Coachingeasy Tennis Pro

  • Angular
  • LAMP
  • Ajax
  • Notification API
  • Google Maps API
  • Camera API

Company: Coachingeasy
Country: Italy
Category: Sport
Release year: Q4 2018

Coachingeasy Tennis Pro

Project background

The main idea of the app was to develop a solution to assist and simplify the work of sports technicians, trainers, and athletes. The startup Founder and CEO, Mounir Alloun, is a professional tennis player, hence, the main focus of his app is tennis.

By developing an extensive web platform for professionals, Mounir Alloun strived to provide value-add to his already-existing solution aimed at sharing knowledge and experience. It included such features as an aggregator of information—collecting and summarizing data—a community space for users, a store for more content, etc. However, there was room for improvement.

Cooperation started via email correspondence, when an IT Craft project manager and the Coachingeasy client discussed the scope of work which morphed several times during the six months before the development stage started in January 2018.

App application for tennis coach


With this tennis app for professionals, the client wants to help tennis coaches:

  • Create

  • Organize

  • Plan

  • Report

  • Optimize tennis

COACHINGEASY TENNIS PRO provides coaches with a user-friendly and accessible web application to assist in the digital management of information and content linked to training programs and related activities.

App Components

Registration and Sign In

Adding and managing date in the profile

Managing athletes

Managing calendar plan

Dashboards with the events

Adding and scheduling events

Trainers have admin rights and sole management of their training content

Plus many other available features to be tried and tested by using the link below and going through the registration process:

The project includes

A web application for coaches to easily manage their professional activities

An admin panel for managing the list of registered users and all related training details

Coachingeasy Tennis Pro is responsive and adapted for desktop, smartphone, and tablet screens.


  • PHP 7

  • Laravel

  • CSS3

  • Angular

  • MySQL

  • HTML5

Engineering Challenges and Wins

One of our main goals was to design and build a web application with near-perfect user experiences for mobile devices.
So, we chose web single-page application model (SPA)
In this way, there are no page reloads, and the whole application works seamlessly.
As a result, we created one app that works perfectly on various devices, including desktop, mobile devices, and tablets.


For the tech stack, we used a standard solution based on LAMP using the latest versions:
- PHP7
- Angular5
- MySQL 5.7

Based on these technologies, we designed and developed a stable, solid application.


Team and effort

10 months, team consisting of: 1 BA, 1 PM, 1 QA, 1 Web developer, 1 HTML/CSS developer.

Web development
Time spent:
530 hours
QA and bug fixing
Time spent:
170 hours
Provided by client,
he owned it
Project management and business analysis
Time spent:
163 hours

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