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System Administration Services & Support

System Administration: this was our original name back in 2001. As time progressed, so did we. We added new activities to our scope: 24x7 support, an immediate-response team, proactive server management…we tried many roles.

But our core business has always remained the same: we ensure your digital presence is secure—now and in the future. You are—and always will
be—digitally available for your customers anytime, anywhere, no exceptions

server administration

Remote server support and administration services

When an app or digital service gets traction, its server side requires more and more attention:

Why use an attractive, interesting, friendly service if it is not always available? If it suffers downtimes or slow performance?

Remember the requirement of keeping the servers’ infrastructure in accordance to the latest security standards: no one wants to lose sensitive data due to hackers or a virus attack.

If requested, we provide additional service/solution where our team complements an onsite team or expert—depending on project size—thus helping them maintain servers in a healthy state.

Here are the two main ways we look after the health of your servers:

1) Proactive server management and support

We monitor your servers to detect potential problems before they arise. We install any required security patches and updates and communicate with customers to ensure their needs are satisfied.

2) Monitoring and escalation

We actively look after your servers 24/7/365 days a year to detect any issues as soon as they arise and provide immediate response based on your requirements.

24x7 website monitoring

What else can we do beyond the above-mentioned scope?
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Why opt for server management with our server administration team?

With so many 24x7 system administration and support companies worldwide, shortlisting the best presents challenges.

To minimize these challenges, use relevant key priorities to find a support team best suited to your needs.

What are these top key priorities to give you peace of mind? You need a server management team that:

Understands you and your business.

Monitors your servers 24/7/365.

Has the tools, experience, and expertise to maintain your servers no matter how new or how old.

Does not play favorites but treats all its customers with respect and handles any and all issues with alacrity.

24/7 Server Management

Our team’s four key takeaways help us stand out from a big crowd of competitors

  • 1systems administrator

    Staying on the same page and keeping a proactive attitude: You get to know all our team members and manager, and all teammates know you, your business goals and any decisions based on this understanding. For example, you have a selling website, we remember and know how important Black Friday is to your bottom line. We perform all necessary steps in advance to successfully meet a high server load and large number of requests to the website. You do not have to spend time or energy asking us to do it.

  • 224/7 support team

    Doing our best every day, all the time. Every company says that: we DO it. IT Craft 24x7 support team has been working hard to continuously maintain the high level of support we provide our clients. And because of this, we have a much higher retention rate than most: 8 out of 10 clients become our partners for years.

  • 3Outsourced 24/7 team

    Using the right tools for the server you use: no problem exists in this industry today that we have not met and mastered. With 18 years of experience we really know what to do—quickly and competently. We love new trends and get psyched by DevOps practices. But we also have clients who run a dozen servers with cPanel onboard—and even plain servers—whose peace of mind is as important to us as maintenance of their servers.

  • 4website monitoring

    Last but not least, we do not prioritize customers. All projects are equally important; each customer wants to sleep peacefully knowing they have been guaranteed 99.9 % uptime.

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