In the world, there are many software solutions companies, and for our purpose we can break them into several types:

(this is only our vision, so it really is for our purpose)

1. Small startups
They need to remain on the market, earn a reputation and stay afloat, that is, at least not to operate at a loss. Such companies undertake a great variety of tasks, from mockups slicing and content management to custom web development of big and famous projects’ clones.

We are not going to talk about that category, as we do not belong there any more, or at least we believe we don’t. 🙂 We do not say such are a bad choice. They are energetic and willing to give a good account of themselves, but lack of experience and ready-made solutions considerably increases risks in work. On the other hand, a chance of finding a new gem, uncut and cheap, is always there.

2. The second type is medium size businesses that have been on the market for a few years, that know their worth, have given a good account of themselves, ones with a client pool and an aspiration for growth; note that they aspire any kind of growth. The variety of their projects is also great enough and it has no distinct borders, but their main project selection criterion is profit, and profit at all costs; they will do anything to release their product and make money. We do not identify ourselves with that type, either.

3. Huge software programming companies with 1000 and more employees. We are not going to talk about them, either – they have their own niche, their own repeat customers, and their own share of the labor market. Maybe it’s a pity, but we haven’t reached this category just yet.

4. And, finally, the type of company we’d like to identify ourselves with, is medium-size firms that have been on the market for a while, know what they are worth, and aspire to grow in quality.

What does that mean?

We believe that:

  • The prospects and partnership are much more important than short-term profit;
  • A complex and hi-tech project is much better than a standard one, that you can simply churn out as much as needed;
  • It’s better to solve one complex task than a dozen of simple ones.

We do not say profit is unimportant to us (we love it and we are not going to work without it), we just know that by solving complex problems and helping you solve your problems now, we lay a firm foundation of our future, and financially, too, of course.

But we are not interested in projects that, for example, are nothing but fixing bugs in someone else’s code, of course, unless it’s a part of a large software solution or you are an old and reliable customer of our company. We will not do very minor and routine tasks specially, even constantly, even on full-time basis and for years ahead (There are other computer programming companies for that).

We just always do our best to grow, so our projects should contribute to our growth. We understand that there is no standing still in the industry. It is pretty much like standing on an escalator that’s going down – each second without any movement is a step backwards, at best.

We are really interested in startups, especially in anything about mobile app developments (we create iOS applications and custom Android apps). We can devote ourselves to making them, but we are not going to do it for the sake of the prospects only. That doesn’t mean, however, that we cannot give you a substantial discount provided that there is a mutual interest.

Our portfolio includes navigation systems, big portals and many more. Among our clients are a major trade union of doctors’ (Germany), an e-commerce site for the world’s major video and photography equipment retailer, and a recent development – a big portal for pilots.

We are interested in anything non-standard, anything odd and requiring a complex approach; mathematics, statistics, fast-growing projects, high load systems…

We have a dedicated team of managers, analysts, architects, mobile application developers, designers,  web developers, test engineers; many of our people have international certificates.

That doesn’t mean we do not take on, say, standard WordPress solutions. Even that kind of projects can be fun in their own way, interesting solutions and approaches can be found for them. We have a Custom Solutions Service.
Tomorrow your small presentation on WordPress may become a framework for a huge complex project, we don’t want to miss an opportunity like that 🙂

What is important to us is to bring your ideas to life and to make sure they grow, live up to your expectations and get you what you want, be it money, publicity or growth.

It’s an open secret that, ensuring your success, we expect our own profit. We seek mutually profitable partnership.

Your ideas may spring up with custom website programming company help, so do not hesitate to contact us, we don’t do anything in the world, we just do what we are interested in and what you need. So we may be going each other’s way.

Do feel free to contact us!