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project managment system
This is a temporary outsourcing of one of your business operations to us. A dedicated team consists of one or more project managers, business analysts, developers, testers and designers. No matter how many people belong to this pool of experts, their work time is reserved exclusively for you.

If you have a complex project likely to generate a significant amount of work over a long period of time, we can put together a team with the necessary skills to work exclusively for you. This team works on our premises. It is organized and managed by us.

The main advantages of dedicated software development team model are:

  • a quick start
  • lower ongoing costs
  • the core team of experts is on permanent stand-by with the flexibility to engage coders
  • other staff is involved on a part-time basis to boost performance when required
  • flexibility of operations because you can change your requirements specification at any time
  • you have the right to control the work of the team on a day-to-day basis

Development Process
At all stages of the project development the client has the direct access to the team and can track the progress through the project management software.

Time and Materials

Project Cycle

Services and Skills