1 What is Abetka?

The word ‘abetka’ means alphabet in Ukrainian.

App name highlights its goal: help preschool and primary school children learn letters with fun.

Parents can use the app to add diversity to their child’s free time.

Teachers can organize out-of-school activities prolonging children’s short attention span.

2 What technologies does the team use?

Abetka is a technologically complex app. To deliver a top experience for a reasonable budget, the team has leveraged accumulated expertise in AI and Flutter development. Both chosen technologies make it possible to launch a high-performing MVP within a short timeframe:

  • AI engine evaluates whether users draw letters correctly. It recognizes user moves on the screen and compares them to samples.
  • Flutter is a cross-platform development kit. It ensures strong app performance across both iOS and Android mobile platforms. Developers can introduce changes to the codebase and see the result immediately using hot reload feature. They maintain the same code base i.e., app costs are lower.

3 How does Abetka bring fun?

Abetka is a mix of an eLearning app and a coloring game.

As with any eLearning app for children, simple UX and gamification are the keys to regular exercise thus, to progress. The development team has introduced several techniques:


The main game character is called Blobby. Blobby is an animated, purple inkblot. He is smart because he is AI-powered.

First, he shows how to draw a letter. Then, the character “controls” drawing when the letter is ready.

elearning development


Blobby talks to learners praising them for successful task completion and encouraging to do their best if more effort is needed. This helps keep motivation high.

Topic words

Every level contains a word beginning with the letter. Learners can listen to its pronunciation and repeat after Blobby to train to spell.

Simple, friendly interface

Complexity ruins fun. This is why developers keep app UI as simple as possible. Screen elements differ from each other ensuring users find fast and effortless what they are looking for.

abetka elearning app

Bright, colorful design

The app contains a map with locations (forest, farm, city, and sea). Learners go through it by tapping a location. They choose a letter and start drawing it. Then, they can color a picture as a reward. App screens contain animations to warm learners’ interest.

elearning mobile app


The menu is available in English and Ukrainian. Therefore, the app is useful for bilingual students too. Adults who learn Ukrainian as a foreign language and want to practice a different writing system benefit from the app.

Last but not least: Our team would be happy to hear your feedback.

Feel free to tell us what you think about Abetka.

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Like every MVP, the app concept has been reduced to the core. Abetka app teaches writing only in block letters. Simple coloring pictures are available.

The team has big extension plans. Those include:

  • cursive writing
  • new open and hidden levels
  • design and tech improvements
  • adding more languages

Immediate development team’s steps depend highly on what users want — and expect — from the app.

5 Now I am curious. Can I try Abetka?

Of course!

Here are download links:

We are ready for new challenges and bringing your new product to the next level.

Just make sure to switch to English if you don’t speak Ukrainian.