerful development tools with built-in visual editor that lets you customize everything
  • C# for cross-platform apps making it possible to share the same code base across any current generation devices
  • Suited for different use cases, not just only for game development fans

What kind of apps are we doing?

Demos and promotional materials
Real estate
Healthcare and treatment
Virtual chats
Showrooms and online
360° virtual tours
Productivity apps
Museums and virtual travels

IT Craft is your reliable VR development partner

Custom mobile apps with strong architecture making it possible to easily maintain, scale, update or port the Unity-based app to another Virtual Reality platform. Here is what we do:

Requirements management
3D design and modeling
Support and maintenance

While it is still a young technology, Virtual Reality is not limited to a small group of enthusiasts.

The mass market is quickly adopting to Virtual Reality due both to decreased prices for VR gear and rapid advancement of
VR engines that makes it possible to produce emotionally powerful user experiences.

Virtual Reality with Unity3d has great ROI as it enables customers to see what they get in smallest details.

A travel company, Thomas Cook Travel, attained a 190% growth in bookings to NYC after they offered an in-store virtual reality trial.

Today, not many companies use VR to promote their products or services.

Be one of the first: be ahead of the others.


What kind of devices do users need to play VR content?

It could be simple gear that uses a smartphone, like Google cardboard, or some specialized gear that works with VR helmets (Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Sony PlayStation VR) and requires computational power from consoles or desktops.

Do I need special apps for all of them?

When using Unity3d, most of the source code is developed on C# and shared across all platforms. However, different VR gear has different controllers. It will be necessary to make adjustments to a specific platform.

What about controllers?

VR gear has special controllers that differ with each helmet manufacturer. It can be gamepads, special sticks, sensors, cameras or touchpads on helmets. The controller type must be considered during the development.

How much space do I need to use a Virtual Reality app?

You need a room space 6.5x5 sq.ft. (2х1.5 sq. m.) to allow using helmet controllers with abandon.

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