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Medical Software,
Web and Mobile App Development

As an outsourcing development company of custom medical software, IT Craft transforms your technical requirements into seamless solutions. This is what we do: medical software development for new apps, functionality expansion for existing ones, and optimization of app performance to keep maintenance costs as low as possible.


Medical software development for smart devices to enable real-time control over patients’ state of health. System users track different health parameters and send alerts when something gets outside of range.


Medical mobile app development for secure live communication between doctors and patients. The apps enable consulting on treatment, diagnosis and support patients from any place in the world.

AR apps

Visualization of reference materials. Medical specialists can get interactive illustrations to explain patients’ state, get a brief descriptive note, etc.

Electronic health
records release

Secure HIPAA-compliant medical web development for release and transmission of sensitive information. Patients get access to their health information in a structured manner.

analytical tools

Make sense of massive amounts of medical data for optimum care of patient--both current and future. Custom algorithms enable identifying risks of diseases, increase diagnostics accuracy, and improve patient monitoring.

Data administration and
management systems

Role-based access helps control exchanging data among clinics, insurance companies, and authorities. Healthcare management apps ensure automated workflow and eliminate human error.


IT Craft consistently ranks high based on clients’ reviews and the level of produced source code, and by leading research and certification companies within the medical niche.

medical device software development
medical web development
medical app development
medical device software development
medical web development


IT Craft offers medical software development services for medicinal, and biopharmaceutical industries. The company creates software solutions to streamline business workflow through its automation decreasing workload and eliminating human error. Using innovative technologies, our medical app development team helps create healthcare software to collect valuable data and make sense of it, monitor state of health, prototype sensor-based medical device software development, and much more.


  • Web apps
  • Cloud solutions
  • Native and cross-platform apps
  • Embedded healthcare IoT
  • Transition of old desktop software to a new platform


  • System analysis
  • Software architecture
  • Prototyping
  • Front-end / back-end development
  • Third-party services integration
  • Quality assurance
  • App deployment
  • Data migration
  • App performance optimization
  • Support and updates

Do you sign an NDA for medical projects?

Yes. We can sign an agreement during any negotiation stage to ensure your idea of a medical app remains secret.

How secure is IT Craft’s network?

We are completely aware that security is crucial for medical software development. Our system administrators apply best practices to protect it from unauthorized access and continuously monitor its state. Only assigned developers have access to a project through password-protected permission.

Do you introduce any additional security measures on medical development?

We apply HIPAA rules to our medical software development process. If your company has already implemented best practices for your healthcare projects, we are happy to apply it. We can extend the same restrictions and policies you use internally in the dedicated team.

What technologies do you use?

IT Craft has teams with different focus on board. You can choose based on scope of work and desired platform. Here is a short list:

  • LAMP
  • .NET
  • Java
  • Node.js
  • JavaScript
  • Objective C / Swift
  • Docker
  • Amazon Web Services
If you do not see your target platform on the list, please, contact us to find out if we can help you.

Can you help me with my digital medical project?

Yes. To get an estimate for your digital project, our business analyst studies your requirements then consults the relevant development team on scope of work. A timeline, required team size, and possible technological stack (if none provided) are determined.

Will you work with the codebase I already have for a medical app?

It depends. Before we start, we conduct a code review. When the code quality is high, we are happy to proceed with it. However, in some cases, it is worth starting anew to avoid critical bugs and/or ensure software consistency.

How do you communicate with your clients?

Depending on the scope of the project, timeline, and complexity, we have weekly or daily Skype calls between the client and the PM / lead developers. We use different management software (Jira, Redmine, Asana) to track project progress and time expenditure. We use Slack for internal messaging. If there is any software you want to use on the healthcare project, we can apply it to our workflow.


medical device software development
ASP.NET .NET Framework C# NVelocity TinyMCE JQuery Filestream storage SSRS

Arctrieval is a secure management system for medical correspondence. It replaces excessive paperwork with HIPAA-compliant medical software. The Web app enables its user to release, exchange, and maintain medical records, thus saving time and securely retrieving information from anywhere. The app has enhanced data exchange protocols to exclude unauthorized access and an extended tracking log system to monitor suspicious activities. Arctrieval architecture makes it possible to easily manage large data volumes and scale the app, when needed.

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medical app development
DRG Claims Management
ASP.NET MVC .NET Framework C# SSIS# MS SQL 2012#

DRG provides an auditing system for insurance companies. This medical software has been designed to streamline business processes of treatment costs negotiations. DRG claim management software possesses a special algorithm for verifying codes in clinical documentation, and identifying errors and inaccuracies. Once an error has been identified, users can start negotiations to collect refunds on overpayments.

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medical web development
Custom Healthcare Portal
PHP MySQL Apache Javascript SendGrid

A Web portal for patient support programs completed for a major provider of healthcare management programs and medical studies. It was designed for patients with a certain range of diagnoses. Using the Web portal, patients can get experienced help from FAQs on disease-related topics to contacts by medical staff coming to the place where they live. The portal corresponds to the latest industry standards to ensure secure medical information management approved by thorough acceptance testing.

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medical software development
Partnering 360
PHP MySQL Javascript Linux Apache
Zend Framework jQuery TCPD

A business social network for pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. Partnering 360 has been built to help industry representatives expand and maintain their business contacts. It helps search for big events, plan their own activities and negotiations, present their own companies, and much more. Partnering 360 provides search tools for companies looking for licensing and investment opportunities as well as services for promotion of companies’ products.

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