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Healthcare app
IT Craft provides fully functional medical software development for the healthcare industry from the ground up. We grant our clients secure custom software based on the latest industry standards.

Our team is responsible for the complete development cycle starting from collecting and designing your requirements through coding and testing to release and support.

IT Craft can build both web- and mobile-based solutions:

  • Secure solutions for HIPAA-compliant data exchange via SMS, chat and internal messaging including possibility to attach files (e.g., analyses, X-Ray pictures, etc.)
  • Chatbot apps with customizable standard messages to provide required information from different sources via web and mobile interfaces
  • Systems with authorized data access, depending on the user role (patient, representative, doctor, case manager or any other authority)
  • Data secured analytical tools to analyze a massive amount of incoming information with less effort helping to improve care at the same or lower costs
  • Development of IoT-based software smart solutions (heart-rate, blood-pressure monitor) for instant, real-time control of patients’ state and their integration into existing management systems

Do you have an idea that does not match any from above? Contact us today to discuss your project.

healthcareWhen choosing our company, you get:

  • Development experience working on healthcare projects of different scale and complexity
  • A dedicated team focused on your projects
  • NDA and other agreements to protect your idea
  • Custom E2E solutions
  • Cutting-edge technologies to ensure the best performance
  • High-standard security to protect sensitive data
  • Post-launch support to be sure your solution works

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