Google Has a New Logo


Everyone must have noticed the hand that was wiping out Google’s old logo and drawing a new one instead. Google celebrated the first big change to the company’s branding in 16 years with a doodle on the search page.


At a glance, the company has preserved its logo colors and their arrangement while it replaced the old typeface with a new one, Product Sans, which looks smooth and charming. The hand corrects the last ‘e’ so it looks upwards to symbolize Google’s optimistic outlook towards its future. Another cool feature is the microphone icon which implies the advance in voice technologies “Ok Google”.

Together with the new logo, the company has made changes in other elements of its branding to bring them in line. Thus, there is a new ‘G’ letter for Google+ and new favicons. This corresponds with the most recent changes in the company like the establishment of Alphabet, the new holding company and has successful development of various technologies such as driverless cars and the Bluetooth low energy (BLE) beacons protocol Eddystone.