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The target of Business Processes Automation is improving company effectiveness with reduced expenses, minimized time gaps and increased accuracy of available data.

avtomatizaciya-biznesa-mbOnce a company automates certain functions, other fields of the business will work more efficiently. Because automation means that the software can obtain, process and save data, managers can access relevant and up-to-date data quickly, make proper decisions and report on their actions and results. Businesses that use IT solutions can respond to market changes rapidly and adjust their processes more effectively to unexpected events.

Who can automate

IT solutions are applicable to business of any size – if you have established business process, there will be areas that can be automated.

    •  Small businesses often use outsource suppliers for their business automation needs because they do not have the resources to build their own custom applications. In addition, applications for small business can usually be built by a team of professionals within 6-8 months, and then it requires only support. So it doesn’t make sense to hire developers to build an in-house team, as after a short period time it must be reformatted. This is ‘win-win’ position, as small businesses save time and money on all legal stuff for maintenance of IT department.
    • Medium size businesses usually choose partnership with big IT companies. They provide IT services from creating the automation solution to whole support and improvements processes. It’s like having your own IT department but with a big advantage – the super-skilled professionals are provided quickly, assigned only to your system, and you save time, money and energy on building the team. Cooperation between Medium Businesses and IT companies is the most common way of operations in business automation area.
    • Large businesses use both ways. In cases when it is worth it, they create their own IT departments in-house, in some cases they ‘book a team’ for ongoing basis from IT services providers.


What Ukrainian software development company IT CRAFT  can do:
We have a great experience in Business Automation tools development. Being a big Company, we often get Contracts from Medium Businesses, as we provide the full circle of services. We organize our work in such a way so that our team is responsible for the whole IT area of the business of our clients.

IT Craft creates custom solutions. We always start from business analysis to understand how the business operates, what processes it includes, what inputs and outputs exist for each process.
Then we suggest optimization as well as an IT solution that will not only simplify operations, but also increase effectiveness – as out IT background multiplied with experience in business optimization gives great results.

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