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Custom Android App Development Services

IT Craft provides expert-level Android app development services for startups and established businesses.

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Types of Android App Development Services

Whether you’re a startup or an established business, IT Craft experts help you with Android app development, delivering a technical solution for your business.

  • Native Android app development services

  • Cross-platform and hybrid Android app development

  • Android project rescue

  • Android app reengineering

  • Team augmentation with Android developers

  • App security enhancement

  • Software porting to Android platform

  • Mobile Android app testing

  • Android app updates and maintenance


IT Craft consistently ranks high based on client reviews, leading research and certification companies, and quality level of produced source code.

  • designrush.com
  • top rated on upwork
  • clutch 2015
  • silver Microsoft Partner
  • Clutch 2017


No matter how small or complex a project, all IT Craft’s clients receive the same high-quality Android app development services. Three examples of many successful Android application development projects.

Mobile Project
FieldOne Android application

This is a cross-platform SaaS app designed to manage and track field activities.
FieldOne was a desktop program that became obsolete. To maintain its worth, app owners decided to re-develop it as a SaaS solution for various platforms (Web, Android, iOS) turning it into a powerful tool for streamlining business processes.
FieldOne was based on Microsoft technologies. Cross-platform development made it possible to reuse existing source code for the Android app thus, delivering the consistent UX onto all platforms.

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Mobile Project

This app provides functionality coaches need to plan and manage training sessions. Trainers have access to a large library of animated exercises to select best exercises and add them to the sessions. They can also analyze performance by both teams and individual players during the entire season.
The app provides two versions, a desktop for the office and a mobile app for training. The app automatically synchronizes user profiles ensuring all user data updates are safe.
Using a cross-platform development approach made it possible to boost development workflow. The same development team delivered new features to all three platforms.

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Mobile app

InNav is a robust platform designed for orientation and location tracking inside large facilities. End users can use the app to search for and point to a specified destination. They receive turn-by-turn directions. InNav’s find-a-friend feature helps users find each other inside large venues. Parental control is possible via a dedicated app.
Business owners benefit from data analytic tools, alert notifications, and special features for products on shelves.
Development team implemented native Android development approach in order to ensure the best app performance, access to smartphone hardware, and optimized power consumption.

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Android apps for any devices, any screen sizes

  • Custom Android application development

    Native, cross-platform, or hybrid—IT Craft developers help you throughout the entire development process to deliver functionality your users want.

  • Android tablet app development

    Tablet apps must adjust to different screen sizes and uses. Our development team ensures your Android app works flawlessly on tablets.

  • App development for wearables

    Wearables give users a second screen. They love it. Accustom users to constant connectivity with your smartphone app’s seamless integration.

  • Smart TV app development

    Are your users looking for entertainment and new content? Help them switch without a hitch between all home screens.

  • Enterprise-level Android app development services

    Digitalize your workflow. Save money. Ensure your Android app is fast, secure, and reliable.

  • Android AR games

    Build an AR game. Or add gamification to your existing Android app. Give users the reason to open your app often.


An active Android app development company for over a decade, IT Craft has worked with companies and startups from all over the world. IT Craft’s domain expertise includes, but not limited to, the following industries:

  • Healthcare

    Manage staff and patient queues, arrange appointments, get consultations—all securely.

  • eLearning

    Book and schedule online lessons, get help in different disciplines, learn in a group or individually.

  • On-demand services

    Find the best service providers, pay online, track completion, rate, and give feedback.

  • Retail and ecommerce

    Check parameters of any item such as price, availability, delivery options, etc. Order at any time, any place. Track the order.

  • Augmented Reality

    Start a virtual showroom. Launch an engaging game. Provide visual illustrations for books or teacher’s commentaries.

  • Social networks

    Connect users with other users and communities. Encourage producing, sharing, and evaluating content.

  • Logistics

    Optimize processes throughout different stages of a supply chain. Plan, track, and schedule.

  • Business management and optimization

    Collect and analyze growing amounts of data on various company activities. Identify bottlenecks. Reduce idle time. Monitor progress.

  • Indoor navigation

    Locate users, assets, and items inside large facilities. Build optimum routes and help navigate. Make sense of collected data.


  • Languages
    • Java
    • Kotlin
    • C#
    • JavaScript
  • SDKs
    • Android SDK
  • Frameworks
    • Ionic
    • Flutter
    • React Native
  • Back end
    • LAMP
    • Node.js
    • .NET/.NET Core
  • Database
    • MySQL
    • MongoDB
    • PostgreSQL
  • Search
    • Elasticsearch
  • Geolocation
    • Google Maps
  • AR
    • Unity
    • Kudan
    • ARCore
  • Payments
    • PayPal
    • Stripe
    • Mangopay
  • Testing
    • SoapUI
    • JMeter
    • Selenium

Why Choose Android App Development at IT Craft?

As an Android app development company, IT Craft has resolved the problem of providing top-notch expertise at an affordable price. And IT Craft is known for keeping its promises. IT Craft strives to offer an exceptional quality-for-price ratio for Android app development services, making it easier to keep development costs in line.
This is why so many clients select IT Craft as their number one choice—their go-to Android app development company.
IT Craft: a company clients trust with their money and their future.

  • Cultural competence

    A project is only successful when both parties share similar views and values.
    At IT Craft, development teams use the same managerial approach, treat clients equally, keep our promises, and deliver high-quality source code on time, within budget.

  • Transparency

    IT Craft provides complete transparency for its Android app development services. IT Craft delivers a development plan suited to your budget and requirements. Ease of tracking progress. Participation and input during regular meetings. Detailed reports after each Sprint.

  • Flexibility

    Building a product for a startup means the development strategy might change after users give their MVP feedback. We provide Agile Android app development services to quickly adapt plans to each situation. This helps you deliver what your users want. No delays.

  • End-to-end solutions

    IT Craft is a full-cycle Android app development company. We help you throughout the entire development process, from analysis of requirements and strategy to publishing in an app store and app support.

  • Post-launch guarantee support

    You get post-launch support when users start using your app. The same developers ensure any issues found in the produced source code get fixed.

  • Realistic approach

    We tell you what is possible within your given timeline and budget. When something is not possible because of defined restrictions, we are always upfront and tell you honestly.

Development process

When you choose IT Craft’s Android app development services, you get a team of professionals passionate about delivering the best tech solutions possible. IT Craft Android developers fulfill their promises in five steps:

  • Project discovery
    • Project analysis
    • Code inspection & documentation review
    • Project mapping and wireframes
    • Preliminary estimate
  • Design and development
    • UI&UX
    • Android app development
    • Back-end development
    • Android testing
    • App integration (if required)
  • App launch
    • Publishing on Google Play
    • Deployment on client’s server or in the cloud
  • Post-launch guarantee period
    • Free 1- to 3-month guarantee support
  • Updates and Maintenance
    • App upgrades and updates
    • Source code optimization
    • 24/7 technical support and monitoring
    • App migration (if required)


Do you have a question? Look for an answer below.
Can’t find it? Write and ask us:

  • 1 I have an idea. How do I start?

    It’s easy. Fill out our contact form describing your idea or ask for an introductory Skype call. You will hear from us within one working day.

    It’s free. NO obligation to you at all.

  • 2 Is my idea 100% safe with IT Craft? How?

    We are happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) at any stage of negotiations ensuring all your secrets remain completely safe with us.

  • 3 How much work must I do?

    To start, you write your list of requirements and a feature list giving us the needed information to prepare a free estimate for you. The greater the detail you provide, the more precise the estimate we can provide.

    When you like what you see and we start Android app development, you stay in close touch with your dedicated project manager and development team. If you prefer, you can make regular weekly—or if you prefer—daily calls with the team to ensure timely decisions on your project.

  • 4 Which tools do you use for Android application development?

    We use different technological stacks for different purposes. Our Android app development services include hybrid, cross-platform, or native stack. It all depends on your budget, requirements, and the nature of the app.

    • Hybrid apps take less time to develop but tend to operate more slowly. (Quick to build, slow to run.)
    • Cross-platform Android application development is used where the same code base needs to be maintained for several platforms.
    • Native apps operate the fastest but require considerable effort in development. (Slow to build, quick to run.)

    If you are unsure which technology best suits your needs, contact us. Together we will figure it out. No cost. No obligation.

  • 5 How long does it take to develop an Android app?

    This depends on the scope of work needed.

    Apps can be roughly divided into three categories:

    • 1 – 2 months: simple app with basic design, 1 – 2 easy actions, <8 screens.
    • 4+ months: edium complexity apps with several functions, customized design, integrations, >10 screens
    • 6+ months: complex apps with different integrations, admin panel, fully custom design, and multiple screens
  • 6 Will you help publish my app in the app store?

    Absolutely! This is included in the Android app development services we provide.

    To shorten the timeline, you will need:

    • $25 for a Google Play developer account
    • an app icon
    • a long and short description of your app
    • YouTube video for your app
    • link to your website
    • privacy policy (mandatory when your app needs access to user data, smartphone sensors or camera)
  • 7 Do you provide ongoing support and maintenance?

    Yes, our Android app development services cover app maintenance. Choose the maintenance model that best suits your needs and budget:

    • A dedicated team to address any issues immediately and avoid costly delays.
    • Contact us on an “as-needed basis”. All required work gets done but there might be a delay because developer(s) are fully booked on other projects.

    The former has a higher upfront cost. The latter, a higher cost in time and delays.

    Choose the best option for you. Whatever works for you, works for us.

    When you anticipate adding several new features or a series of improvements, consider hiring a dedicated team to work solely on your app. Book ahead to avoid disappointment.