We are thrilled to report a grand event in IT Craft’s life: the first round of an internal Hackathon, organized by the Web Development Department, took place on Monday March 27, 2017.

Hackathon was planned as an individual competition aimed to help department members switch from everyday activities and try experimental solutions they would otherwise not do.

The first round included the following nominations focusing on relevant directions:

  • Business Analysis – competitive analysis
  • Graphical Design – Material Design for Android apps
  • HTML / CSS – Bootstrap 4 alpha
  • iOS – React Native with Objective-C
  • PHP – WebSockets, Node.js
  • Quality Assurance – load testing

The broad range meant everyone was encouraged to spend quality, outside-the-box time.


Six hours to solve a task plus two hours for all presentations. As an option, there was a 24-hour format. Participants could start the day before—on Sunday evening—right after the tasks were published online.


To receive points, each participant had to fulfill two criteria:

  •  send a presentation before the deadline
  •  meet the minimum requirements

Most made it. Also, best presentations got extra points when chosen for Audience Choice Award.

Although there are leaders in every nomination, rounds two and three promise to bring more fun and competition.