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Dedicated Software Development Team

Do you need to get your project up and running soon?
Opt for a dedicated software development team.

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Do you need a dedicated team?

Do you feel overwhelmed trying to manage your project on your own? Are you facing an ever-increasing scope of work that could easily throw you off schedule? Are your goals beyond the capability of one sole, dedicated person—you?

  • You pursue long-term success. You plan to add multiple details for user convenience.
  • You remain open to changes and challenges to best serve your customers. You are ready to pivot to beat your competitors.
  • You want to maintain your software in perfect order. Regular updates and 99.8% uptime are necessary. No excuses.
  • You have insufficient resources to recruit, onboard, and retain tech talents. But the scope of work needs a full-time team.
  • You have no time to build a successful workflow. You need someone responsible for any and all tech details on your project. That number is high and keeps growing.
  • Your project requires well-organized processes. Developers must communicate with each other regularly. For project success, they must share details and knowledge.

Does your business need a team that will do top-quality work on your project?

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Benefits of a dedicated software development team

When you work with an outsourcing dedicated software development team, you get a complete, cohesive unit with all needed experts able to handle your project requirements. You get:

  • Established workflow

    Team members who have worked together on many projects. They have a balanced routine and established practices for any unforeseen challenges.

  • Time and cost savings

    Dedicated software development—one, “all-included” line item in your expenditures. No need to keep separate track of taxes, insurances, or office rental.

  • Missing talents

    Working with a team, you get access to all required expertise in your development process.

  • Focus

    The team is focused on your project. No distractions on side projects or sudden transfers of leading developers.

  • Efficiency

    The team is your external, off-site department and develops software specifically suited to your stated business goals. No micromanaging on your side.

  • Team scaling

    A specialized provider can scale the team on your project to manage an increasing workload or meet a deadline. State your plans clearly in advance.

Dedicated software development team services

  • dedicated software development team

    Project rescue teams

    Get your project back on track with an IT Craft dedicated team.

  • dedicated software development team

    Web solutions developers

    Hire a dedicated software development team to build scalable software supported by all types of devices.

  • hire dedicated development team

    Mobile app developers

    Build and launch mobile apps that support your business growth. A wide range of technical expertise is available.

  • dedicated software development

    App modernization experts

    Our developers ensure your software is optimized and based on an innovative tech stack.

Do you want to determine the optimum team squad for your project?

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Types of dedicated software development teams

Projects differ. You might require delivery of your entire project or only a part. Or you might want a team to keep working after project launch.

At IT Craft, we ensure you get the exact best value for your investment.

  • Dedicated development team

    The team of developers works on your project every day, focusing on end-to-end software development and ensuring all relevant expertise is on board, from business analysis through development to maintenance and optimization.

  • Team augmentation

    We assign a team that caters to specific needs (e.g., mobile development, back-end development, DevOps) and adds expertise as required.

  • Project delivery team

    A dedicated project team works on a project-based model. It develops and launches a specific project and provides post-launch guarantee support. Updates and improvements are possible per additional agreement.


Here are three of many cases when a client hired a dedicated software development team at IT Craft.

Web platform

The client envisaged a platform for secure hiring of selected nursing professionals.
He needed an all-in-one solution developed by a team that could quickly take over the project and deliver an MVP soon.
The team managed all the client’s expectations delivering the project on time. The team continues to work on project updates, expansion, and optimization.

View Case Study
Mobile Project

The client, a startup, had a prototype of its system. He wanted to launch a training management solution on all major platforms with automated synchronization and availability on as many devices as possible.
The team delivered a solution using a cross-platform development approach. It continued working on app expansion, updates, and optimization.

View Case Study
Web platform
Amesto Translations

Amesto Translation, a widely known translation company, wanted a team able to manage the growing workload needed to support and maintain its translation portal.
The team immediately took over the project. It introduced multiple improvements and integrated various third-party services for client convenience.

View Case Study

Why hire a dedicated software development team at IT Craft?

Rated 4.8/5.0 on Clutch by verified customer reviews, IT Craft ensures all its customers receive top-level services suited to their particular requirements.

This is why our clients hire a dedicated team at IT Craft:

  • Immediate start

    With 300+ engineers onboard, IT Craft can assign a development team soon. The project starts as soon as we clarify details and sign a contract. No delays.

  • Scalability

    IT Craft has five departments with distinct roles and specializations. We can find tech specialists to help you meet your growth needs.

  • Expertise

    With 20 years of experience in dedicated software development, we have launched projects of all sizes and complexities. We determine the best path for each client.

  • Transparency

    By hiring a dedicated development team, you stay in constant touch with your main contact points—PM/lead developer and business development manager—providing you with detailed, regular updates.

How do you get started?

Four steps to select and hire a dedicated development team for your project:

  • Send your project request

    Send us any relevant information on your project. We sign an NDA to ensure your peace of mind for a safe, transparent discussion.

  • Schedule a call

    We make a call to clarify project details. You meet your main points of contact (PM/lead dev and business development manager) and get essential questions answered.

  • Get an estimate

    We make a detailed analysis and present you with a team that meets your requirements.

  • Kick off project

    As soon as details are finalized and approved, your dedicated development team starts working on your project.


  • 1 What is a dedicated software development team?

    A dedicated software development team is a team with predefined skills and competencies assigned by a software development provider that works on the provider’s side. A dedicated development team can take over an existing project, augment in-house team, or start development from scratch.

  • 2 How do you structure a software development team?

    Approaches to team structuring depend on your requirements. The team always includes a project manager and technical specialists with a specific focus: front-end, back-end, or mobile software developer(s) and QA engineer(s). Usually, a client interacts with a project manager, the primary contact point. Regular meetings with the entire team are possible to enhance project workflow.

  • 3 What are the roles in a development team?

    A dedicated project team includes distinct roles:

    • Project management – plan and coordinate in dedicated software development.
    • Business analysis – prepare project requirements.
    • UX/UI design – work on software visual parts and improve user flow in the system.
    • Front-end development – program the front side of an app.
    • Mobile development – develop iPhone/Android apps for smartphones, tablets, or wearables.
    • Back-end development – design and develop server-side software.
    • QA and testing – ensure software meets requirements and works as planned.
    • DevOps – optimize both app and development workflow.

    These activities can be full- and part-time, depending on anticipated scope of work.

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