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On-Demand Taxi App Development

IT Craft’s robust engine for on-demand taxi app development means you get your app done quickly and reach your audience fast.

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On-demand taxi app development: high-quality code, fast launch

Our development engine tailored specifically for on-demand taxi app solutions “fits the bill” for several types of business.

  • Taxi chains

    Manage your fleet in real time with on-demand taxi app development. Optimize expenses by automating processes and data flow. Increase customer loyalty by offering the same level of service in all locations.

  • Single businesses

    Expand your presence in your local market. Offer taxi on demand. Increase customer satisfaction with your services.

  • Startup marketplaces

    Try out a new business idea. Launch your taxi on demand MVP quickly. Attain a sustainable business model.

Save time and money

on demand taxi app development

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What do you get with an on-demand taxi app?

We have developed a high-quality, thoroughly tested, ready-to-go code base. We adjust it to your requirements, add a design, and publish in app stores.

You benefit from on-demand taxi app development with IT Craft in so many ways:

  • Fast launch

    Development time decreases dramatically. You can start testing your business idea soon.

  • Customization

    You get a unique, custom app with your own branding ensuring you stand out from your competitors.

  • Scalability

    Your on-demand taxi app solution supports a growing number of users to ensure availability of your service.

  • Third-party integrations

    We integrate required third-party modules into your on-demand taxi service.

  • High performance

    Our app code is optimized for all platforms. Your audience enjoys your fast, on-demand taxi app using their favorite device.

  • Support

    Based on your choice, our development team keeps working on app updates and maintenance after its launch responding to all project challenges.


The robust IT Craft app engine contains core, software functionality needed to provide users with taxi on demand.

Software consists of the following parts:

app for customers
on demand taxi app solution
  • Sign up/Login/Registration using social media/Guest mode
  • Profile management
  • on demand taxi app development Order management
  • on demand taxi app development Order status
  • Notifications
  • In-app payments
  • Order history
  • Live positioning of a taxi driver
app for drivers
  • Login
  • Profile management
  • Route tracking
  • on demand taxi app development Order status
  • Order details
  • on demand taxi app development Order management
Administration panel
on demand taxi app development
  • Role management
  • User management
  • Scheduling
  • on demand taxi app development Order management
  • General info about the app management

On-demand taxi app development steps

These are the essential steps to launch your on-demand taxi app solution—fast:

on-demand taxi app development services

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  • Android

    • Language: Kotlin
    • Architecture: Clean Architecture + MVVM
    • Logic: Databinding, DI, MVVM
    • UI: Native
    • DB: Room Persistence Library
    • Auth: FB SDK, Firebase signup
    • API: Rest, Socket IO
    • Location: Native
    • Maps: GoogleMap
    • Payment: Stripe
    • 3rd party: Retrofit2, SocketIO, Stripe, Facebook, RXJava3
  • IOS

    • Language: Swift
    • DependencyManager: SPM
    • Architecture: MVVM + FlowController
    • Logic: Combine
    • UI: UIKit, SwiftUI
    • DB: CoreData
    • Auth: FB SDK, SignInWithApple
    • API: Rest, Socket IO
    • Location: CoreLocation, MapKit
    • Maps: MapKit
    • Payment: Stripe
    • 3rd party: Kingfisher, SocketIO, Stripe, Facebook, SwiftLint
  • Backend

    • Language: Python 3.8
    • Frameworks: Django 3.1, Django REST Framework 3.12
    • WEB Server: Gunicorn
    • DependencyManager: PIP
    • DB: PostgreSQL
    • Auth: OAuth2
    • Payment: Stripe
    • 3rd party: Django MPTT, SocketIO, Celery[redis], Stripe, fcm-django,


  • top rated on upwork
  • clutch 2015
  • silver Microsoft Partner
  • Clutch 2017

Why choose IT Craft as a tech partner for your
on-demand taxi app?

Every non-tech business needs a reliable totally tech-savvy partner to support its clients’ digital requirements.
Businesses need a partner to deliver promises made—on time, on budget. IT Craft is known for this.

As an IT Craft client, you get:

  • Expertise

    The company has been in the software development business for over 20 years helping launch and maintain myriad projects.

  • Full-cycle development

    You get support and sound advice at every step of your project. You receive your ready-to-use on-demand taxi app that works on all major platforms.

  • Project head start

    To begin, we only need your app requirements and your signature agreeing to our project plan and estimate. The team starts working on your project straight away. No delays.

  • Transparency

    Communicate with your dedicated project manager as often as you wish during business hours. Receive Sprint plans and reports. Every step of the way, you know what the team is doing and how much it costs you.

  • Post-launch guarantee

    The same development team supervises your project during the post-launch guarantee period. The team ensures your app works flawlessly and eliminates discovered bugs.

  • Equal treatment

    Your success is our success. We help find the right solution to your challenges and budget. Size doesn’t matter: all our clients get all the tech help needed to launch on time.

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  • 1 Can you customize an app based on our business model?

    Yes. Absolutely. Our engine contains basic functionality for every on-demand taxi app solution adjusted to your chosen requirements and features. The development team provides integrations and adjusts app source code to your needs.

    However, if your app has unique requirements, it could take more time than expected and cost more than a fixed-price solution.

  • 2 What level of branding can I get from your solution?

    It depends on your requirements. You can either provide your own design or ask us to prepare a custom design for your app. Just tell us.

    A fixed-price model does not apply to a fully custom app design. A unique, branded design is possible within several iterations. Costs and timeline need to be estimated separately.

  • 3 How much does it cost to develop an on-demand taxi app from scratch?

    Starting from scratch, on-demand taxi app development time averages 2,200 hours. This equals appr. $77,000 based on Eastern European hourly rates.

    This number can skyrocket to $100,000 and higher if the number of users escalates exponentially right after the app launch.

  • 4 How much does it cost to build a basic on-demand taxi service app?

    App owners could pay only $17,000 if they go with a basic app. They receive all functionality needed to start a taxi service.

    Services include design, development, testing, launch, and project management.

  • 5 How does an on-demand taxi app work?

    Every on-demand taxi service contains four essential steps.

    For customer
    • Make an order
    • Receive service
    • Pay for the service
    • Evaluate and provide feedback
    For service provider
    • Receive an order
    • Manage order
    • Receive payment
    • Receive feedback

    Functionality for taxi on demand is divided between three apps: for clients, for taxi drivers, and for app administrators.

  • 6 How do I start a taxi service like Uber?

    Consider the following steps when you envisage a service for taxi on demand:

    • Study competitors to find out customers’ pain points.
    • Think how your idea improves customer experience.
    • Launch a short campaign to test user interest.
    • Evaluate results of your campaign and compose a list of requirements.
    • Shorten the list of requirements to core essentials.
    • Develop an MVP of the on-demand taxi app based on your requirements.
    • Promote your software among interested users.
    • Collect feedback and make changes to your software.
    • Rinse/repeat until you get a stable user interest.