Responsive Web Design Services

Ensure your website or app looks and feels great on all user devices, including smartphones, tablets, and desktops.

Our responsive web design company can help you:

  • adjust UI and streamline UX
  • deliver your web solution quickly and efficiently
  • improve website updates, management, and scaling
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Responsive Web Design Services We Provide

You can count on us in many situations, from launching a simple business website to modernizing a large enterprise-level portal.

Our responsive web design company’s services include but are not limited to:

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Responsive Web

Responsive design saves you money. Instead of building separate websites for desktop and mobile devices, we can help you manage all screen sizes within one codebase, ensuring aligned and consistent user experiences.

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Responsive Ecommerce Design

A responsive online store lets you achieve mobile friendliness for a reasonable investment. We can help launch, improve, or update your ecommerce website, encouraging mobile viewers to buy from you.

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B2C Website

A plain and lovely responsive design is critical for the success of your B2C website. Our team helps you optimize user flow, restructure elements to fit various screens, streamline checkout, and more to meet your mobile visitors’ expectations.

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B2B Website

Businesses expect your website to look appealing, provide clear and structured navigation, and allow them to contact you immediately via several channels—it is all possible with IT Craft’s responsive design services.

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It is important to prioritize mobile users from Day One. Your IT Craft team works on preparing and implementing a mobile-first strategy, ensuring seamless experiences on mobile browsers for iOS and Android.

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Responsive Web App &
Web Portal Design

A responsive web app or web portal can be a viable alternative to a mobile app, allowing you to launch your solution quickly and cost-efficiently. We can develop a responsive web solution for you and convert it into a mobile app when necessary.

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Client success stories


Adam Orsi, VP of Development of Flexwise

“The team makes good suggestions that not only make their life easier as a developer but also make the product better in the long run as well.”


Chris Scheid, Founder at MyCarrier

“Diligent project management has kept development on target despite significant team composition fluctuations and changes to the original scope.”


Chief Technology Officer at Adorama

“I think I can summarize this with two points. Point number one, they take every single project with a beginner's mind… My second point is that they are realistic.”

Are you looking to meet the high expectations of mobile users?

Share your concerns with us. Our responsive web design agency can help you determine an optimal path to increasing your website’s bottom line.

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Responsive Website Design Process

IT Craft’s responsive website design services include five essential steps that let us build and deliver a high-quality product:

  1. Project Discovery
    and Analysis

    Our responsive web design agency’s experts study your requirements and discuss your goals, challenges, and concerns with you or your representatives.

  2. Planning and

    The team presents you with a plan, including user path, wireframes, and sketches; it estimates the required scope of work, timeline, team composition, and costs.

  3. UI/UX Design and Software Implementation

    IT Craft’s designers work on creating visual elements and improving user flow, while software developers focus on a seamless implementation of a web solution.

  4. Project

    The IT Craft team deploys your web solution on live servers, ensuring it looks and works as envisaged. You receive project source code and related documentation.

  5. Updates,
    Improvement, and Expansion

    We can also work on design updates and UX improvements and deliver new features to help you keep pace with competitors.

Our Recognition

IT Craft has been recognized as a top responsive web design service provider based on its clients’ feedback, range, and quality of delivered solutions, and the demonstrated expertise across various industries.

Why Is Responsive Web Design Important?

Responsive web design services are a key part of every custom web development project. If your website is not responsive at first glance, you miss out on most potential customers.

76% of US adults buy using their smartphones

Most US customers shop online from their mobile devices, preferring smartphones, while 33% do it at least once a week. Your website should provide a streamlined purchasing experience for avid mobile shoppers.

75% of customers evaluate a website based on its look & feel

And you have only 0.5 milliseconds to convince visitors you are worth their time. If they notice slow website performance, unresponsive design, or bad navigation—the top three reasons for high churn rates—they will leave immediately.

74% of visitors will return if they love UX

On the contrary, visitors will likely return when they enjoy your experience. Also, 23% will tell 10 or more other people about their experiences interacting with your website.

Google has switched to mobile-first indexing

Google predominantly evaluates the mobile version of your website for indexing and ranking. It explicitly recommends responsive web design implementation as the easiest way to create and improve online presence.

Our Responsive Design Tech Stack

  • Zeplin


  • Figma


  • Adobe XD

    Adobe XD

  • Sketch


  • MySQLlogo


  • MS SQL logo

    MS SQL

  • PostgreSQL


  • MongoDB


  • Redis


  • Elasticsearch


  • SoapUI


  • Selenium


  • Apache JMeter

    Apache JMeter

  • SpecFlow


  • nUnit


  • Postman


  • Kubernetes


  • Docker


  • Terraform


  • Google Cloud Platfrom

    Google Cloud Platfrom

  • Microsoft Azure

    Microsoft Azure

  • AWS


IT Craft as a Dedicated Responsive Website Design Agency

Our responsive web design company strives to efficiently meet a project’s limits and challenges, adjusting provided services to the needs of each client.

By hiring our professionals, you get:

  • Comprehensive services

    IT Craft can cover all your tech needs. In addition to responsive website development services, we offer architecture consulting, maintenance, code audits, and more.

  • Value-based approach

    Your IT Craft team prioritizes features and tech improvements that deliver the best business value for the least effort.

  • Flexibility & Scaling

    Working Agile allows our developers to quickly switch priorities on your project when some ideas or features are irrelevant.

  • Packaged Services

    Our responsive website design company also provides packaged design services, which let you visualize your web solution within 2+ weeks and at a low investment.

Industries where we excel

Custom mobile app development company IT Craft delivers solutions across 20+ industries and counting.

Our engineers dive deeply into your industry's specifics to help you eliminate pitfalls, launch effectively, adapt to user habits, comply with regulations, and much more. With our accumulated expertise, you move forward faster.

  • HealthTech

    Apps for doctors, CRM systems for clinics administration, patient data management solutions.

  • Logistics

    Warehouse management, asset tracking systems, route planning, and optimization software.

  • Fantasy Sports & Gaming

    White label fantasy sports software, flexible approach, any degree of customization.

  • FinTech

    Financial marketplaces, cryptocurrency trading solutions, payroll solutions.

  • Ecommerce

    Online stores, catalogs, POSs, retail shops.

  • Education

    Learning management systems, content authoring software, online learning marketplaces,
    corporate learning portals, virtual classrooms.


What are responsive web design services?

Responsive website designing services mean creating and adapting visual elements of a website so that they display seamlessly on devices with different screen sizes.

Responsive web design is needed to ensure optimal UX and includes implementing a mobile-first strategy, using flexible layouts, adapting website content and images, and more.

How much does responsive web design cost?

The costs of responsive web design depend directly on its complexity and can reach $10,000 and higher for custom web solutions.

Still, at our responsive website design company, you can start for as low as $5,000 by applying for the basic design pack.

Also, you can receive a responsive landing page for only $720, using basic design and WordPress for the website framework.

Is responsive design still a thing?

Yes, responsive design is a thing.

You need responsive website design services if you want to:

  • be ranked high in search results
  • make great first impressions
  • achieve high conversion rates
  • streamline website updates and management
  • and more

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