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Medical Software Development

Get everything you need to achieve successful medical software development. An entire department is at your service. Expert-level teams. Transparent delivery processes. HIPAA/GDPR compliance.

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HIPAA-/GDPR-complia­nt medical software development services

Our medical software development services help medical startups, hospitals, and insurance companies dramatically increase the treatment-process quality.
We cover all features and elements currently available in medical app development: wearables, smartphones, iPads/tablets, and large, custom-made, sophisticated systems.

  • Medical app development for wearable devices

    A robust monitoring system in a wearable device, smart watch, or fitness tracker. An app to track and analyze health data. The app collects, analyzes, and transmits vital factors from users to medical systems for further analysis or directly to doctors.

    • Vital parameters trackers
    • Fitness apps
    • Movement trackers
  • Medical app development for smartphones and tablets

    A smartphone or a tablet app transforms a “mini-computer” into a fully functional medical device. Patients can get in touch easily with the required professionals. All parties have access to essential information.

    • Telemedicine apps
    • Mental health apps
    • Insurance management apps
  • Custom medical software development

    Large, integrated software for sophisticated analysis available from any device. Meets the need for constant patient monitoring, remote treatment, and alerts. Decreases treatment costs through workflow optimization, e.g., generates/corrects treatment plans, analyzes patient data, implements alert systems for nurses and doctors.

    • Health record management
    • Reference apps
    • Drug prescription management

Featured Case Studies

IT Craft has a proven track record of being a dependable medical software development company with several medical projects in its portfolio. Here are three.

Web platform
DRG Claims Management

DRG provides an auditing system for insurance companies. This medical software has been designed to streamline business processes when negotiating treatment costs. DRG claim management software is designed with a special algorithm for verifying codes in clinical documentation and identifying errors and inaccuracies. Once an error has been identified, users can start negotiations to collect refunds on overpayments.

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Web platform

Arctrieval is a secure management system for medical correspondence. It replaces excessive, often burdensome paperwork with HIPAA-compliant medical software.
The Web app enables its users to release, exchange, and maintain medical records, thus saving time and securely retrieving information from anywhere. The app has enhanced data exchange protocols to exclude unauthorized access and an extended tracking log system to monitor suspicious activities.
Arctrieval architecture makes it possible to easily manage large volumes of data and scale the app when needed.

View Case Study
Web platform

A business social network for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. Partnering 360 was built to help industry representatives expand and maintain their business contacts. It helps businesses search for big events, plan their activities and negotiations, present their companies, and much more. Users can stay in touch during and between industry events.
Among other features, Partnering 360 provides search tools for companies looking for licensing and investment opportunities to help them promote products and negotiate with potential investors.

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Custom medical software development: put challenges aside

You simply cannot build, maintain, and expand software when software development is not your core business. Turn to and trust the experts to get high-quality medical app development. Choose expertise and experience.

  • Flexible IT department

    Our development team acts as your external IT department. It meets your needs, as required. It adjusts team size quickly—upscale to balance workload on the project.

  • Robust, secure technical solution

    The development team designs code base and builds infrastructure for secure data management. Regular security testing is an essential part of development.

  • Regulations

    Medical software development company IT Craft launches HIPAA- and GDPR-compliant apps. Specific regulations also apply to meet stakeholders’ needs.

  • User-first approach

    We help build a user-friendly solution ensuring both the visible side and the technical side give you and those who use your software the very best, stress-free experience.

  • Control

    You, the product owner, retain full control over software. Well-commented source code and all-encompassing project documentation are yours.

  • Ongoing support and optimization

    24/7/365 server monitoring ensures app availability. Test automation and infrastructure optimizations decrease update and maintenance costs.


Here is what one of our clients thinks about IT Craft’s medical software development.


“The MDVISIT product team has worked with many outsourced development teams over the years. IT Craft have been the most professional and the most effective outsourced team that we worked with.”

Paul Hodge, Co-Founder at MDVISITONLINE

Technological expertise

You have a presence on major platforms—just where your users need you.

  • Web

    Secure HIPAA-compliant SaaS system solution available everywhere.
    An intranet solution available via individual authorization. Firewall protected.

    • icon css 3
    • icon html 5
    • icon js
    • icon angular
    • icon react
    • icon
    • icon php
    • icon dote net
    • icon js
    • icon AWS
    • icon
    • icon csharp
  • Mobile

    Native app development to access specific device features and enhanced security.
    Cross-platform for fast-paced software development and enhanced security.

    • icon
    • icon
    • icon apple
    • icon
    • icon react
    • icon flutter
    • icon Ionic
  • Wearables

    Medical app development for smartwatch or fitness tracker to maximize function use.
    Custom IoT development for a new medical device.

    • icon WatchOS
    • icon Wear OS
    • icon IoT

Cooperation models

Your business has different requirements. We know this. This is why we offer you a flexible approach to custom medical software development. Choose the best model for your requirements.

  • Project-based development

    best for short-term projects with clearly defined requirements. The team develops and launches specific software. Save money.

  • Dedicated team

    best for long-term projects when requirements change. The team delivers a solution and keeps working on its updates and maintenance.

  • Team augmentation

    best for projects where specific expertise is required on short notice. Fast team upscale for timely project launch.

How to start medical software development today

All our clients follow these four steps:

  • Send your requirements

    Send us a description of your software idea. Schedule a consultation with our specialist to clarify questions from both sides.

  • Get a consultation call

    Meet our project manager to discuss project specifics with you. Find out about workflow and possible solution path.

  • Get a project estimate

    The team prepares an estimate based on noted project details that you can accept or ask for adjustments based on your priorities.

  • Project kick off

    Once the requirements have been finalized, we both sign a contract and assign a team that starts work immediately.

Frequently asked questions from our clients

  • 1 What is medical software development?

    Medical software development is a process of building and launching a special app that:

    • is an accessory to a regulated medical device
    • transforms a mobile platform into a regulated medical device
    • contains algorithms for analysis and interpretation of data retrieved from a medical device
  • 2 What are examples of medical software?

    Custom medical solutions vary greatly. For example:

    CareAware Connect – supports and maintains teamwork. Patient information is available from one central device for clinic staff.

    mClinic – helps manage appointments. Provides tools for scheduling, prescription management, payments, etc.

    IsabelPro – facilitates matching symptoms and test results to diseases.

    Medisafe – a ‘virtual’ pillbox alerting users each time they must take medicine.

    Aetna Health app – lets users manage their healthcare plans on the go, find doctors, compare costs, etc.

    Do you want an app like one of the above? Contact us.

  • 3 What software is used in hospitals?

    Hospitals benefit from multiple software. The most common types of custom medical solutions include:

    • Appointment management software
    • Health records and patient data management software
    • Telehealth apps
    • AI-based analytical tools
    • IoT devices for remote monitoring
    • Data administration and management systems
    • AR/VR apps for learning and education
  • 4 What is medical software engineering?

    Medical software engineering develops and launches medical apps for user groups like patients, doctors, clinics administrators, and insurance companies. It includes various types of software for remote patient monitoring, remote consultation, secure release and exchange of sensitive information, and more.

    Medical software engineering is challenging in terms of security. Another challenge is integration with specific (and often legacy) systems used in hospitals.

  • 5 Do you sign an NDA for healthcare projects?

    Yes. We can sign an agreement prior to negotiation stage to ensure your idea of a medical app remains secret.

  • 6 How secure is IT Craft’s network?

    We are completely aware that security is crucial for medical software development. Our system administrators apply best practices to protect it from unauthorized access and continuously monitor its state. Only assigned developers have access to a project through protected permission.

  • 7 Do you introduce any additional security measures in healthcare development?

    We apply HIPAA and GDPR rules to our medical software development processes. If your company has already implemented best practices for your healthcare projects, we also incorporate them. The same restrictions and policies you use internally extend to your dedicated IT Craft team.

  • 8 What technologies do you use?

    IT Craft has teams with different focuses available for you. You can choose based on scope of work and desired platform. Here is a short list:

    • .NET
    • Kotlin
    • Node.js
    • JavaScript
    • Swift
    • LAMP
    • Docker
    • Amazon Web Services

    If you do not see your target platform on the list, please contact us to find out if we can help you.

  • 9 Can you help me with my digital healthcare project?

    Yes. To get an estimate for your digital project, our business analyst studies your requirements then consults the relevant development team regarding scope of work. A timeline, the required team size, and possible technological stack (if none provided) are determined.

  • 10 Will you work with the codebase I already have for a medical app?

    It depends. Before we start, we conduct a code review. When the code quality is high, we are happy to proceed with it. However, if the code doesn’t meet our exact standards to deliver a high-quality product, we advise starting over. With medical software development, it is mandatory to avoid critical bugs, ensure software consistency, and guarantee data security to meet HIPAA and GDPR compliance.

  • 11 How do you communicate with your clients?

    We have daily or weekly Zoom/Skype calls between the client and PM/lead developers. Frequency depends on the scope, timeline, complexity, and client preference.

    We use different management software (Jira, Redmine, Asana) to track project progress and time expenditure. We use Slack for internal messaging. If there is any software you prefer to use in your healthcare project, we can apply it to our workflow.